Krups FDD95D Review Waffle Maker [2021]

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The Krups FDD95D comes in a neat packaging, where, in addition to the device itself, there is a user guide that also serves as a recipe book, which I find moreover self-explanatory.

You will find clever recipes, but above all easy to prepare, which are sure to make your guests and family members green with envy. It is therefore natural that he shares similarities with the latter both in terms of design and technical sheet.

On this first aspect, it must be said that the bet made by Krups to stand out from the competition has been successful and we are dealing with a waffle iron that holds its rank as high-end household appliances.

Krups FDD95D Review

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The Krups FDD95D adopts a beautiful all-metal construction which gives it an elegant look. As soon as I made contact with this waffle iron, it was its sleek design that seduced me, but even more so its robustness, which is felt with its nearly 4 kg.

There is no doubt that Krups has made a good selection of materials in order to bring to the market a device that is used for the long term. And for the price at which it is sold, the FDD95D does not disappoint on this side.

In addition, this waffle iron, thanks to its compact dimensions and vertical storage, has a small footprint. When it comes to ease of use, the Krups FDD95D is designed to greatly simplify the task. For example, it is equipped with a large thermo-insulating handle that allows it to be handled in complete comfort, despite its relative heaviness.

Likewise, to mount the two removable plates that compose it, you will only have to exert a simple pressure on the push button provided for this purpose. The structure of the Krups FDD95D also consists of a large removable magnetic plate to collect the flow of the dough.

In addition, the intuitiveness of preparations with this modern appliance is guaranteed by its indicator lights (start-up and temperature control). If you dread having to perform meticulous maintenance after each use, you’ll be pleased with how easy this waffle iron is to clean.

Indeed, the non-stick coating of the plates of the FDD95D from Krups, as well as their removability, facilitate the task. These are easily dishwasher safe. In addition, for first use, I advise you to pour a little oil on the plates and to use a soft cloth to wipe them.

The Features of the Krups FDD95D Waffle Maker

We cannot discuss the performance of the Krups FDD95D without first mentioning the capacity it offers. This waffle iron thus makes it possible to make two large, well-formed rectangular waffles at once, measuring 10 x 16 x 3 cm and with deep holes. It comes with two removable non-stick coating plates.

The quality of the cooking is thus there and the resulting waffles are always crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Likewise, they peel off quite easily, regardless of the dough recipe.

As regards the distribution of the latter, it is perfectly homogeneous, in particular, because of the rotary system provided for this purpose by the manufacturer. After having placed the dough on the plates, you must also wait about ten seconds before turning the appliance over.

The FDD95D has the advantage of saving time when baking waffles. For this purpose, it relies on a power of 1200 Watts to not only guarantee a rapid rise in temperature but also to allow the dishes to be ready in just 3 to 5 minutes.

Even if I regret the absence of a timer, I must admit that this waffle iron is well thought out so that its handling is as simple as possible, and the preparation of the waffle, a real pleasure.

Thanks to the integrated thermostat, you have the possibility to adjust the temperature to seven levels. Depending on whether you want to make simple or complex recipes, you can thus adjust this parameter, and the cooking time, to obtain results that meet your wishes.

Moreover, during my test of the Krups FDD95D, I did not notice any heating of its body, during the baking of the waffles. Likewise, the heat-resistant handle ensures comfortable use.


  • Robust design for long term use
  • Easy to use: no need to be an expert
  • Simple cleaning


  • Rather expensive
  • No timer


After my Krups FDD95D Review, my impressions of this waffle maker are generally good. Apart from its price which I find high compared to what can be found on the market, it does the job perfectly and will seduce you with the professional results it provides.

Without going outside or spending money, you can make crispy, delicious, well-formed waffles yourself. For my part, I fell in love with the robustness of the device, its ease of use, but also its simple maintenance.