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Nespresso Inissia XN1005 Review

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 Review

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. you want to replace your mocha with a new Nespresso Inissia XN1005 or install an automatic coffee machine at home or in the office, you are probably in trouble now.

And it is perfectly normal, because finding your way around the technical specifications, to understand if a product is really valid or not, is not easy.

Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! Today we will offer you a review written by professionals, comprehensive but easy to understand.

It is accompanied by the opinions of those who have already purchased the product, and some considerations on the price.

All you have to do is get comfortable and find out everything there is to know about the Nespresso Inissia XN1005, enjoy your reading!

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 Review: Automatic Coffee Machine

Technical Details

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 is a pod coffee machine, automatic and compact type, a small and light model. It is therefore also suitable for being transported from one room to another, for example in workspaces.

Its use is also extremely simple. In fact, just insert the pod, and choose between long or short coffee: in 25 seconds the drink will be ready.

From a mechanical point of view, it has a 0.7-liter tank (about 9 cups) and an automatic capsule ejection system.

There is also a 19 bar pump to maintain the intensity of the coffee aroma. Finally, the energy-saving system causes the machine to switch off after about 9 minutes of inactivity.

It is, therefore, a machine that stands out more for its ease of use than for a large number of functions. A feature perfectly in line with the compact shape, with the minimum weight, and with the wide range of colors available, no less than 5.

In fact, all this highlights the manufacturer’s desire to make the Nespresso Inissia XN1005 a coffee machine for home and office. According to reviews, it is also ideal for the less experienced and as a gift idea, as evidenced by the competitive price.


  • Simple and intuitive keys: all the reviews of those who have already purchased the product highlight the ease and convenience of use. In fact, there are only two buttons with an intuitive design, for making long or short coffees.
  • Small, practical, comfortable: Nespresso Inissia XN1005 measures only 34 x 33 x 19 Centimeters and weighs less than 2 kg even with a full tank. It can therefore be easily moved, for example from the kitchen to the desk, or between different workstations.
  • Fast and intense: the water reaches the temperature after only 25 seconds from switching on, and with the pump at 19 bar it passes through the pods, preserving the intensity of the aroma to the maximum. For great coffee in no time.
  • Quick insertion and ejection of the pods: just insert the pod in the ergonomic housing and press the button. Once the coffee is made, the machine automatically ejects the pod, without the need to empty it manually.
  • Wide choice of colors: this coffee machine is available in 5 different colors, and therefore adapts to any type of furniture.


  • The tank must be refilled often: if the machine is used by several people, it is necessary to refill the tank often, which is able to supply less than ten cups of coffee.
  • Not very resistant: According to reviews and opinions on the net, the construction material – plastic – favors the lightness, but not the solidity of the machine. Particular attention should therefore be paid to bumps and falls, as they could break easily.

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 Features:

According to the opinions of customers who have already purchased Nespresso Inissia XN1005, this machine has quite a few advantages. In particular, the fact that it is really light and easy to use makes it a very popular machine for those who use it at work.

Just insert the pod, press a button and wait less than 30 seconds to drink the coffee, and this is important for those who need to save time.

The design is also very welcome, modern and rounded, suitable for both classic environments and modern and minimal furnishings. Compatibility also favored by the possibility of choosing between several different colors.

Less appreciated, however, is the fact that it is necessary to refill the tank often. A factor that is compensated by the speed of use and the competitive price. But also from the fact that it is not necessary to set the machine in any way to make it work, because it is enough to press a button.

Nespresso Inissia XN1005 Price:

Customers’ opinions on the Nespresso Inissia XN1005 also agree that this machine has one of the best value for money on the market.

For a really affordable sum, it is possible to buy a coffee machine of a great brand, with a solid history behind it. In addition, a product that is easy to use, and also suitable to be kept on the desk, for maximum comfort.

To ensure further convenience, some important factors also contribute. Firstly, the machine also works with compatible pods.

Cheaper than the originals, the latter are also readily available in supermarkets. Also, you can often find this machine with big discounts, especially during periods like Black Friday and other seasonal promotions.

A unique opportunity to take home an excellent product at an unrepeatable price.

Final Verdict

The Nespresso Inissia XN1005 automatic pod coffee machine can only agree with the opinions of the network. We like it because it is very easy to use, and for this reason, it can also be used by less experienced people.

Great as a desk machine to save time. And nice as a gift idea, because it is useful and not cluttered. Plus the security of relying on a leading company in the sector, an important factor also for customer service.

Of course, the lightness of the machine was obtained using a very light plastic, and therefore less solid, to be treated with delicacy.

And it’s certainly not very comfortable if used by more than two people. But these are disadvantages that are outweighed by the advantages.

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