Tefal SW853D12 Waffle Maker Review [2021]

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The Tefal SW853D12 waffle iron is built with a nice modern design made with stainless/black finishes. The device looks good and adopts dimensions and shapes that make it compact and easy to store, upright.

It offers all the amenities for comfortable use. This waffle iron is equipped in particular with a handle that ensures a firm hold and easy handling. Likewise, Tefal has provided a very practical cord organizer, as well as a plate storage system.

Tefal SW853D12 Waffle Maker Review

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The Tefal Snack Collection Waffle Croque comes with two recipe books and as many plates. Removable and dishwasher safe, these two surfaces are designed to take up as little space as possible, while allowing you to make large sandwiches and waffles.

To give you more recipe possibilities, you can collect the ten other plates planned for the Tefal SW853D12. And the plate ejection button fitted to the device allows an ingenious and quick change.

With these, you will be able to surprise your guests or loved ones with original dishes such as heart or triangle waffles, wafers, pancakes, turnovers, donuts, and bricelets.

Personally, I bought the boxes dedicated to the last two recipes and the installation of these additional plates is done without a hitch. I appreciate the freedom offered by the compatibility of this waffle iron with the ten other accessories sold separately.

Modern, the Snack Collection Waffle Croque is intelligently designed to make preparation intuitive. Tefal did not want to encumber it and opted for the essentials: a plate ejection button and an ON / OFF switch. In addition, indicator lights provide information on the status of the waffle maker and allow real-time monitoring of cooking.

However, I regret the absence of a timer and an audible alarm signaling the end of cooking. Likewise, I have observed that the surface of the device tends to heat up, which is not pleasant.

Tefal would do well to improve the insulation between the waffle iron cover and its resistance. The other downside is that the latter has black spots, caused by the steam of the preparations.

In addition, on the cleaning side, the Snack Collection Waffle Croque is not too annoying, even if this waffle iron is not as easy to maintain as a Krups FDD95D for example. However, be careful not to put too much batter to avoid overflow on the sides of the waffle iron.

The Tefal SW853D12, in addition to its successful design, to say the least, has a technical sheet that allows it to offer good quality results. With its 700 Watts, we are certainly not dealing with the most powerful waffle iron, but the temperature rise is quite fast.

The plates heat up quickly and the cooking time of the dishes is not long. Once hot, these surfaces guarantee results that are simply stunning, whether for making waffles, sandwiches, or other dishes.

Thanks to their non-stick coating, the cooking is done evenly and the preparations are easily removed. I had the right to more satisfactory results with the Croque-monsieurs than with the waffles, overcooked in my eyes.

Unlike the Tefal King Size, the SW853D12 does not have an adjustable thermostat. Personally, I don’t have a problem with that, because the main thing is there: the cooking is almost always successful and my children feast on real delicacies.

On the other hand, the smell and the noises when I first used the Croque waffle Snack Collection were unpleasant to me. Indeed, it smelled like burnt bakelite, and clicks were heard. If, however, you choose this waffle iron, take care to heat it empty, then wipe it dry. This operation must be repeated twice.


Easy to use, no need to be an expert
Quality cooking
Nice ergonomic design


Approximate insulation between cover and resistor
Lack of accessories
No timer, no thermostat


After almost two months spent with Tefal SW853D12, I do not regret my purchase. Behind its beautiful design, this waffle iron is very versatile, especially with the ten other boxes that can be purchased as an option to be able to make a variety of dishes.

Depending on your desires, you can purchase these accessories separately and complete them with the two removable plates included with the purchase.

With its power of 700 Watts, the Croque waffle Snack Collection allows you to make Croque-monsieurs and waffles in no time. Besides the fact that its surface tends to heat up during cooking, this waffle iron has everything to seduce and is worth the price.