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{Top 5} Best Yogurt Maker UK Reviews of [2020]

Home-made products are enjoying great success in these times of returning to good products, and appliance manufacturers are supporting this new dynamic with functional devices that simplify the task in the kitchen.

This is particularly the case with the yogurt maker, which, as its name suggests, makes good, healthy, and tasty yogurts. It presents itself as an ally for those who wish to no longer depend on industrial products whose composition we do not always control…

On the market, you have the opportunity to equip yourself with a yogurt maker to easily make your own homemade yogurts, and eat them as you wish, without having to pay each time.

In this buying guide dedicated to the yogurt maker, I have grouped together all the answers to the questions you are asking yourself about the best yogurt maker UK, in order to facilitate your choice.

Best Yogurt Maker Uk Reviews

1. Lagrange 439101

If you want a yogurt good all the 439,101 Lagrange model has everything to satisfy you. It lends itself to a multitude of yogurt or other milk-based dessert recipes. With the Lagrange 439101, all members of the family have the possibility of satisfying their desires for perfume or oiliness.

Thus, it offers a substantial capacity, with its seven fairly large pots, where you can easily add fresh fruit or other ingredients. These are made of glass and can be stacked and personalized.

Designed with an attractive design all in stainless steel for the heating base and in thermoplastic for the oval cover, the Lagrange 439101 is not bulky and will find its place in your kitchen. The design of this yogurt maker is optimized so that its use is very intuitive.

Ergonomic, it is equipped with a small electronic screen with backlight at the front, which allows you to program the cooking time, but also to monitor it in real-time.

Likewise, the device incorporates an automatic stop mode, accompanied by an audible signal which indicates when the preparations are ready.

Practical and simple to use, the manufacturer’s model 439101 is more attractive due to the many recipe possibilities it offers.

It is thus possible to make yogurt, from whole milk, skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, and many milk-based desserts. What is sure, whatever task you want to achieve, this yogurt maker can rise to the challenge.

2. Seb YG6581FR

This yogurt maker of the robust structure shown versatility and proves practical use. The Seb YG6581FR offers very wide possibilities both for the preparation of tasty homemade yogurts and other milk-based recipes. 

If you were looking for the device that will allow you to concoct 100% healthy preparations, alternatively to what is found in mass distribution, this yogurt maker will undoubtedly meet all your expectations.

Coming among other things with a cookbook and 12 glass jars, the YG6581FR is a model that puts on large capacity. It also offers everything you would hope for from this kind of device.

Modern, this model from the range of the French manufacturer is equipped with a screen that allows you to follow your preparations closely, step by step. Like any yogurt maker worthy of the name, it incorporates automatic programs that support a variety of recipes.

Here, Seb has integrated three programs that prove to be very intuitive. I really like the “milk dessert” mode.

With the Seb YG6581FR yogurt maker, you will be able to make your yogurts, clafoutis, cheese-cakes, custards, crème brûlée, or other desserts based on milk, with great ease.

And for that, it relies on two high-performance cooking systems. One, steam, adapt to the creation of dairy desserts, in a very short time. There is also an innovative drainage system that is particularly suitable for authentic white cheeses.

3. Moulinex YG231E32

Behind its well thought out design, the Moulinex YG231E32 hides a modern yogurt maker, simple to use and efficient. Covered by a transparent cover, it is ergonomic and versatile. 

You can thus count on its small LCD screen and its timer to make your recipes with precision and obtain creamy and tasty results.

Delivered without a cookbook, the Moulinex YG231E32 is programmable and offers enough total capacity for the whole family. It comes indeed with 7 pots of yogurt of 140 ml each. Each jar has a lid where you can mark the expiration date.

With this programmable machine, preparing yogurts becomes absolutely simple. You can indeed set the cooking time over a period of up to 15 hours.

This gives you a wide enough margin for more complex recipes. Its discreet design and compact dimensions ensure a small footprint.

4. Severin 3516

Delivered with seven 150 ml yogurt pots, the Severin 3516 is undoubtedly one of the best yogurt makers in terms of price/quality ratio. 

Behind its discreet look and its compact dimensions, the Severin 3516 can boast of having a sufficiently generous technical sheet to be suitable for making tasty yogurts, every day. 

It compensates for its absence of timer by its very practical and efficient operation. Rotating with a 13W power motor, this yogurt maker ensures fairly rapid cooking and recipes that satisfy both their flavors and their smoothness.

5. Severin 3519

This other yogurt maker from the German manufacturer confirms the good impressions left by its other products. Efficiency is of course there and the whole family will enjoy savoring the homemade yogurts, made with the Severin 3519.

If you have a tight budget, I recommend that you look at the side of this yogurt maker which comes with 14 150 ml yogurt pots, as well as a recipe book, unlike the previous model.

Apart from these details, the two yogurt makers are very close and have in common their very easy handling.

Here too, we deplore the absence of a timer, but this does not affect the effectiveness of this very powerful device for its lightweight cost.

The Features of a Yogurt Maker

Like any other appliance, the yogurt maker has characteristics that make it unique. Although there are several, the objective of this device remains the same: the transformation of milk through the process of fermentation into yogurt.

In all cases, a yogurt maker mainly consists of three parts. Similar to an oven, the structure of this device combines a heating base on which are placed glass jars. The assembly is then covered by a cover.

Other elements can however be integrated on certain existing models such as an end of the cooking notification system, with an automatic stop, or even a timer allowing to program the cooking time.

The overall operation of a yogurt maker is quite simple. After having chosen and mixed the ingredients well, you have to distribute them in the jars and place them on the heating base.

This heats to a certain temperature (usually adjustable between 40 and 45 ° C ), to promote lactic fermentation. For this purpose, you can either buy lactic ferments on the market to add to it or use a classic fermented yogurt.

For the yogurts to be ready, you must wait up to 8 hours, which must be added to the cooling time in the refrigerator.

Best Yogurt Maker UK – Buying Guide

Given the wide variety of yogurt makers available on the market, you have to monitor certain parameters to be sure of making a reasoned choice.

In fact, finding the yogurt maker that perfectly suits your expectations requires taking into account several criteria, including the capacity of the pots, the temperature variation, the functionalities, and even the ease of use.

The very first of the three main criteria for choosing a yogurt maker in my opinion is the capacity of the appliance, in other words, the number of pots it can hold and the capacity of each of these pots.

You must therefore first take stock of your needs, in order to make a choice that corresponds to the number of yogurts and therefore of consumers to be satisfied regularly.

Secondly, you must remain attentive to the integration of a system allowing you to vary the temperature as desired.

Knowing that the ideal temperature for a successful yogurt normally oscillates between 40 ° C and 50 ° C, playing on this factor by increasing or decreasing it not only allows you to vary the tastes of your preparations but also to play on their smoothness and texture.

Choose a model that allows you to customize the cooking temperature, according to your preferences.

For easier use, which will not require you to systematically keep an eye on your preparation, the automatic shutdown of the appliance at the end of cooking seems essential to me.

In addition to the criteria mentioned above, other elements will make the difference. The presence of a timer, to allow you to choose the ideal time to obtain a perfect smoothness and consistency.

The timer is most of the time accompanied by an audible alarm which alerts when the yogurts are ready.

The Advantages of Yogurt Makers

One of the main advantages of the yogurt maker is that it simplifies the manufacturing of yogurts by its sophisticated and automatic operation.

Reliable and easy to use, this device, when you have it at home, allows you to make your own recipes. So you no longer need to go to the shelves of shops every time you want to enjoy yogurts or desserts based on milk.

Your preparations are therefore healthier, based on natural ingredients, and do not contain additives as is the case with those found on the market.

With a yogurt maker, you can also play on the texture of the yogurt, flavor it with fruit or even flavors, depending on your taste and desires. What is interesting when consumers’ cravings for perfumes are not the same.

On the other hand, having your own yogurts prepared at home allows you to satisfy a large number of consumers, without spending all the time.

Also, a yogurt maker is a device whose design is well thought out. It makes it possible to keep the cooking temperature constant throughout the preparation time, which generally varies between 6 hours and 15 hours at most.

My Personal Opinion on Yogurt Makers

In view of the considerable importance of yogurts, both for their nutritional and digestive values, I think that yogurt makers have their place in our homes.

For a home-made enthusiast like me, it must be said that having this device is a real bargain. It simplifies the production of yogurts or desserts made from milk.

For addicts of these recipes, it is a great idea to treat yourself to a yogurt maker, because they no longer need to shell out every time they want to taste tasty deserts.

I really appreciate the practicality and the ease of use of yogurt makers, which present themselves as real companions in the kitchen.

Yogurt Making Tips

Easy Cleaning of Pots

For all my appliances, I am very sensitive to this parameter. If you are going to buy your yogurt maker, I recommend that you focus on the method and the ease of cleaning the pots.

They must all be able to be washed in the dishwasher so that no trace of yogurt or detergent is left there.

The Capacity of the Pots

This parameter is just as important and should tip your choice towards one model rather than another. You must take into account the size of your family or the number of yogurts or desserts that you must prepare regularly.

On the market, you will have the choice between pots whose capacity generally varies from 100 to 200 ml.

As for the number of these accessories, it depends on a model to another. You can thus find yogurt makers capable of receiving between 6 to 12 pots.

My Favorite Yogurt Recipe

Since I got my yogurt maker, I can not do without it, because it allows me to make my recipes with disconcerting ease.

Those that I was struggling to do are no longer, because the device takes almost everything in charge, except for the choice of ingredients and their mixture.

My gourmet white chocolate strawberry yogurt, for its exquisite flavors, is my favorite recipe. And my kids love it too.

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