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Best Waffle Maker UK [2020] – Top 6 Picks

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For a birthday party, a gourmet afternoon, or any other festive occasion, the waffles are there and will delight young and old. So inevitably, the idea of ​​being able to make it yourself at home is becoming more and more attractive, hence the growing enthusiasm for waffle irons.

These appliances, which are more and more present in our homes, present themselves as unwavering companions for making waffles quickly and easily. Once the right recipe is found, this device takes care of the cooking in the rules of the art.

When I bought my waffle iron, I hesitated a lot, because the offer available on the market is particularly diverse.

Between standard or professional devices, and multifunctional ones, finding the best waffle maker UK model can be difficult when you have no idea about the different types, features, selection criteria, and other information related to this device.

This guide, therefore, aims to direct you to the waffle iron that best suits your needs and your budget.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Lagrange Gaufrier + Croque-Monsieur 019422
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty
  • Technical Data: Type: waffles and sandwich maker machine power (in W.): 1200 number of plates: 2 games Game with the non-stick coating

Best Waffle Maker UK – Reviews

1. Lagrange 019422

Lagrange Gaufrier + Croque-Monsieur 019422
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with a 12-month manufacturer's warranty
  • Technical Data: Type: waffles and sandwich maker machine power (in W.): 1200 number of plates: 2 games Game with the non-stick coating

With this waffle iron, the brand made in France confirmed all the good that I think of the quality design of its appliances. Built with a metallic design, the Lagrange 019422 is discreet in your kitchen.

Its compact dimensions, but also its reversible shape on a base, made possible among other things by its double swivel cover, have been studied so that you benefit from total comfort when preparing your meals.

This space-saving waffle maker is fitted with ideally insulated bakelite handles that allow it to be gripped firmly and easily.

But behind its successful design, it is above all its performance that makes it one of the best waffle irons available on the market.

To this end, this model from Lagrange relies on its great power of 1200 W, which ensures remarkable time savings. The heating of the plates, as well as the cooking, are fast.

As for the latter, you benefit from two large cast aluminum plates, with non-stick coating. This waffle iron allows you to improvise as a great chef because the quality of the baking is professional for both waffles and croque-monsieurs.

The results obtained with the Lagrange 019422 can also be refined according to your desires. For this, the device has some interesting features such as the possibility of playing on the cooking time, to obtain, as appropriate, a soft or crispy waffle.

This is done by simply pressing the selection button provided for this purpose and present at the level of the control panel, which houses, in addition to the indicator lights, a wheel that allows the color and consistency to be adjusted.

2. Krups FDD95D

It is undoubtedly one of the most efficient waffle irons available on the market. And its 1400 Watts of power allows it to achieve performances that will convince the most demanding.

If it is true that it is the least accessible of my three favorites, the Krups FDD95D is certainly worth its price and is designed to be used for many years. To be convinced, you have to rely on its robust design and its weight.

The FDD95D is indeed heavy and this is due to the quality materials that make up its body with beautiful metallic finishes. Its compact dimensions allow it to find a place in the kitchen so that you don’t have to move it at any time.

Besides its construction which I find intelligent, it is more the technical sheet of this waffle iron which commands admiration.

The Krups FDD95D is based, as indicated above on power of 1400 Watts, but especially on modern functionalities to accomplish the tasks assigned to it to perfection.

Of course, it’s very good performance would not be possible without the ingenious construction of its removable non-stick coating plates – allowing to make two large well-formed rectangular waffles, dimensions 10 x 16 x 3 cm – and the rotary system provided by the manufacturer for a homogeneous distribution of the dough.

In no more than five minutes, your dishes are ready and for perfect cooking, Krups has provided a thermostat from which you can adjust the temperature on seven levels, with the guarantee of making your preparations in the state of the art.

If there is, unfortunately, no timer, we console ourselves with the indicator lights which allow real-time monitoring.

3. Tefal SW853D12

With the Tefal SW853D12, called Croque gaufre Snack Collection, we are dealing with a waffle iron that is simple.

Behind its metallic body, it hides a device very practical to use and which simplifies the preparation of waffles, croque-monsieurs, in many other recipes.

And to enable these to be carried out, Tefal offers you to separately purchase ten boxes (plates and recipe book), to complete the two included with the purchase.

In doing so, you will have the opportunity to try out a variety of dishes: heart or triangle waffles, wafers, pancakes, turnovers, donuts, bricelets, etc.

The versatility shown by the Tefal SW853D12 is supported by its 700 Watts of power, which is enough to get results in no time. The plates heat up and are ready to use quickly. The quality of cooking is also there, whatever the preparation.

Having bought and used it for almost two months, I am quite satisfied with what this waffle maker offers, but above all with its simple and intuitive use. No need to be an expert.

While it is true that the absence of a timer and an audible alarm signaling the end of cooking is regrettable, this does not prevent the appliance from being efficient and worth its price. In addition, the Snack Collection waffle croque does not really pose a problem when it comes to cleaning.

The presence of a plate ejection button and especially the removability of the latter have been designed to facilitate the operation.

4. Moulinex SM180811

Moulinex SM180811 Accessimo Appareil à Croque
  • Dimensions: 23 x 23 x 10 cm
  • Plate size: 22.5 x 12.5 cm
  • A modern and compact design, easy to use and store! A basic that will easily find its place in your kitchen and will delight the whole family.
  • Compact design
  • Vertical storage
  • Easy to clean: thanks to its non-stick plates.
  • Simplified use
  • Latch closure
  • Thermoplastic base and handles
  • Power: 650 W

If you are looking for a device specially dedicated to the croque-monsieur, the SM180811 from Moulinex is for you. And for such a tight price, its quality design and ease of use have something to please.

Behind its compact design, thought for vertical storage, it is with a 650 Watt power and functional device that we are dealing with.

Suffice to say right away: with the Moulinex SM180811, we are not dealing with a model with exceptional performance. That said, this basic device, dedicated to occasional use, ensures minimum service.

5. Tefal SW324112

It is the entry-level model in the Tefal waffle iron catalog. The SW324112, still known as Croque Gaufre Invent Colormania, however, does not have much to envy to what some competitive models offer.

Coming with two sets of non-stick coating plates, the Tefal SW324112 is suitable for making both waffles and crunches.

And its 780 Watts of power guarantee fairly rapid results. In the space of a few minutes, you have the possibility of making superb waffles or croques for the whole family.

The Invent Colormania Waffle Crunch, thanks to its compact and space-saving design, is easy to store.

6. Severin WA2114

The Severin WA2114 stands out for its beautiful, very compact design. If you are looking for a small family model, this might be for you. Otherwise, you’d better look elsewhere.

Moreover, this 800-watt waffle iron rises very quickly in temperature and saves time. Modern, the Severin 2114 is intuitive to use and the built-in thermostat allows the temperature to be adjusted according to the recipe and your tastes.

For such a tight price, this waffle iron pulls out of the game, even if the non-removable nature of its plates is disappointing.

Best Waffle Maker UK – Buying Guide

The idea of ​​making your own waffles at home is becoming more and more attractive. However, the success of the preparations lies not only in the right dough recipe but also in the use of the right waffle iron.

The size

Your choice of waffle iron should take into account the space you have available. If your kitchen isn’t exactly spacious, taking a waffle iron that’s too bulky won’t do the trick.

Conversely, a compact model will have the advantage of being easily movable and will require only a small space for its storage. Likewise, it will easily find a place on the worktop, its cohabitation with other appliances being convenient.

That said, the size of your waffle iron determines the size of the plates it can receive and therefore of waffles you can make.

Thus, you must take into account the number of people whose attention the preparations will be regularly intended, so as not to end up with an oversized waffle iron or unsuitable for the size of your family.


One of the advantages of having a waffle iron is that it saves you time. So, I advise you to learn about the power of the waffle irons that interest you.

That said, you will find on the market devices from 700 to 1,400 Watts. However, I strongly recommend that you favor models of at least 1000 Watts if your budget allows. Indeed, these quickly rise in temperature on the one hand and guarantee rapid cooking on the other hand.

Regarding the quality of it, it varies a lot depending on the nature of the plates. At the entry-level, aluminum most often returns, while the plates of high-end waffle irons are made of cast iron, a material having the advantage of ensuring a uniform distribution of heat.

Furthermore, when we talk about power, it brings back the temperature and the presence of a thermostat allows control of the cooking. You can then, according to your preferences, obtain soft or crispy waffles.


Not all waffle irons make waffles. If you are passionate about other kinds of delicacies, you would do well to get a device that lends itself to the realization of other dishes.

Generally, entry-level or mid-range waffle irons that are available on the market also allow you to make croque-monsieurs, and this saves you from having to buy an appliance specially dedicated to these dishes.

Better, for the more sophisticated, you will have the possibility of making muffins, pancakes, sandwiches, or even baking meat.

The plates suitable for these different applications are then provided for this purpose and their removable nature ensures a practical change.

Other criteria

Apart from the above parameters, other elements can come into play and make a difference. The shape of the plates, which determines that of the waffles, is one of them.

If rectangular and rounded shapes are the most common, manufacturers also offer waffle irons that allow you to make waffles in small tiles, in the heart, or in the shape of a star, moon, or any other original design.

For a child’s birthday party, for example, I find that it can be very interesting to entertain the little ones. I will end with this criterion by hailing Tefal which offers a whole collection of sets of plates that adapt to a variety of dishes that you can get separately according to your desires.

Another aspect that you would do well to focus on is the ergonomics of the waffle iron. For this purpose, it seems essential to me that the device is stable and equipped for this purpose with non-slip feet.

In addition to this safety setting, for both adults and children, a modern waffle iron must be as practical as possible.

The indicator lights for information on the heating and cooling cycles are a minimum for me. For the most advanced models, a screen and a timer further improve user comfort.

The Features of Waffle Iron

Although there is a wide variety of waffle irons on the market, whether standard or professional, all models allow you to easily and quickly make your waffles, croque-monsieur, and many other dishes, depending on the range of the device.

To this end, they arm themselves with a fairly simple structure. A set of plates which can be removable or not, and of different shapes, are intended to receive waffle dough for baking.

These surfaces are lined with regular cells that promote a homogeneous distribution of the dough. In addition, the waffle irons also have an insulating handle, which simplifies their handling, in particular their safe turning, without burning your fingers.

The instructions for using the waffle iron are quite simple. Once your pasty mixture is ready, you just have to pour it inside the preheated plates, without completely filling it, to avoid its flow.

After closing the lid, you have to wait a few minutes for your food to be ready. Some models also incorporate a thermostat that allows you to play on the temperature, to adapt the preparations to your desires of color and consistency.

The Advantages of Waffle Irons

There are many advantages to having a waffle iron. Practical and easy to handle, this device allows you to make waffles, croque-monsieur, and other pastries at home with total freedom. You can save money if you and your little family love these dishes.

In addition, this appliance makes it possible to make delicacies whose composition is mastered, with the possibility of adapting it to everyone’s tastes. Saving time is another strength of the waffle maker: it only takes a few minutes to be able to enjoy tasty waffles.

My Personal Opinion on Waffle Irons

Being passionate about home-made, I am conquered by the idea of ​​making yourself, at home, wonderful waffles that make salivate young and old. And since this would not be possible without a waffle iron, this appliance has its place in our kitchens.

However, it seems more interesting to me to choose a multifunctional model that does more than just make waffles. So prefer devices that offer a wide range of possibilities (Croque-monsieurs – at least – muffins, pancakes, sandwiches, even cooking meat).

Important Tips

To avoid bad odors after use altering the flavor of your waffles, you should take good care of your waffle iron. That said, the maintenance varies depending on the type of waffle maker in front of which one is.

When it comes to a waffle iron with removable plates, cleaning can be done like any other kitchen utensil, manually or with a dishwasher. If not, here are some tips to follow:

  • Let the appliance cool down once it has been switched off;
  • Wipe the cooking surface of the waffle iron with a cloth previously soaked in frothy hot water;
  • Make sure there is no more debris, then dry the inside of the plates with a paper towel.

My Favorite Waffle Recipe

Since I got my waffle maker, I take pleasure in making my own waffles by manipulating the ingredients to obtain the flavors that I like. I already had to make beer waffles, caramel banana waffles, or my favorite: strawberry-choco waffles.

Their realization is very easy and in barely eleven minutes for the preparation and five minutes for the cooking, I manage to prepare for six people.


Here we are at the end of my guide to the best waffle maker UK. I hope it answers all your questions in relation to this appliance. Keep in mind that with the offer available on the market, you will have no trouble finding the waffle iron that best suits your needs.

This requires that you evaluate these: family size or the number of people consuming the waffles, frequency of use, desired features, and uses, but also budget.

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