How to Choose a Waffle Maker

How to Choose a Waffle Maker? – [Explained!]

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Do you also want to start the day with crispy waffles? and you want to know how to choose a waffle maker? Now is the time to get yourself a quality waffle iron that will satisfy your appetite!

And to help you in your research, in this buying guide we bring you all the essential advice and the main criteria to take into account to choose the device that will suit you best.

What is a Waffle Maker?

It is certainly the essential household appliance for every home. Usually powered by electricity, the standard waffle iron has two hotplates between which only the waffle dough is cooked.

A thermostat allows on most equipment to adjust the cooking temperature and the level of browning appreciated by each. This machine produces a sweet treat made up of several small square dimples, the waffle.

Today, there are several variations of this device, in particular the multifunction waffle irons, which allow in addition to preparing waffles, to make other snacks that adore young and old such as croques, pancakes, paninis, sandwiches or pancakes.

All models are also differentiated by their type, size, construction materials, and power.

How to Choose a Waffle Maker?

Uses and Power

Whether you plan to use your waffle maker at home for an occasional breakfast or to serve customers on a daily basis in a tea room, the choice of wattage will not be the same at all.

Note that the higher the power, the shorter the cooking time.

This is why a waffle iron of 2000 watts and more will be absolutely necessary if you plan to equip your restaurant with such a device.

The latter will be able to prepare waffles very quickly to prevent your customers from lining up and waiting several minutes before being able to eat. Some professional waffle machines even reach 2500 watts for a minimum of waiting time and to regularly prepare very large waffles without batting an eyelid.

In the case of domestic and occasional use, once a week, for example, you may prefer a semi-professional waffle maker.

This type of equipment will be all the more useful if you have a large family and for this, the power required will be at least 1500 watts.

On the other hand, a 1200 watt waffle iron will do very well to treat a small family or a couple without children. Especially since such a model will cost you significantly less than the others.


Many individuals prefer to rely on versatile equipment so as not to have to buy several different devices. And they are right, because it could be very expensive to buy, but not that.

Indeed, a 3 in 1 waffle maker will not only save you from spending on three types of appliances but also allow you to make various preparations on a single tool without cluttering you in the kitchen.

Therefore, if you love to cook, a multi-function waffle iron is sure to satisfy you. It will offer you the opportunity to make beautiful waffles for today and to concoct croque-monsieur for next weekend.

The main thing will be to make sure you choose the equipment that offers the main hotplates that you will need the most to prepare your favorite treats. Some models only offer two different plates, while others are equipped with up to 4 plates.

The latter is used in particular to make waffles, wafers, croques, pancakes, or even paninis and sandwiches on certain grill waffle irons.

Size, Shapes, and Plates

Depending on your needs in terms of quantity of waffles, you will have to opt for larger or smaller plates.

However, large plates also mean a bulky machine, which does not always go well with a small kitchen.

So do not hesitate to choose a compact model if you do not have a large space to use and store your waffle iron. This can contain at most two waffles in 4 × 4 formats for a single batch.

It will be very suitable for making waffles for 2 people, even if you have to chain two or three batches to satisfy the appetite of both.

For a large family or a house that often receives guests, the ideal will be to favor a waffle iron that cooks 4 waffles simultaneously so as not to waste too much time in the cooking.

Otherwise, large appliances can also compensate for their bulk by offering you king size waffles.

They will offer you either two waffles up to 5 × 8 format for tiles, or waffles with original shapes, namely round, in the shape of animals, stars, hearts, figurines, and many others.

For this, you opt for removable and interchangeable plates in order to vary the shapes. And to make the cleanup easier, the best trays are those with a non-stick coating that is machine washable.

Functions and Security Options

Among the first practical options to be favored is the opening and turning system of the waffle iron.

A 180 ° mechanism is therefore the easiest to handle and makes it possible to obtain a dough that is well distributed on the trays and cooked evenly.

This is particularly the case for reversible waffle machines. Also, prefer the presence of a drip tray for excess dough and to avoid dirtying your worktop.

And since we are in modern times, we advise you to bet on a device that has in addition to the on and off button various indicator lights. They can indicate the end of preheating, but also the end of cooking.

Likewise, a thermostat with several adjustable levels is also very beneficial for browning your waffles as you wish or adapting the cooking temperature according to the food to be cooked.

You can even be notified by a timer when the waffles are ready! Finally, don’t forget to check the insulation of the turning handles, the presence of non-slip feet, as well as the safety clip that holds the dough tightly closed between the plates during cooking.

Why Buy a Waffle Maker?

Easily Prepare Waffles at Home

Quick, convenient, and easy to clean, making waffles for the whole family has never been more fun than with a Krups waffle iron.

The only step that might take a bit of your time is preparing the dough.

Other than that, there is nothing easier to do. The waffle maker has been designed to simplify your life and to make you want to cook at home. Once plugged in, it takes an average of 3 minutes to heat up and 5 minutes at most to bake the dough.

Then, you don’t have to strain to wash the plates by hand and scrape off the dough residue, as almost all the plates are non-stick and are dishwasher safe.

Have a Multifunction Options

Very popular in the household appliance market, multifunction waffle machines are popular with users.

These allow you to perform different types of cooking to vary the pleasures of young and old.

They offer 2, 3, or even 4 sets of interchangeable plates to allow you to make various delicacies.

This great versatility is very beneficial to save you from the purchase of several different devices, as well as the clutter generated by them.

Your unique waffle iron can be used as a sandwich maker, wafer, panini machine, sandwiches, and even pancakes. Real all-in-one equipment to help you out in any situation.

The Different Types of Waffle Makers

Reversible Waffle Maker

Very modern, but also very practical and efficient in baking waffles, the reversible or rotating waffle iron is mounted on a 360 ° rotating axis.

Turning the dough is therefore done with ease and without getting tired since it suffices to tilt the machine using a rotating handle.

Fixed Waffle Maker

This is the oldest model of waffle irons and obviously the cheapest on the market.

Its use is done flat since it cannot be turned over and its plates are not also removable.

This type of appliance is not very practical for baking waffles and for cleaning.

Belgian Waffle Maker

Those who like traditional delicacies will certainly be seduced by the Belgian waffle iron which makes it possible in particular to make very thick waffles.

This type of model can be fixed and also reversible on their base at 180 ° to distribute the dough well inside the plates.

Professional Waffle Maker

Much more powerful than other models intended for home use, the professional waffle maker is designed to last over time.

It is therefore very robust thanks to its stainless steel or cast aluminum materials. The latter can work intensively to cook several waffles simultaneously.

A 4-plate waffle iron will certainly benefit you more, but it may cost you more. And it will be the same for very powerful models. So, if you are looking for a device for home use, the ideal would be to bet on a product of medium size and power for a reasonable price.

How to Install a Waffle Iron?

Before using your waffle iron for the first time, take the time to read its instructions for use. Install it on a stable surface close to an electrical outlet.

Plug it in and remember to lightly oil the plates with a brush, then wipe with a soft cloth to prevent the first waffles from sticking to the plates.

Turn on the machine and allow it to heat up until the indicator light goes out to indicate that the plates are ready to receive the dough. Now pour the dough evenly on the lower plate and close the waffle iron.

You can return the machine if the model allows it. An indicator light will usually indicate the end of cooking. Use a spatula to remove the waffle from the plates.

How to Maintain a Waffle Maker?

Maintaining a waffle iron is not complicated. If it is a fixed plate model, use a slightly damp sponge or cloth to wipe the plates.

Then dry with a clean, dry cloth. In the case of removable plates; remove them from the machine and wash them with hot water and a little soap using a sponge.

Then rinse with clean water. Otherwise, wash the machine if the instructions allow it.

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