H Koenig HF320 Ice Cream Maker Review

H Koenig HF320 Ice Cream Maker Review [2021]

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When it comes to highlighting the features of the H Koenig HF320 refrigerated ice cream maker is large capacity, robust structure, powerful integrated cooling unit, maximum efficiency mixing paddle, there is no lack of quality.

This high-end machine is not the best-selling model by chance. This is undoubtedly the perfect solution to wow the whole family and guests.

H Koenig HF320 Ice Cream Maker Review

H. Koenig’s HF320 ice cream maker is cleverly constructed to ensure maximum efficiency. Perfectionist, this machine is in line with what this manufacturer has accustomed us to.

The design of this ice cream maker is thought out down to the smallest detail to simplify the making of sorbets, granitas, and of course ice cream as much as possible.

Its components fit together with great ease and its structure is designed to offer all the amenities necessary for successful preparations, like a true professional.

The H.Koenig HF320 is shipped in a completed package that is located outside of the apparatus, a measuring cup, and a spoon, the accessories useful to perform the various preparations.

There is also a very detailed user manual which also serves as a recipe book. The latter are fairly well described, both as regards the composition and the course of the preparation.

The machine itself looks quite imposing. Rectangular in shape, this refrigerated ice cream maker has generous dimensions (42 x 29 x 21.5 cm) for an equally important weight (11.9 kg).

Thus, it can be cumbersome and is clearly not made to be constantly moved. You must, therefore, be able to find a fixed location for it where you can use it conveniently.

The first steps with this ice cream maker may not be easy. This is why the manufacturer has provided clear instructions in the user manual. By following these, the installation and the setting up of various components become child’s play.

Speaking of components, the HF320 is equipped with a removable preparation tank that concedes a fairly large capacity (2 liters). You can make preparations for up to 10 people at once.

Inside, there is a mixing blade and an integrated cooling unit. The set is quite robust and topped by a transparent cover. A filling opening is provided on it. Easy to use, the H.Koenig HF320 has all the conveniences that a modern household appliance can offer.

An LCD screen, over the lid, provides access to an intuitive menu. Likewise, this display provides very useful information for monitoring in real-time the making of ice cream, granita, and sorbet.

Nearby are the buttons: Power, for switching on or off; Menu, to access the different programs; but also Start / Pause, to start or pause programs. A preparation time selection dial is added, very practical when you do not want to choose the default options (10 min, 30 min, and 60 min).

Moreover, when it comes to cleaning your appliance after use, you will not have to worry since all the parts of this ice cream maker are easily disassembled and can all be put in the dishwasher.

The Highlighted Features:

The H. Koenig HF320 ice cream maker combines a modern design designed for comfortable use with a complete technical sheet. With 180 Watts on the meter, this ice cream maker is one of the most powerful on the market, for this price.

But to make the most of this power, H.Koenig has integrated cutting-edge technology that allows you to make your sorbets with professional quality. Likewise, the HF320 is armed with a blade whose engineering has been studied to ensure that your preparations contain as few lumps and crystals as possible.

Despite its sophistication, this refrigerated ice cream maker is exceptionally easy to use. It’s very easy to operate and produces a reasonable decibel level. Whatever recipe you want to make, the efficiency is always there. And, thanks to the autonomous cooling unit integrated into the machine, it is ready for use at any time.

Powerful and robust, this unit excels in managing low temperatures. So you don’t have to put the pan in the freezer for several hours before you can use it. The set up takes only a few seconds. Regarding the cooking time, it takes between 10 and 60 minutes depending on the program.

In this regard, the H.Koenig HF320 gives you the choice between three modes: “ice”, whose default duration is 60 minutes, “cooling only” – without mixing function – which requires 30 minutes by default, and the “mix only” mode – without cooling function – which resembles the “ice cream” mode program but lasts only 10 minutes.

That said, I appreciate the presence of a prep time selector, which does allow some flexibility. Likewise, an ingenious mechanism for controlling the volume of ingredients has been designed to control the formation of ice.

In addition, the HF320’s built-in temperature maintenance function is automatically activated as soon as the ice cream is ready. This mode lasts 10 minutes and follows the switch to the standby mode of the turbine. In addition, the manufacturer indicates to have provided this ice cream maker with protection for the motor.

This has the merit of limiting the risk of the latter jamming, because, when the ice hardens, its mixing becomes more and more difficult. The protection mechanism is such that the engine turns off before a certain temperature.


  • Large capacity of the removable bowl
  • Ease of use (installation and actual preparation)
  • Short and flexible preparation time


  • Heavy and large congestion
  • The slightly noisy operation, albeit reasonable compared to other similar models

Final Verdict

Of all the ice cream makers I have tested, the H Koenig HF320 is by far one of the most successful. For a price, all in all, reasonable like his, it is difficult to find an ice cream maker that has so much in the belly and is so easy to use.

This refrigerated ice cream maker really seduced me with its top-of-the-range performance and the professional-quality results it achieves, whether it is making all kinds of ice cream, sorbets, or even granita.

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