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Every woman, whether she uses it daily or only for the most glamorous occasions, has a hair straightener in her own necessaire.

Whether it’s a very high-quality, professional-grade, or pocket-sized and super-cheap plate or, however, the good habits for the maintenance of such a popular instrument do not seem very well known.

Almost all women admit they have never cleaned their plates! But let’s try to overcome the shame and let’s see how to clean the hair straightener.

A well-Maintained Plate will Last a Long Time!

Proper maintenance of the hair straightener is important: not only the dust but also the residues of the products we use to straighten our hair or do the styling go to accumulate on the plates of our tool.

To avoid that the straightener is damaged prematurely and that, even worse, it can ruin our hair by working below expectations, it is very important to take care of it.

It does not matter whether it is ceramic, titanium, or tourmaline … it is advisable to clean the hair straightener once a month, to ensure optimal functionality of the instrument.

How to clean the hair straightener? We have selected the three most effective methods, and below are the instructions.

Whichever method you decide to follow, it is good to remember that cleaning the plate must generally be carried out with the plate off and cold, and with the plug disconnected from the power socket.

Furthermore, remember to clean all sensitive components of the plate, not just the plates: keys, levers, and joints should be kept in order as much as the metal parts of the plate.

Method 1: Water and Alcohol

By far the most popular method for cleaning the plate is the one that involves the use of water and alcohol. To proceed with this method you will need:

  • a cloth, possibly in natural fiber;
  • ethyl alcohol
  • warm water.

Moisten the cloth with warm water, and rub it gently on the plates of the plate. A certain delicacy will be a must in particular if you have a ceramic plate, whose plates are very delicate and risk scratching.

As a last step, wet the same cloth previously moistened with denatured alcohol and wipe it delicately on the plates, which will be so shiny and sanitized.

Remember to never pour alcohol or water directly on the plates, but always use a soft cloth – possibly microfibre – to treat your plate.

Method 2: Bicarbonate and hydrogen peroxide

If you are fond of grandma’s timeless remedies, you should know that baking soda is also suitable for cleaning your plate. In particular, when used in association with hydrogen peroxide, it creates a cleansing paste that is excellent for our purpose.

You will need:

  • sodium bicarbonate
  • hydrogen peroxide
  • a sponge

Mix two tablespoons of bicarbonate with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide: you will obtain a thick paste, which you can lengthen or shrink by adding hydrogen peroxide or more bicarbonate respectively. The compound obtained should be applied on the plates of the plate and left on for about 10 minutes.

Once the exposure time has elapsed, simply remove the mixture using a dry or slightly damp sponge.

There is no need to rinse – which should still be done with the help of a cloth and never directly. Cleaning the plate with this method is very simple, and allows you to have a plate as new, and perfectly dry, immediately after cleaning.

Method 3: Relax

It may happen that you have specific hair treatment products at home and maybe think of using them creatively. The following method of cleaning the hair straightener is not really orthodox, yet it gives excellent results.

The Relaxer is a cream product that is used to straighten curly hair, but it can also be useful in the treatment of our hair straightener, particularly if it is a ceramic straightener.

Once a uniform layer of Relaxer has been applied to the plates, the plate must be turned on for about 10 minutes. You must not touch or manipulate it during this warm-up period. After 10 minutes, the plate must be turned off and left to cool.

Once the plates have cooled, simply remove the relaxer (and dirt!) With a damp cloth as usual. Easy!

Why Clean the Hair Straightener?

On the plate pass foams, lacquers, gels, oils, and products of all kinds, which we use daily for the beauty of the hair and for styling.

Furthermore, thanks to the heat and the use of towels and cloths to dry the hair, the straightener tends to retain small quantities of dust, which in the long-run risks scratching the plates or compromising their functionality.

Given the large offer on the market and the continuous technological evolution, there is an increasing tendency to buy good quality tools, which last over time and do not damage the hair.

A poorly maintained straightener can ruin your hair just as much as improper use or the use of a poor quality product.

It is therefore good, especially if we make a daily or semi-daily use of this essential beauty tool, to enter the order of ideas that even the hair straightener needs some maintenance.

It is important that, at the moment of its use, the straightener is perfectly dry and that there are no dirt granules on the plates, which could ruin and even burn the hair.

To avoid accumulations, it would be a good habit to wipe a damp cloth, or slightly soaked in alcohol, on the plates of the plate after each use.

But we know well that, once heated, the plate must be left to cool, so immediate cleaning of the instrument is as advisable as unlikely.

When the straightener is cold we will probably already be out of the house, so let’s write down these methods for cleaning the hair straightener, and remember to dust them off at least once a month!

Our plate will thus always be performing and will not risk getting damaged too much with the passage of time.

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