Best Whipped Cream Dispenser

Best Whipped Cream Dispenser of 2020

Whether you are a professional pastry chef or an amateur, choosing a good cream siphon is not easy. In this article, you will find the best whipped cream dispenser you can buy. Choose one and unleash your culinary creations!

Best Whipped Cream Dispenser Reviews

1. ICO CR105

ICO CR105 ranks first in this ranking because in our opinion it is the best whipped cream dispenser. Built with excellent materials, equipped with numerous functions, and available in two different capacities, it will completely satisfy all your needs.

This cream siphon is professional and also complies with all HACCP standards. It is presented in stainless steel of the highest quality to guarantee maximum safety when in contact with the cream, in fact, it is totally odorless and does not release any harmful substance.

Being made of steel, it is also suitable for both your cold and hot preparations, in fact, it works as a sort of thermos that keeps your dishes warm up to 75 ° C. You can use this siphon to prepare many types of food, not just cream. You can in fact use it with sauces, soups, and creams.

It is very easy to use, just load the totally harmless and tasteless nitrogen cartridge and in a few moments, you will have a very fresh whipped cream. Also supplied you will have several spouts for each type of preparation and a brush to easily clean the siphon.

Sturdy and heavy, this cream siphon is synonymous with quality. It manages to give your creams the perfect frothiness, not too soft not too compact. Trust us, after trying ICO CR105 you will never go back to whipping cream by hand or with an electric whisk.

  • Best cream siphon available on the market in 2020
  • Made in the best way from 100% stainless steel
  • The construction materials make it totally safe and odorless, it complies with all HACCP standards
  • You can use it with both hot and cold foods
  • It allows you to prepare not only cream but also soups, creams, and sauces
  • Works with readily available nitrogen cartridges
  • It has three spouts and a cleaning brush supplied
  • Resistant and robust, it is a product that will last over time
  • Lack of instructions in Italian
  • This is a rather heavy kitchen siphon

2. RuneSol GNS99

Are you looking for an excellent cream siphon that you can find on the market today? RuneSol GNS99 is precisely one of these especially based on its value for money. Of excellent workmanship and functionality, it will offer your creams a starred chef-quality!

The body of the siphon completely in stainless steel offers you total safety and also the three spouts supplied are completely in stainless steel. This means that your cream will not take bad flavors inside the device, you will have a very fresh whipped foam with a completely genuine flavor.

With RuneSol GNS99 you can prepare anything and everything. Ice cream, mousse, frothy milk? No problem, you can do all this and more. It will allow you to improve and embellish your favorite dishes. Add a dollop of cream on your cake, it will totally change its appearance and you will receive tons of compliments without any effort.

To use it, you just need to insert the nitrogen cartridge inside, press the lever and you’re done. With just half a liter of fresh cream, you will be able to create over 2 liters of whipped product in just over 30 seconds.

Complemented by a set of three spouts for different decorations and magazine holder, you really don’t need anything else. It does not matter if you are a budding cook or a professional chef, this siphon is truly suitable for everyone and will satisfy the culinary needs of every person.

  • One of the creams siphons with the best value for money
  • Excellent stainless steel workmanship
  • It does not release substance and bad flavors inside your creams
  • It allows you to make a large range of preparations and decorations
  • To use it you have to load the nitrogen cartridge and press the lever
  • Supplied with 3 spouts for different decorations and a holder for the charger to ensure greater stability
  • No nitrogen bottle included
  • It cannot be used for hot food

3. iSi 1603

iSi 1603 according to our opinions is the best professional kitchen siphon. It will allow you to produce gourmet ice cream, cream, creams, and mousses. Your guests will lick their whiskers with every bite.

This siphon is made entirely of stainless steel. This means that both the body and the lid are totally odor-proof. Your foods will remain intact in flavor even if they are processed for some time. So say goodbye to the annoying aftertaste that your creams and foams could take with another device.

Use this siphon in your kitchen, bakery, or restaurant without any problem. It is stiff and strong but totally versatile. The best for any of your hot or cold preparation. It is also equipped with different spouts that allow you to indulge yourself with the most varied decorations. Take your recipes to a whole other level with very little.

It is also pleasing to the eye and very practical to use and clean. Just insert the liquid you want to mount inside it, mount the nitrogen cartridge and press a single button. In a few seconds, you will have airy and soft foam. On the other hand, we are talking about it, a very famous brand in the culinary sector.

  • One of the best professional kitchen siphons available in 2020
  • Both the body and the lid are made of stainless steel
  • Pleasing to the eye, it’s not a problem if you leave it insight on the counter
  • Practical to use and very easy to clean
  • Absolutely versatile, it allows you to prepare hot and cold food
  • The supplied spouts allow you to create different types of decoration
  • The ISI brand is a guarantee and is famous in the culinary sector
  • You will not find any nitrogen cartridges supplied
  • For maximum performance, you need to purchase iSi nitrogen cartridges

4. RuneSol GNS017

When you whip the cream, you always have some leftover, and are you tired of having to throw it away every time? Rest assured, RuneSol GNS017 is the solution. It is an excellent siphon for anti-waste cream that you can have so as to whip and leave the leftovers comfortably in the fridge and then reuse them.

With this kitchen whipping cream, you will no longer have to worry about finishing all the products you have assembled so as not to throw it away. If you have some leftover, you can put the siphon back in the fridge and reuse it when you need it. Simply shake the siphon again to have a fresh product just as if you had just assembled it.

RuneSol GNS017 like all the best tools is built entirely in stainless steel. This gives it strength and resistance and at the same time for all of you, it is a guarantee of safety as the steel does not release any particular smell or taste. The body, head, and magazine holder as well as the supplied spouts are made of 100% stainless steel.

Thanks to the supplied spouts you can try your hand at all possible preparations and decorations, you just have to give vent to your imagination. Furthermore, being in steel you can also prepare hot creams, mousses, and soups. It is in fact totally versatile but no less easy to use. It is in fact practical and fast, just load the nitrogen cartridge and proceed.

This well-made siphon is also very easy to clean and can even be placed in the dishwasher. It’s time to say goodbye to the toil of whipping cream by hand with a whisk, this automatic device does all the work for you.

  • Best anti-waste cream siphon on the market
  • If any product is leftover, it can be returned to the fridge itself in the siphon to be reused
  • Totally in stainless steel, both the body and the nozzles supplied
  • It does not release any odor or taste into your food
  • The steel body makes it versatile and suitable for both hot and cold preparations
  • Very easy to use, suitable for professionals and beginners
  • It can be cleaned both by hand and conveniently in the dishwasher
  • Nitrogen cartridges are not included in the package
  • Heavier than other siphons on the market
  • Sometimes it may be necessary to shake the siphon well to get all the product out

5. Impeccable Culinary Objects CC001

Impeccable Culinary Objects according to our opinions is the top if you are looking for a siphon capable of forming the best foams, airy and soft. It is particularly suitable for a very high-quality frame !.

The product you are going to sparkle will not have any unpleasant aftertaste as this siphon is made of 100% certified high-quality stainless steel. This guarantees you a total absence of unpleasant odors or flavors.

It will come supplied with a set of 3 decorating nozzles in order to offer you a wide versatility in the decorations of your cakes and much more. With only half a liter of liquid cream, you can get over two liters whipped to apply as you wish on your desserts or fruit-based preparations.

To make it work, simply insert a special nitrogen cartridge in the magazine and press the lever. Impeccable Culinary Objects is also compatible with all the cans you can find on the market. You can therefore rest assured and not stress in the search for often expensive and difficult to find branded refills.

If you are looking for a siphon of the best quality that allows you to create fantastic foams and mousses with the best consistency, you cannot fail to consider this model. We are sure that it will not disappoint your expectations and will make you look good both as a family and with your guests!

  • Top cream siphon for your foam
  • It allows producing airy and soft mousses and foams
  • Manufactured in high-quality stainless steel
  • The foods will not take any aftertaste thanks to the totally odorless materials with which it is built
  • With the set of nozzles supplied you will have a high versatility of use and decoration
  • Easy to use and compatible with all nitrogen refills on the market
  • The decorative nozzles supplied are made of plastic
  • The first castings are often thrown away as they are not perfectly assembled

Best Whipped Cream Dispenser Buying Guide

If you want to buy a siphon that fully meets your needs but you don’t know where to start due to all the features you need to pay attention to, you are in the right place. Our team has created in this review a list with the main factors to consider in order to make a good purchase. Here are the ones that we think are the most important.

Dingas Whipped Cream Dispenser Demo - YouTube


One of the most important factors of the siphon is the capacity of the siphon. Once whipped, liquids such as cream almost quadruple their initial volume. Our advice is to opt for a 1-liter siphon if you have to make a professional use, while for home use the half-liter one is sufficient, as with half a liter of liquid cream you can get quadruple whipped.


The material with which the kitchen whipping machine is built is very important. Our advice is to always opt for stainless steel siphons as not only do they not release bad smells and tastes in your preparations, but they are totally safe and do not have any harmful substances. They also allow you to prepare both hot and cold food.

Equipped with Nozzles

The most creative will surely be interested in the possibility of having decorative spouts supplied. Some whipped cream dispenser models have at least 3 decorative nozzles that offer the possibility of different types of decoration. Read carefully the produced card to see if the model you want to buy has them or you have to buy them separately.

Refills Availability

The siphons work with a nitrogen can that allows you to get the frame you so desire. Before buying a siphon, we recommend that you also check whether it is compatible with all the cartridges available on the market or at least check the price of the cartridges with which it is compatible so as not to frequently have to face too high costs.


Our team’s review of the best whipped cream dispenser ends here. A little above you could also read which in our opinion are the main factors to take into consideration for a good purchase.

Whether you are a professional pastry chef or just an amateur chef, having the right product makes a difference in the kitchen. Are you ready to prepare exquisite dishes?

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