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Can You Use Raclette Cheese for Fondue? [Explained]

Raclette cheese is a type of semi-hard cheese made from cow’s milk. It’s typically served as part of a Swiss dish called Raclette, which consists of melted raclette cheese and other ingredients put on top of boiled potatoes.

Raclette is one of the most popular cheese dishes in Switzerland. It is a dish that can be served at any time of the year, and it is often served with potatoes, boiled corn, and charcuterie (certain cured meats).

However, many people might not know that you can also use the same cheese for a raclette fondue.

Can You Use Raclette Cheese for Fondue? – The Answer

Fondue is a dish consisting of melted cheese. Traditionally, it’s used with bread and fruits like grapes, apples, strawberries, bananas, and figs. It can also be used in sauces or eaten by itself.

Some people wonder if it can also be used for fondue because it melts well. Unfortunately, raclette cheese melts too quickly to create the desired effect for fondue.

The cheese will just end up as a liquid and won’t provide any flavor or texture as you would expect with fondue. So if you want to make fondue, then you can’t use raclette cheese!

What to Use Instead of Raclette for Fondue?

If you want to make fondue, then there are other cheeses you can use instead of raclette cheese. One option is gouda cheese. Another option is the semi-hard cheese, brie.

Gouda melts well and tastes delicious melted in a fondue! It has a slightly sweet taste that will mix well with the rest of the ingredients for a flavorful fondue.

Brie is another semi-hard cheese with a mild flavor that will also melt with ease if it’s heated up properly. A great option for your next dinner party!


Believe it or not, raclette cheese is not typically used for fondue. Raclette cheese is typically used to grill, melt, or fry. Raclette cheese also melts well so it can be used on sandwiches or omelets.

It melts well so it can be used on sandwiches or omelets. It cannot be used for fondue. To replace raclette cheese, consider using gruyere or fontina cheese.

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