Krups GVS241 Review – Ice Cream Maker [2021]

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As you will have noticed from reading my other guides, Krups is a builder that I really appreciate. And for good reason, its appliances in real use confirm the beautiful promises on paper.

So it was with great interest that I looked at his catalog of ice cream makers. A model especially caught my attention for its value for money: the Krups GVS241.

The positive comments collected here and there on the web, especially on Amazon, where it is available at attractive prices, ended up convincing me.

So I decided to get this ice cream maker that I have been using for almost six months. Today, I invite you to discover the Krups GVS241 Review in more detail.

I will give you an update on its technical features, functionalities, as well as what I like or like less about this appliance.

Krups GVS241 Review – Ice Cream Maker

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Out of its packaging – which also contains a user manual, with recipe ideas included, and a spatula – the GVS241 unveils a device with an attractive look.

Its appearance, which is reminiscent of a pressure cooker, is much less imposing than the H. Koenig ice cream maker that I also tested for you. Here, we are dealing with a compact machine, not cumbersome, and whose design has been studied in detail, for use in comfort.

My first steps with the GVS241 went without a hitch. The assembly and disassembly of the ice-cream maker proved to be easy, which means that it is very quickly ready for use.

It is equipped with a tray designed to easily fit into your freezer. This bowl offers enough capacity to feast up to 8 people at once.

Personally, I am satisfied with the capacity (1.6 liters) of this tank, thanks to which I am able to impress my children and my spouse with delicious desserts.

If the number of people to enjoy the desserts is greater, you can however count on the speed of execution of the ice cream maker so as not to make your guests wait too long.

In addition, the construction of GVS241 inspires confidence. I must admit that this was an aspect on which I had some misgivings, especially with the thin plastic of which the bin is made.

Since I put it in the freezer almost constantly, I was worried that it would not be strong enough. But in the end, the robustness of this bowl, and more generally of the ice cream maker as a whole, finally convinced me.

Ergonomics is another good point to highlight in this low consumption device. This ice cream maker indeed has a small electronic display, placed above its motor unit, and acting as an on / off indicator.

Apart from this blue interface, Krups has provided audible end of preparation warnings, along with an automatic shut-off function, once cooking is complete.

With its compactness, its large capacity, and it’s very simple to use, the GVS241 presents some qualities that cannot be claimed by all the models available on the market.

But after these details, it is interesting to dwell on these real performances as regards the manufacture of ice creams and sorbets. And for these desserts, this ice cream maker does not disappoint, given its affordable price to say the least.

While its 30 watts clearly doesn’t make it a power freak, this ice cream maker helps you make 100% natural ice creams and sorbets, in no time – in about 30 minutes at most.

That said, this ice cream maker works by accumulating cold, which, as I explained in my guide, assumes that its inner tray, intended to receive the preparation, must first be placed in the freezer. To be ready for use, it must then spend 10 to 12 hours.

This cooling time, although shorter, compared to other ice cream makers can be overwhelming on some occasions. Personally, to get around this constraint, I got into the habit of leaving the bowl in the freezer almost permanently.

In doing so, I can make my ice creams and sorbets at any time, without having to wait for this cooling time to pass. In addition, the design of the bowl has been designed so that it cools optimally, with the guarantee of a homogeneous distribution of the cold, as well as the perfect maintenance of this one.

Thus, we have the possibility of making three rounds, without having to freeze the tank again.

The instructions for use of the GVS241 are quite simple and you absolutely do not need to be an expert before making your ice creams and sorbets. The tray being very cold, just pour the preparation into it, in order to see it freeze in no time.

As soon as your desserts are well-formed, the automatic shut-off function is activated. In the end, the results obtained have such smoothness that we can no longer do without.

I won’t hide from you that since I got this ice cream maker, ice creams of all varieties are regularly invited to our table, to the delight of my little ones.


  • Large capacity, enough to feast up to 8 people
  • Easy to use


  • Mandatory passage of the bowl in the freezer for 10 to 12 hours, before any use

Final Words

When purchasing the GVS241 from Krups, I had some concerns about the performance of the machine. Even if its price is quite affordable, it would have been a real disappointment if the quality of the ice creams or sorbets were approximate.

But after almost six months of use, I was pleasantly surprised by the very good quality/price ratio of this ice cream maker.

The large capacity of its bowl, the relatively short preparation time, but also the ease of use are all assets that militate in favor of this device, with its compact design.

The only false note, if there is one, the cooling time (10 to 12 hours) that this tank requires to be operational constitutes a somewhat embarrassing constraint when the desire to enjoy an ice cream takes us suddenly.

The GVS241, however, does better than many other ice cream makers that also work with cold storage.