How to Choose a Fondue Pot

How to Choose a Fondue Pot? – [Everything Explained]

What a pleasure to be able to spend long winter evenings with loved ones eating, no, enjoying a good fondue. It’s always a real treat, but you still have to choose your next device.

And for that, what could be better than following a buying guide, which will give you the information you need to make the best possible choice. Here is my guide on how to choose a fondue pot.

Several Fondue Sets

There are indeed several types of fondue sets, and inevitably, depending on what you want to do, you will find your happiness. Here are the main types of the fondue set to use.


This is the type of traditional fondue machine, found in restaurants, such as the Baumalu 385052. You will have an independent stove and a fondue pot that will sit on it, in order to heat the fondue.

Very easy to use, and often they are enameled cast iron fondue pots. However, be careful not to burn yourself when touching the pot! And of course, you will have to be careful when handling the stove.


These are the fondue sets that we see more and more on the market. For example, we find this operation on the Tefal EF352116 or the Tefal EF351412. These are generally devices that are very easy to use, and very secure.

An adjustable thermostat will allow you to choose the ideal temperature to heat your fondue. The trick will be played in a few minutes. Maintenance level, these are the devices that are the best. All the accessories can be put in the dishwasher.


If you are the type who wants a multifunction device, you will be able to find one like the Riviera & Bar Studio QC040A. Indeed, the latter allows us to use a wok of the same brand on the base. Other devices will also allow you to make pancakes for example.

How to Choose a Fondue Pot?

Would you also like to spend pleasant, convivial moments with your family around a fondue? Comparative-multicooker invites you to discover through this buying guide all the essential criteria to take into account to know which fondue device to choose.

The Capacity

The choice of the size of the pan is an essential criterion when purchasing your fondue set.

You will find fondue sets on the market for 2, 4, 6, and 8 people, knowing that a small container will be more suitable for one person or a couple.

In any case, the best would be to opt for a large caquelon, because even if you are only two at home, a fondue set for 8 people will always be more practical to delight your guests.

However, you should also know that the larger the service, the more difficult it will be to keep it at the right temperature. The important thing is to find the right compromise between the number of guests and the size of the pan.

The Materials

Depending on the model you choose, you will have the choice between several materials. The greatest importance should be given to the fondue pot. The latter can be made of cast iron, which will make it much more resistant and it will manage to keep the heat. Avoid materials like plastic for accessories.

It is not resistant enough over time. Another choice may be to choose the stainless steel pot, which will also make it very resistant and easy to clean. A non-stick coating can also be a big plus, this will prevent the cheese from sticking too much to the walls.

The Power

There are indeed models of traditional fondue machines and electric fondue machines.

Each model differs in its heating system, the first of which has an independent stove operating either with fuel paste or with methylated spirits.

The flame intensity is therefore more difficult to control and the heating time is longer. In the second model, the devices operate using electric current and are therefore equipped with an adjustable thermostat.

They heat up very quickly and make it easier to adjust the temperature according to the nature of the fondue. You can also find machines with a thermostat lower or higher than 1000 watts depending on your needs.

The adjustable thermostat

On electric fondue sets, you may have the thermostat adjustable. This means that you can more easily choose your temperature according to your needs. You should know that on fondue devices that have a stove, you can also adjust the intensity of the flame. But it is much less practical than with a thermostat.

The Options

The choice of a good fondue set is also determined by the various accessories and additional options found on it.

Make your life easier by opting for a cheese fondue pot with a set of colorful forks so that everyone can easily identify theirs.

There are also other very practical accessories such as ramekins that allow you to place the ingredients to soak in the mixture, such as pieces of bread, meat, vegetables, or fruit.

And for even more convenience, there are even fondue sets with a turntable that allow all diners easy access to the ingredient ramekins.

Pay particular attention to the safety side of the appliance by opting for a model equipped with non-slip feet or even cold walls to avoid the risk of burns in the event of contact with the pan.

It will also be preferable that the fondue pot is heavy enough in order to benefit from a very stable container that holds well in place on its support.

The Number of Guests

As a general rule, most fondue sets are offered for 8 people. But some have a caquelon with a lower capacity, or even larger (which is rather rare). You will, therefore, have to adapt your choice to your needs.

It is always better to take a device offering a larger capacity. Prevention is better than cure! However, as you can imagine, the larger the pot, the longer the healing time will be.


Even though the fondue maker is not a dangerous appliance at all, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. First of all, it will be preferable to have a fondue maker with non-slip feet in order to prevent the pot from overturning. Also, remember to have a device that keeps the walls of the pot cold to avoid the risk of burns.


Manufacturers usually offer a lot of accessories to set themselves apart from the competition. Thus, on certain fondue machines, we can have ramekins to put sauce, or even have forks with different colored pellets (very practical not to take the fork of his neighbor). A turntable can be a very useful accessory combined with the ramekins.

Why Buy a Fondue Set?

Versatile Device

Although each fondue usually has a specific type of appliance, the different fondue recipes can however be prepared in a single pan.

Thus, you are free to change the recipe for each of the events you organize at home, by offering your friends a cheese fondue during a party and chocolate fondue on your child’s birthday.

Some induction fondue sets even offer the option of using the stove independently so you can prepare other recipes in a pot or saucepan.

There are also multifunctional utensils that allow different uses, that is to say, both fondue machine and electric wok, but also fryer and even crepe maker.

Convenient and Easy to Wash

The peculiarity of fondue sets is that they have a non-stick coating inside the pot.

A well-thought-out system to prevent preparations from sticking firmly to the internal wall of the bowl. This makes it easier to clean the pan even after an afternoon of chocolate fondue.

Some bowls can even go in the dishwasher without a problem, saving you a lot of time. Hence the more judicious choice of a removable pot for easier cleaning.

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