Best Teapot UK

{Top 5} Best Teapot UK Reviews of [2020]

For your daily tea moments, a teapot will be your best ally. This device allows you to make tasty tea while keeping it warm.

This is an ingenious way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of this drink and please your guests. Far from the classic method where tea is prepared by infusing a know in a cup, the use of this device is easier.

You want to get this device but you do not know which model to turn on? In this buying guide, we bring you the best teapot UK on the market.

Best Teapot UK Reviews

1. Riviera & Bar QD682A

Dimensions: 21 x 22 x 25.5 cm
Capacity: 1.2 liters
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 1.4kg

We start our list with the Riviera & Bar QD682A. This electric teapot offers 4 preparation programs that combine with cooking time and an adequate temperature.

This will allow you to make green tea with black tea, with the possibility of infusion (herbal tea). It is also a versatile device that incorporates a kettle function for the preparation of coffee and instant soup.

You will thus have a wide choice of preparation to varying the pleasure. The stainless steel tea basket is resistant to rust and scale formation.

The control knobs are easy to access on this electric teapot for easy use. Thanks to its wireless swivel base, the Riviera & Bar QD682A provides optimal user comfort for both left and right-handed people.

  • Versatile
  • Various brewing options
  • Requires a lot of handling
  • Noisy

2. Riviera & Bar QD870A

Dimensions: 22 x 22 x 26 cm
Capacity: 1.5 liters
Material: Stainless steel and tempered glass
Weight: 2.4 Kg

The Riviera & Bar QD870A is an electric teapot that seduces with its many options and its 100% automatic operation.

Just add water to the kettle, place the leaves or tea bags in the stainless steel basket and make the necessary settings, then the appliance takes care of the rest: lowering and raising the basket. are done automatically.

This appliance offers functions for preparing 5 types of teas and 3 preset strengths of teas with a customizable program.

The infusion temperature can be set from 50 to 100 ° C and the time from 30 seconds to 10 minutes depending on the type of tea to be made and your desires.

  • Multifunction
  • Powerful
  • Complicated cleaning
  • A little heavy

3. KitchenCraft Le’Xpress 5-Cup

Dimensions: 18.6 x 16 x 14.6 cm
Capacity: 900ml
Material: glass and stainless steel
Weight: 0.821 kg

The Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress occupies third place in our ranking for its magnificent design and efficiency. This device allows tea leaves to be infused for more flavor.

Its stainless steel filter with small holes does not allow any particles to pass. In addition, stainless steel is known for its resistance to rust and scale, which ensures the durability of the device.

The Kitchen Craft Le’Xpress will give you the possibility of making 4 cups of tea with its 900ml capacity. It is equipped with a handle that facilitates its maintenance.

The components are easily disassembled for easy cleaning. Offer good tea in a pleasant way with this electric teapot.

  • Good value for money
  • Easy to clean
  • Burning
  • No piston

4. Tefal BJ1100FR Magic Tea

Dimensions: 20.5 x 15 x 21 cm
Capacity: 7 cups
Material: glass
Weight: 0.998 kg

The Tefal BJ1100FR Magic Tea electric teapot is characterized by its modern design that will add a warm touch to your kitchen. It is also an easy to use device thanks to these two control buttons.

It is equipped with a cord organizer for optimal storage. The handle and the detachable power base of this electric teapot will allow you to serve tea in an ingenious way.

Practical, it has an automatic infusion stop function and an illuminated operating indicator.

The Tefal BJ1100FR magic tea comes with a recipe book so you can vary the pleasure and wow your guests during your discussions over hot tea. Thanks to its removable infusion system, this device is easy to clean.

  • Beautiful design
  • Optimal storage
  • Lid difficult to close
  • A little fragile

5. H. Koenig TI700

Dimensions: 20 x 19 x 26 cm
Capacity: 1.7 l
Material: Stainless steel and Glass
Weight: 1.3 kg

It is a powerful and fast device thanks to its power of 2400W. It offers an adjustable temperature of 70 ° C, 80 ° C, 90 ° C and 100 ° C to adapt to all types of tea and your expectations.

Vary the flavors of your hot drink and indulge yourself with this tea maker. Ingenious, it comes with two lids so you can use it as a kettle and teapot. This teapot is able to keep your tea hot for 30 minutes to prolong the tasting.

Its stainless steel design makes this device a technological gem. With its capacity of 1.7 liters, you can prepare a tasty tea for all your guests with the H.Koenig TI700 Instant T

  • Powerful
  • Versatile
  • Plastic cap
  • A little fragile

Best Teapot UK – Buying Guide

Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. It seduces with its different atypical flavors and its beneficial effects on the human body (detoxifying, slimming, etc.).

In addition to its various therapeutic properties, we also like to drink it for simple pleasure while talking. To enjoy the benefits of this drink, there is nothing better than to equip yourself with an electric teapot.

But you still have to make the right choice among the many models available on the market. For this, you must take into account several elements such as the technical characteristics and the quality of each teapot as well as your budget.

Advantages of a Teapot

Having a teapot offers many advantages:

  • Easy to use: The preparation of tea with an electric teapot is automated. Just place the tea leaves or teabags in the basket, put water in the body of the appliance, then set the cooking time and temperature, and the appliance does the rest. You will be alerted by an audible signal when your tea is ready.
  • Save time: Brewing tea with an electric teapot requires fewer tasks and is faster.
  • Multifunction: This appliance offers several functions allowing for example to adjust the temperature and the cooking time. Or even to use it as a simple kettle.
  • Quality tea: Thanks to this machine, you can directly infuse tea leaves to benefit from the flavors and benefits of your tea optimally.
  • Keep warm: An electric teapot usually offers a keep-warm function so that you can enjoy your tea hot for a long time.
  • Easy to clean: Most models on the market are designed using easy-care material.

How to Choose a Teapot?


Capacity is an important consideration in your choice. It should generally depend on your daily intake and the number of people to be served.

For a family of 4 people or more, an electric teapot of at least 1.1 liters will do. However, if you are planning on brewing tea for yourself, turn to a capsule machine.

Adjustable Temperature

This action allows you to adjust the temperature according to the nature of the tea to be made and your expectations.

The temperature levels vary from one electric teapot to another. Some models already have pre-programmed settings for different types of tea. However, a device that incorporates this function will be more practical.


Before buying an electric teapot, check the features they offer. A device with pre-set programs will be interesting.

It will allow you to prepare a tea type with a simple click. You can also choose an automatic or semi-automatic brewing teapot.

If you want to prolong the tasting of your hot tea, opt for a model that offers a keep-warm function.

A tea maker with delayed start functionality is also impressive. The appliance starts preparing your tea automatically at a later time.

For example, you can configure it in the evening before going to bed to make your tea automatically in the early morning.

Also, note that some models of electric teapots can be used as a kettle. In short, the more features, the easier the teapot is to use.


It is essential to consider the materials of the electric teapot before making a final choice. Plastic devices are less expensive but are more fragile and may contain glass makes it easier to see the progress of the preparation and is intended to be easy to maintain.

Stainless steel, for its part, is a solid material that is resistant to rust. The combination of glass and stainless steel offers design and functional devices. Finally, check for the presence of BPA.


The price is an important criterion, it varies from one model to another. But do not be in a hurry to choose the cheapest model. Make sure you choose a teapot that meets your needs and is within your budget.


Can we heat tea in an electric teapot?

Yes, some models of teapots allow you to heat tea.

Should you avoid teapot that contains plastic?

Like all plastics intended to contain hot foods or drinks, plastic kettles should also be banned from the kitchen, especially if they contain BPA. However, it depends on the location of the plastic in question.

If the plastic does not touch the body of the device, but is on, for example, the lid, the detachable base, or the handle, there is no danger.

How to properly descale your teapot?

To properly descale your electric teapot, simply swirl it with white vinegar. The latter will make sure to remove all the scale that develops in the machine after several uses.

Then you have to run the machine with clean water to get rid of the vinegar. It is also important to clean the basket well to avoid mixing tastes after each use.

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