Best Vacuum Sealer UK

Best Vacuum Sealer UK of 2020

The vacuum sealer machine, in particular, it allows you to keep food for longer by vacuum sealing it. Since we are all used to storing our food in the refrigerator or freezer, thanks to this machine, it will be kept in the optimum storage conditions.

This type of device generally offers various configuration options allowing you to adapt to the type of food to be preserved. It’s time to change the traditional soda bag by opting for more efficient and healthy equipment.

If you do some research on the web, you can see for yourself that there are now many models of vacuum sealer machines. To help you make an optimal choice, we have selected the best vacuum sealer UK models on the market with some essential tips.

Best Vacuum Sealer UK Reviews

1. FoodSaver V2860-I

Here’s the FoodSaver V2860-I to start our list of the best vacuum sealer machines. With this device, you will be able to keep your food in a healthy environment, free of bacteria. It offers two levels of sealing for dry and wet foods.

This model also offers 3 suction speeds and a manual mode to let you pack different body types efficiently without the risk of crushing them. Practical, its vacuum control can be done automatically or manually by impulse.

Easy to use, the FoodSaver V2860-I allows you to preserve the freshness of your food in a fast and lasting way. Thanks to its modular design, storage can be done horizontally or vertically without cluttering up your kitchen.

Eat fresh food all the time and avoid waste with this vacuum machine. Maintenance is easy because this machine is compatible with your dishwasher.

  • Intuitive
  • Not bulky
  • Expensive
  • Little adjustment

2. KitchenBoss

The KitchenBoss is an economical vacuum machine that seals food under vacuum for optimal and long-lasting preservation. To keep your food under vacuum efficiently, this appliance completely sucks in the air before sealing it thanks to its quality air pump and its powerful motor.

Innovative, it displays various smart indicator lights. This kitchen equipment can fit all bag rolls up to 12 inches. Its beautiful design and shape allow it to easily find its place in your kitchen. The controls are easily accessible on this vacuum machine for easy adjustment.

Thanks to an automatic vacuum system, this device is easy to use. You can use KitchenBoss to store all types of foods: meats, fruits, vegetables, fish, chicken, etc.

  • Ergonomic
  • Beautiful design
  • A little noisy
  • Little adjustment

3. Fivanus DS100

The Fivanus DS100 comes third in our selection for its ergonomics and design. It is a low noise device capable of operating more than 20 times continuously. It effectively removes the air and moisture surrounding your food to keep it fresh for as long as possible.

You can use it to preserve fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, and other seasoned recipes, in the refrigerator or in the freezer.

This vacuum sealer machine is easy to use thanks to its automatic vacuum and seal system: you just need to press the vacuum button and the device sucks all the air and seals the bag automatically. Versatile, the Fivanus DS100 can also wrap your jewelry, letters, linens, and other household items.

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Difficult to adapt to liquid
  • A little fragile

4. FoodSaver – FFS012X-01

The FoodSaver – FFS012X-01 is a vacuum machine for packaging your food efficiently while preserving its freshness. During the sealing process, air and moisture that can quickly destroy your food is sucked into this appliance.

Moreover, it is equipped with a drip tray that collects excess liquid that may occur during the packaging of your food and ensures the durability of the device by preventing this money from reaching the pump.

The FoodSaver – FFS012X-01 comes with a standard attachment suction hose. It is possible to store it vertically to save space. A locking system protects the device and the seal bar when not in use.

  • Powerful
  • Not bulky
  • A little expensive
  • Little adjustment

5. Aicok 3 in 1 vacuum sealer

The Aicok 3 in 1 is perfect for preserving your food and its freshness up to 5 times longer. Quick and easy to use, this device sucks in air and humidity, seals and cuts the storage bag in one operation. It is equipped with a compartment that gives you easy access to your roller as well as a cutting blade for better maintenance of the bag. Multifunction, Aicok offers two levels of welding, especially for wet foods and dry foods. Also, it has an independent sealing mode and a Pulse function suitable for more delicate foods. Thanks to its vertical design, this vacuum machine is easily stored in your kitchen without cluttering the worktop.

  • Multifunction
  • Good value for money
  • No instructions in French
  • Low power

Best Vacuum Sealer UK Buying Guide

A vacuum machine allows you to keep fresh or cooked food longer in the fridge or freezer. This device can be suitable for both professional and domestic use, which has led to the appearance of different models on the market.

To make a good choice, it is therefore essential to have a few important points in mind. To get started, take some time to check out the power and inspiration capacity of the device.

Also, know the options they offer as well as the accessories that come with them. Finally, to choose a vacuum machine with the best quality/price ratio, we always advise you to compare several devices that fit your budget.

How Does a Vacuum Sealer Machine Work?

When you store food, whether it’s cooked or fresh, the vacuum machine makes sure to remove the air in the packaging and then seal it tightly.

The process is simple, once the bag, with the food to be preserved, is placed on the vacuum machine, it makes sure to extract the air in it thanks to a vacuum cleaner. Once the vacuum is maximum, it seals the bag tightly to prevent air from entering.

With the latest generation models, this process is carried out under optimal conditions with greater efficiency and speed. Effectively, they are able to calculate the welding time and can be used continuously without the risk of overheating.

The user, therefore, has only one task, that of putting the food in the storage bag and placing the opening of the latter on that of the machine as well as pressing on the cover for sealing, and the appliance s ‘takes care of the rest automatically.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Vacuum Sealer

The advantages of a vacuum sealer are numerous:

It allows the optimal preservation of food by safeguarding all the vitamins and minerals they contain.

The shelf life is extended compared to normal storage but without altering the taste or texture of your food. Oxygenation and fermentation of food, which are responsible for destroying it, are blocked.

The type of preservation offered by this device is more hygienic since it eliminates up to 80% of bacteria. Besides, the food is intact against the external bacteria that spread in your refrigerator or freezer.

Having a vacuum machine also allows you to better manage in the kitchen and avoid waste. You will be able to buy the food in large quantities, take advantage of promotions, and then keep it without worrying that it will end up in the trash after just a few days. This saves time and money.

You can also use your sous vide machine to speed up marinades or to vacuum pack food.

In addition to raw food, this device can also help with the storage of cooked food, allowing you to prepare meals in advance or save leftovers without having to throw them away.

The ease of use of this type of device in-home use is also a plus.

Food Saver - YouTube

Despite these advantages, a vacuum machine has two disadvantages:

The main disadvantage of a vacuum device is the bags used for preservation. Indeed, these types of bags very often compress the food to be preserved, which can go for more solid foods but for a piece of cake, for example, it is more complicated.

We can also talk about the waste that these bags create a negative point. Not to mention that they can only be used once, which means you have to buy more regularly. And the redemption of these bags can present a great expense.

The vacuum packaging machines with external suction do not allow the packaging of liquid products. But also, they have weaker pumps that cannot withstand more than 50 to 100 vacuum releases per day depending on the models chosen.

How to Choose a Vacuum Sealer?

The Different Types

Before making a choice, know that there are two types of vacuum machine:

Vacuum machine with external suction: This type of machine allows food to be wrapped in a plastic or embossed bag in an airtight manner while keeping their nutritional value. The shelf life is prolonged with this machine.

Often easy to use, this type of vacuum sealer machine draws in air and seals the bag in a single operation. However, it does not really allow vacuum packaging of liquid products like soups and sauces. It is the device generally used at home.

The vacuum chamber machine: Here, the preservation is done with smooth and more economical bags and with a faster packing speed. This type of device is generally used by professionals and allows the packaging of liquid products. However, they are more expensive because their price can reach up to 1000 euros.

Packing Dimensions

Also, take into account the packaging dimensions you will be using before choosing your vacuum machine. Indeed, the opening of vacuum packages is limited by the size of the sealing bar. Considered an oversize of 1/3 in length for the weld.

Packing Speed

It would be interesting to opt for a vacuum machine capable of producing vacuum packaging quickly. This will save you time when packing your food.

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer demonstration with Stephanie @ - YouTube


Can all types of food be vacuum-packed?

You can pack fresh foods (fruits, vegetables, herbs, fish, meat, etc.), cooked foods, cold cuts, and cheeses, marinating recipes, vacuum-packed pastries. For some machine models, it is even possible to package liquid products such as sauces and soups.

What types of packaging can be used?

Embossed vacuum bags or embossed sheath rolls (especially for domestic use) or smooth bags (for professional use), metalized vacuum bags as well as shrink bags can be used.

Can we vacuum plates, dishes?

Yes, you can put plates under the food to be preserved before vacuum-packing them.

How to choose the right bag?

You have to choose the right bag according to the products to be packaged and their use: frozen, baking or in a bain-marie, heated, etc. The type of bag to buy must also depend on the machine you will be using (for example embossed bags for externally inspired machines, etc.).

Also, take into account the dimensions of the outdoor and indoor bags to choose the right one for your machine and your needs. Finally, consider the composition of the plastic layers that make up the bag. It is generally displayed in symbols: PA / PE – PE / PA PA = Polyamide (outer layer ensuring the sealing of the bag) PE = Polyethylene (internet layer for welding)

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