How to Use a Fondue Set

How to Use a Fondue Set? – [Explained!]

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The fondue apparatus forms the set of several elements that are used to melt a mixture of foods, in particular, based on cheese or chocolate, but also oil or broth. It’s a cooking technique that is both chic and fun because it allows everyone to feast around a good hot dish when winter arrives.

Everyone can then use a pick to plunge a piece of bread or fruit into this tasty salty or sweet mixture that remains continuously heated in the pot. For the procedure on how to use a fondue set, read through this article and find out more.

The Different Types of the Fondue Set

Appliances with Burner Stove

It is these traditional fondue sets that operate using a burner located below the plinth.

The device, therefore, feeds on the methylated spirit or combustion gel and the intensity of the flame depends on the opening of the burner.

This means that the temperature setting is more complicated in this model and it does not allow the preparation of a wide variety of fondues.

It should also be noted that the heating time is also longer with a burner stove.

However, it compensates for these weaknesses with great robustness, because its risk of breaking down is zero. It is also the best Savoyard fondue machine, intended for lovers of rustic and authentic utensils.

Devices with Thermostat

They include electric fondue sets, including those with a thermostat of fewer than 1000 watts and those with more than 1000 watts.

The main advantage of these machines is that they allow easier temperature settings to keep a constant temperature depending on the recipe. These utensils can also be used for other uses, in particular when it comes to multifunction devices.

Here, there is no need for a burner, just plug the power cord into an outlet to start preparing. However, these are tools that very often risk failure. And who says the too powerful device also says splashing.

How to Use a Fondue Set?

The use of an alcohol fondue maker generally requires more care compared to that of a gel fondue maker. In fact, care must be taken not to overfill the stove tank and check that the excess alcohol is wiped off before lighting it.

However, the use of a match is still necessary to light the stove of a traditional fondue set. It will then be necessary to adjust the intensity of the flame thanks to the air holes before placing the fondue pot on the base. With an electric fondue maker, it’s easier.

All you have to do is connect the machine to the power supply, then adjust the temperature required for the preparation. However, avoid turning the thermostat to the maximum temperature to avoid the risk of splashing, especially if it is a tool with a thermostat higher than 1000 watts.

How to Maintain a Fondue Maker?

It is very important to know how to clean your fondue equipment, especially the fondue pot and forks which are very quickly clogged with cheese and melted chocolate.

To do this, start by filling the bowl with cold water mixed with cooking salt once you have finished your fondue evening. Don’t clean it right away, and let it soak overnight so you can put it in the dishwasher the next day.

In addition, if you find that the bowl is very dirty, you can also fill it with water and baking soda and leave the product to act for 20 minutes to make cleaning easier. It is the same for the spades.

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