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The 8 Best Stand Mixer UK Reviewed [2021]

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The stand mixers are often presented with performances that are not always there, in practice. So I thought that a guide dedicated to this food processor would be useful to allow you to make your purchase with full knowledge of the facts.

For this purpose, I drew on the ranges of big names such as Moulinex, Kenwood, or the American Kitchenaid to put aside the best stand mixer UK that I had the opportunity to review.

In this guide, I hope you will find useful feedback on stand mixers that have been able to pass on my review bench.

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Best Stand Mixer UK – Reviews

When we talk about a stand mixer, three brands seem to stand out from the crowd: Kitchenaid, Kenwood, and Moulinex. So I naturally looked at the offerings of these manufacturers to select and review the most representative models, both for their performance, possible uses and for their quality/price ratio. Here are my top  stand mixers:


What immediately impressed me with this robot was its very refined design which integrated very well into the decor of my kitchen. Its dimensions are also not very impressive, a detail that I especially took into account, not having a spacious kitchen.

The construction of the kMix is ​​such that it manages to find its place on the worktop. So you won’t need to store it in the cabinet and take it out every time.

Behind its beautiful look, optimized for smooth use, the Kenwood KMX50 Robot kMix has several other strings to its bow. Its performances are thus acclaimed and hoist it in the rankings of the most popular stand mixers.

Like what, I’m not the only one to be totally a fan of it. And for good reason, it is multifunctional, effective in these different uses and each time ensures a precious saving of time, with efficiency in support. It comes with many accessories that we manage to set up with disconcerting ease.

For my part, the Kenwood KMX50 Robot KMix is one of the very best stand mixers that you can find on the market. It brings together all the qualities that can be sought in this type of device.

Versatile, it served me to grate, chop, and helped me concoct a wide variety of bakery and pastry preparations: cake dough, chocolate mousse, fondant, whipped cream, cupcake, brioche, cornbread, snow eggs, and many others. The only negative point I find in it is that it is not especially suitable for kneading.

2. KitchenAid Artisan 5KSM175PS

It is true that it tends to heat up slightly after a while when used for kneading, however, you won’t have to automatically stop the operation to cool it down first. With the Kitchenaid, you can indeed continue to knead without fear.

To guarantee a good performance, this household robot relies on its great power and on a very easy installation of its various accessories supplied with the purchase.

The Kitchenaid Artisan indeed adopts a look worthy of the 50s and adjusted dimensions. Here too, the space requirement is reduced and you will easily find space for it.

The Kitchenaid Artisan, like the other products of the American brand, is presented as a device that can be passed on as a heritage. If it is true that it looks moderately seduced me, its robustness is remarkable.

The device fits into a compact, space-saving silhouette. The 5KSM150PSEOB also lends itself to a multitude of preparations and therefore has many practical accessories.

For the applications that I was able to put to the test – in particular, the kneading of bread – I really appreciated the quality of the results obtained and especially the speed with which the recipes are ready.

The Kitchenaid Artisan is perfect for those who want to knead the heavy dough, even intensively. Apart from kneading, it adapts to other uses and aligns very good performance when it comes to making light pastries.

3. Moulinex QA5001B1

In addition to its adjusted dimensions, this device is well assembled and is comfortable to use. The Masterchef Gourmet is also equipped with a fairly large bowl with a capacity of 4.6L, enough to cook for the whole family.

With its 900 Watts of power and its 6 speeds, adjustable at will, this Masterchef Gourmet adapts to a variety of preparations that go well beyond pastry. A Pulse function is added to its pastry movement to help succeed with any recipe, especially soft preparations.

You can also use it for kneading. Even with this kind of demanding use, the head of the device remains stable, relying on its articulation reinforced accordingly.

If you are looking for a very compact and space-saving food processor, the Moulinex QA5001B1 is a model that I highly recommend. In addition to its adjusted dimensions, this particularly robust food processor is suitable for light baking.

It is indeed in this register that he excels. It relies on its power of 900 Watts and its 6-speed levels for this. Its look is nothing exceptional and this stand mixer is super practical to use.

Its articulation has, for example, been reinforced to provide its head with good stability. Even if it is not primarily intended for kneading, it does not disappoint when called upon in this register.

4. Klarstein Bella Bianca TK2

Are you approaching the world of stand mixers just now and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg? What can be the best product among economic mixers? We suggest you the Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca sand mixer, a very economical product but of good quality and very complete.

It has the power not exactly like an entry-level, 1200W, and its bowl included has a capacity of 5.2L, therefore very suitable for daily use and beyond.

In the package of this mixer, you will also find 3 very convenient accessories: a spiral hook, a leaf hook, and a whisk which, thanks to their spiral movement and their pastry movement, will allow you to have well-mixed and soft doughs.

The kneading accessories are in chromed steel. Try to knead the pizza with this which we believe is the best economic stand mixer on the market and you too can experience the thrill of a perfectly strung dough and a pizza according to the rules of art.

It is really nice to rediscover the joy of baking at home because she will be by your side when you need to knead, pass, beat, and mix, without necessarily having to spend too much.

The Klarsteinstein Bella Bianca stand mixer is suitable for domestic, non-professional use. You can find it in many colors among which you will surely find the one that best suits your kitchen!

5. H.Koenig KM60s

Also coming with a mixer, a mixer, and a kitchen mixer, the H.Koenig KM60s is another affordable multifunctional stand mixer that won me over with its interesting performance.

Even if the power is lower than the previous model (1000 W), the KM60s allows obtaining results worthy of a professional. Exactly, it relies on this on its 6-speed levels and its “Pulse” function.

This, combined with its range of features, allows it to adapt to different recipes and uses. These can well be enlarged, if you purchase optional accessories, which must be mounted on the front of the arm.

6. Techwood TRO-623

Perfect for cooking enthusiasts on a tight budget, this stand mixer is a design success. Despite its compact dimensions, it is equipped with a good capacity 4.2 L stainless steel bowl.

Resolutely modern, the Techwood TRO-623 offers 6 speeds, with the possibility of adjusting according to the recipe to be made, thanks to a selector. Less powerful ( 600 Watts) than the other two models of my selection, this robot is no less efficient.

The three accessories (mixer, whisk, and Whisk dough hook) are easily attached and are all dishwasher safe. At that price, I expected limited performance and possibilities.

In the end, it turned out to be perfect for beating eggs and making whipped cream. In addition, it lends itself to several other uses, each time with results that do not disappoint.

7. Kenwood KM282

Are you looking for a stand mixer that can also help you with your kitchen preparations? Then the Kenwood KM282 Prospero is the stand mixer you are looking for!

One of the cheapest Kenwood stand mixers, simple to use with good power, 900w, and equipped with many accessories that make it an all-round food processor, able to help you in the everyday kitchen.

Your Kenwood KM282 Prospero kneader mixes knead and whips with a pastry movement that guarantees the best mixing of the ingredients. With the accessories that you find included in this stand mixer, you can prepare delicious smoothies: in the package, you will find a convenient 1.2L blender with glass jug.

The blades, on the other hand, will allow you to slice, chop and grate and in addition, you can prepare refreshing juices, with its juicer. In short, despite being an entry-level stand mixer, it is truly complete, in our opinion!

Its capacity is also good, well 4.3L, ideal for home use, for everyday preparations. If you want to prepare a large amount of pizza, or in any case of hard dough, you just have to remember to divide the dough into several parts so as not to tire the mixer too much.

For kneading, its 3 included whips, the K-shaped whisk, the wire whisk, and the dough hook will surely help you.

8. Kenwood KMX750RD

Do you really like kneading bread, pizza, biscuits, making desserts, and are you looking for a stand mixer that works well even with slightly harder doughs and that can work well even 1kg of flour?

Then stop here, we have the right stand mixer for you, the Kenwood KMX750RD kMix. It is a truly perfect stand mixer!

This mixer has a direct drive motor, which should not be underestimated, of well 1000W, therefore very powerful: it is precisely this feature that helps the machine to work the most solid doughs without too much effort.

From an aesthetic point of view, the Kenwood KMX750RD kMix stand mixer is really nice, bright colors (you can choose it white, black, or red), and also, having moved the motor, it has a more streamlined and attractive line.

Its large 5L bowl is made of stainless steel and is equipped with a comfortable handle, useful for being able to remove or place it easily. The lid of the mixer, transparent, acts as a splash guard but also has an opening to be able to insert the ingredients in the best way during processing.

With this stand mixer, you will have fun doing many other things, thanks also to its front attachment for low-speed processing where you can insert many optional accessories, from the pasta press to the meat grinder, to the pasta cutters, to have a truly complete mixer which will help you in all preparations.

The Kenwood KMX750RD kMix stand mixer has 4 accessories included: the K whisk (soft or semi-hard doughs), the dough hook (more solid doughs), wire whisk, rubber whisk, and pastry spatula.

The mixing and kneading tools have stand movement and in addition, the mixer is equipped with a convenient function to mix ingredients such as flour, egg whites, cocoa, and all those ingredients that must be incorporated gradually: dedicated to your best doughs.

Power and direct grip make this stand mixer perhaps one of the best and most powerful on the market, but despite this, it remains firmly on the surface.

Look at the reviews of the customers, of the pizza lovers who study with her the best mix of ingredients to have a perfect dough, and you will be conquered by this stand mixer, one of the best mixers ever on the market!

Best Stand Mixer UK – Buying Guide

Have you thought about buying a stand mixer for a long time, but you still do not know which model to choose from the many offers on the market? We offer you this practical buying guide that will allow you to choose your stand mixer.

Performance and efficiency

One of the aspects to consider when deciding which stand mixer to buy is certainly what quantity of dough it can manage and the time it takes to work it. Medium-low-end machines usually manage to work around 500g of flour, medium / high-end machines are able to work well even doughs up to 3kg and more.

Processing times are also important, especially if you have to use them professionally. Some stand mixers can prepare a perfect dough for bread in about 4 minutes, but of course, this is a variable that also depends on the amount of dough and the desired result.

You must also evaluate the ability of the mixer, or rather of its whips, to collect all the dough in the bowl, even if it is small doughs: this evaluation can be made by reading the opinions of those who already use it, of course.

Another value to consider is also the ease/difficulty encountered by the stand mixer in working the doughs that are a little more solid or hard. The quality of the dough that results after processing is also important: consider if and how much the pizza dough is strung,

if it does not require subsequent manual processing. The ability of the mixer to mix the ingredients well is also an important value, even more so if the stand mixer is equipped with a slow start at the beginning that allows it to be perfectly incorporated.


Depending on the bakery or pastry preparations you want to make, the power required can vary greatly, some recipes and uses, such as kneading, requiring more of the appliance than others. So, to make your choice of a stand mixer, you must, therefore, take into account, not only the number of Watts but also the layout of the motor.

Regarding the location, two possibilities are available to you. stand mixers with a motor integrated into the base are characterized by a more or less significant loss, due to the transmission of power by the belt. With this type of motor, the number of watts (1000 watts and more) is greater, which makes it possible to compensate for the deficit.

On the other hand, when the engine is onboard the arm, the power transmission is direct. The power is in this case less important. A model starting at 400 watts of power should do the trick.

At the top of the range, there are stand mixers with the asynchronous motor, which adjusts the speed according to the density of the dough and the accessory used. It’s an idea that I really like for its practicality.

Another parameter to take into account: the number of motor outputs. It is actually the number of accessories that can be added to the robot and used simultaneously. The larger it is, the greater the power required.

Bowl capacity

Do you need a stand mixer for more home use or do you need a product with greater capacity to make it more professional? Are you many at home and therefore you need to constantly prepare a large amount of dough?

Always ask yourself these questions and you will be able to discriminate among the many mixers the ones that are right for you.

The bowls of stand mixers have a capacity ranging from 4L to 6.5L: naturally, the greater the capacity of the bowl, the greater the amount of dough that can be worked by your mixer (although this also depends on the power of the motor, which may not be able to handle more solid doughs in large quantities).

In this case, it is not always possible to distinguish between medium/low-end stand mixers and high-end products, but you have to evaluate the single machine.

If you are thinking of buying a stand mixer that also has a food processor, a mixer, and possibly a blender as an accessory, according to the needs you have, you can certainly evaluate their capacity too.

Usually, the mixers of the mixers have a capacity ranging from 1.2L to 1.4L on average, while the food processors are a little smaller than the robots that do only that.


The weight of the stand mixer is often underestimated, but it is an important value because if a machine is solid and heavy enough, certainly, during processing at higher speed or with harder doughs, it will be less subject to vibrations and will be more stable on the surface.


Before completing your purchase, a final and necessary look should be given to the dimensions of the mixer, do not forget!

Some people want to leave the kneading machine always in plain sight, thanks to a nice design, but even if you want to take it out only when necessary, always evaluate the space you have available to be able to place the kneader comfortably and safely on a surface to work on it.


The working speed of the dough of the mixer is another fact to take into consideration when buying, especially if you need the machine to be efficient and work quickly.

If you plan to use the mixer for home use, this data may be less relevant to you for everyday cooking. Usually, the data relating to the timing with which a mixer works the pizza or bread dough is provided, to give an idea of ​​efficiency and speed.


All stand mixers are usually sold with the 3 main whips, the k whisk, the hook, and the wire whisk, plus the pastry spatula, the bowl in various materials (it can be in stainless steel, plastic, glass) and the lid. transparent splash guard, often also equipped with an opening to conveniently add ingredients while the machine is in operation.

Then some models of mixers included in the package the food processor and perhaps the blender, the juicer, and the centrifuge. Usually, medium / high-end mixers have the basic components to which it is possible to add a more or less high quantity of optional accessories.

In the medium / low ranges, however, you can find all-in-one mixers, virtually complete robots with all or almost all accessories. A datum to take into consideration based on the use you plan to make of it is how many accessories the mixer has, possibly optional (some have 20, others even 30), and their construction quality.

What often distinguishes medium / low range mixers from others is precisely the construction material of the accessories, which are often made of plastic or metal, while in the slightly more important stand mixers they are made of stainless steel, therefore certainly more resistant and less deformable with use.


What is a stand mixer?

This is a household appliance widely used in the kitchen for the preparation of a wide variety of baking and pastry recipes. The latter comes in the form of a large bowl which is fixed on a base and is provided with a plunging arm.

Thanks to its various accessories, the stand mixer can knead pizza and pastry doughs, make cake doughs, make shortbread and choux pastry as well as icing. It is also used as a whip to whip egg whites or whipped cream.

Why buy a stand mixer?

We actually benefit from a considerable saving of time when using a stand mixer, since it was designed to make our lives easier. Thus, whether you are an amateur or professional cook, you save a lot of time by being able to do other things while waiting for the machine to finish kneading dough, whipping eggs, or even making a mixture.

We just have to put the ingredients in the bowl and the food processor does the rest for us. It is certainly the easiest robot to use, as it has a minimum of buttons to select. So you won’t need to read the user manual a dozen times before you are sure you know how to operate it.

The other advantage is that it is a device capable of making several preparations, especially if you opt for a multifunction pastry processor, a pastry processor with blender, or if you have added other accessories to your robots, such as graters, a juicer or a meat grinder.

How to use a stand mixer?

Before any first use, it is always necessary to read the device’s user manual. In any case, it is important to choose the ideal place for your jewelry on your countertop. It must be well installed, on a stable and solid support.

Also place it as close as possible to an electrical outlet to make it easier to plug in the power cord, and be careful not to get too close to a heat source, such as a gas stove.

To start, attach the whisk, leaf, or hook to the dipping arm depending on your preparation. Lift the top of the machine to complete this step. Then place the necessary ingredients in the bowl, then lower the arm.

Plugin the robot and turn it on by selecting the desired speed. Once finished, you can remove the removable bowl to collect your preparation and turn off the appliance making sure it is unplugged.

How to take care of your stand mixer?

Maintenance of the structure

For plastic, start by wiping a damp paper towel all over the robot’s body. Then, repeat the operation with a sponge slightly dampened with washing-up liquid.

Never use a scraper to avoid scratching the plastic, on the other hand, the application of sunflower oil will be recommended if stains persist.

Finish by drying with a clean, dry cloth. For metal appliances, repeat the above operations, making sure to dry your machine well to avoid rust. The use of baking soda is strongly discouraged on metal so as not to degrade the color of the robot.

Bowl maintenance

If you have a plastic or glass bowl, start by pouring hot water with a pinch of baking soda into it and let it sit for about 30 minutes before rinsing it with clean water.

Then wash it with a sponge and washing up liquid, then rinse. Remember to dry your bowl with a cloth to finish. It will be easier with a stainless steel bowl since it will be enough to clean it with a sponge and washing up liquid, then to dry it with a cloth.

Maintenance of accessories

For the various accessories of your stand mixer, prepare a bowl of hot water and soak them for half an hour. Then take them one by one and wash them with a sponge and washing up liquid.

The use of a brush will be necessary on some to clean the hard to reach parts. Follow up with a rinse with clean water, then finish the operation by drying them thoroughly before putting them away.

What do you need to know about stand mixers?

The stand mixer is very easy and practical to use. It was used to make tasty pastries, but also bakery recipes, effortlessly. Preparations with the stand mixer are worthy of a chef and save precious time.

Versatile, it presents itself as the perfect companion in the kitchen. The possible uses are multiple and go far beyond pastry, as the name suggests. You can, for example, use it for whipping, beating, chopping, mixing, emulsifying, kneading, and even cooking, for some models.

The stand mixer is part of the range of multifunction robots that are increasingly popular in our kitchens, with constant improvement inefficiency. To operate, it relies on a generally very powerful motor that drives a pastry movement, carried out by its robotic arm.

The stand mixer adopts a design from the 50s and 60s, which manufacturers are working on for better integration into all styles of kitchens.

It is used with accessories (whisk, hook, mixer, etc.), which adapt to different uses. You can thus use the stand mixer to mix, whip, chop, or grate. In addition, it is equipped with an anti-projection cover that protects against splashes when you make your preparations.

What is the difference between a hand mixer and a stand mixer?

Hand Mixer

The hand mixer is certainly smaller and definitely less expensive in any case, with a few tens of euros you can have a good product equipped, usually, with two types of whips.

It takes up less space in the kitchen because it should not be kept, among other things, always assembled, it is easy and quick to clean.

Against, however, it can handle very modest quantities of dough and requires long processing times; moreover, if you want to work a little harder dough, you often can’t and you risk breaking it or overheating the motor too much.

This is another flaw: if, for example, you have to whip a large number of eggs, it is very easy for them to overheat.

Stand Mixer

The stand mixer is a fixed mixer, let’s say, with a definitely higher price than the manual mixer, but it can handle a much greater quantity of ingredients and for longer times.

Also, once started, it often works alone, giving you the ability to do more in the meantime. Another fact in its favor is the processing speed, which is certainly greater and in a short time, it manages to give you a cream or artfully whipped egg whites.

You will also avoid unwanted splashes, thanks to the larger size of the container, often equipped with a splash guard. The stand mixer is often included in mixers.

The disadvantages are that it is more complicated to wash because you have to remove the container and the hoses from the engine. It is also certainly heavier and takes up more space than the hand mixer.


All in all, the stand mixer is no longer this device reserved for the sole use of professionals. For those who have a passion for tasty pastries, but also for bakery recipes, it allows them to improvise a great chef and make a variety of preparations, with little effort and in a short time.

Practical, the stand mixer allows you to add accessories as desired, in order to extend the functions. To make an informed purchase, ask yourself what your needs are, in terms of revenue and frequency of use. Then comes the price aspect. On that note, my pick of the best stand mixer UK opportunities should inspire you for sure.

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