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Can You Use Chocolate Chips for Fondue? [Explained]

You might not be crazy about knowing that can you use chocolate chips for fondue? This post is about the answer to that question.

It is about the history of chocolate chips and how their popularity has grown. And what is even better, is that you can use these chocolate chips to make an easy and delicious fondue.

What are the Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate chips are the small pieces of chocolate on the inside of the chocolate bar, which is made with chocolate. The chocolate chips are made of chocolate, which is melted and then mixed with other ingredients.

The manufacturers of these chocolate chips use a variety of different ingredients, depending on the type of chocolate bar.

For example, if the chocolate bar is a milk chocolate bar, the chocolate chips are made with sugar, cocoa butter, and milk solids. The ingredients used in the chocolate chips are not the same ingredients used in the chocolate bar.

What is the Difference Between Melted Chocolate and Chocolate Chips?

Chocolate chips are made from chopped chocolate. The chocolate is chopped into small pieces, then baked in an oven to form solid pieces of chocolate.

Melted chocolate is made the same way; however, it is not baked after being chopped. Melted chocolate has a thinner consistency than chocolate chips, and can be used more like icing when melted. It is also a bit more pliable than chocolate chips.

Can You Use Chocolate Chips for Fondue? – The Answer

Yes, you can use chocolate chips for fondue. If you use regular size chocolate chips, you have to chop them into small pieces to make them easy to dip.

If you use mini chocolate chips, then you don’t have to do that. You can then dip your fruit, cookies, marshmallows, or whatever you want into the melted chocolate. It will taste just as good as fondue made with chocolate and white wine.

What Makes a Chocolate Fondue Good?

If you want your chocolate fondue to be good, you need to make sure you choose good quality chocolate. In terms of quality, dark chocolate is always better than milk chocolate.

High-quality chocolate has a more intense flavor, more depth and richness in taste, a stronger aftertaste, and a smoother texture. It’s hard to settle for anything less.

How Do You Make Chocolate Fondue?

You will need two ingredients for the recipe – chocolate and cream. Start by melting the chocolate in a double boiler over low heat. It is essential to not let the chocolate boil or it may burn. The chocolate should melt in about ten minutes.

Add the cream and stir the ingredients together until smooth. Pour the melted chocolate into dipping dishes like small cups and bowls or fondue pots or even a large bowl where you can dip strawberries, cake, or other foods.

The Benefits of Using Chocolate Chips for Fondue

Chocolate chips tend to be a mix of chopped-up dark chocolate, cocoa powder, and sugar. They are way cheaper than the same amount of dark chocolate and can be used in a variety of recipes.

Chocolate chips provide the same sweet taste and creamy texture that dark chocolate brings and can be used in all sorts of dishes, including soups, salads, pasta, and dessert.

Tips for Using Chocolate Chips for Fondue

Chocolate chips are not ideal for making chocolate fondue. First of all, chocolate chips are filled with fat, and they will go hard in the fondue. Second, they are made specifically to be melted, and they are only used in baked goods (baking chocolate).

Given these two reasons, chocolate chips are really not meant for use when you are making a fondue. So, instead of using chocolate chips for fondue, try using chocolate bars.

Sure, you’ll be using more chocolate, but it’ll also give you a richer, more chocolatey taste. Also, try using dark chocolate, which is higher quality than milk chocolate.


You can use chocolate chips for fondue because they have the perfect sweetness and chocolate flavor that makes the perfect sauce for chocolate fondue.

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