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Best Sodastream UK

Best Sodastream UK 2021: Top 5 Picks

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Are you looking for the best Sodastream UK? You’re in luck because I’ve tested some of them and have the results to share with you. It can be challenging choosing a Sodastream for your needs, so hopefully, this guide will make it easy for you!

What Are The Best Sodastream UK?

SodaStream Spirit Sparkling Water Maker Machine


Feel refreshed and be well hydrated with the SodaStream water maker. It creates a healthy alternative to soft drinks and is easy to use. Have fun carbonating your own water for all types of beverages, or carbonate juice for a healthy fizzy beverage.

The 60 liter CO2 gas cylinder allows for up to 60L of drink to be made before it needs to be replaced, while the included Bottle Sealer (CO2 Charger) ensures that the homemade fizzy water doesn’t go flat. This is ideal for people who are health conscious and want to have full control over what they are drinking.

Sodastream 60 Litre Spare Gas Cylinder for Sparkling Water Maker


Get a spare carbonator for your SodaStream machine to keep on hand so you never run out of carbon dioxide. This cylinder is made exclusively for use with the SodaStream sparkling water maker. It makes 60 liters of fizzy, carbonated water and can last up to 3 months.

It can hold up to 60 L of CO2 to make up to 60 L of soda. For maximum capacity, care must be taken to release pressure and burp the unit between fills.

Sodastream Spirit One Touch Electric Sparkling Water Maker Machine


The SodaStream Spirit One Touch is a compact model available in several colors that include red, white, and black. It features a BPA-free plastic reusable 1lt. water bottle. This item uses the larger 60L gas cylinder.

It comes with an electronic display with a digital touch control panel, as well as a button to carbonate and another to dispense water. It also has an easy-to-fill design. The warranty on this item covers everything but the CO2 cylinder for a period of one year against any defects in manufacturing or workmanship.

SodaStream Crystal Sparkling Water Maker Machine


Get sparkling water in seconds with the SodaStream Crystal set. It includes a machine, a customizable reusable glass bottle, and one 60L CO2 gas cylinder for an amazing deal.

The SodaStream Crystal System helps you to make sparkling water at home with no artificial ingredients or sugar using only natural carbonation. The set includes 1 machine, 1 reusable glass bottle, and a 60L CO2 gas cylinder.

Sodastream Mega Pack Spirit Bruiswatertoestel + 60L


The Sodastream Mega Pack includes everything you need to turn any fizzy drink into a bubbly, carbonated beverage that will rival the best-bottled drinks on the market.

The set comes with a Sodastream Spirit Bruiswatertoestel, 60L CO2-cylinder, and a 3-liter Drink Mixer pack.

How To Choose The Best Sodastream UK?

To acquire a quality Sodastream, many criteria must be considered: the capacity of the device, its design, the integrated functions as well as your budget.

In order to understand how a Sodastream device works, it is worth remembering what soda is. In short, Soda is a sweet drink made from natural juice, syrups, or other components, and it turns out to be a carbonated drink.

A soda machine, therefore, has the principle of carbonating the drink that you will put in the bottle regardless of the components used.

Just fill the bottle with tap water or other drinks to the recommended level, clip it or screw it on the machine then press a button to release the CO2 and you will get a carbonated drink as you want.


The soda machine is certainly more expensive than soda bottles in the store, however, it provides many advantages:

  • Know what we consume: With a Sodastream, you will have the opportunity to make your own drinks and thus know the ingredients used. This is not the case with bottled sodas. Admittedly, you will find a list of the ingredients used on these but you do not know the effects of certain chemical components on your health.
  • Reduce sugar consumption: No more prefabricated sodas in stores that contain a lot of sugars. A soda machine will allow you to control your sugar consumption and especially that of your children. Also, you can choose the type of sugar used.
  • Save money: Although SodaStream is expensive to buy, buying soda bottles regularly weighs heavily on the budget. Thus, the use of a soda machine saves money in the long term.
  • Preserve the environment: By adopting a soda machine, no more sodas in bottles or cans. Reusable bottles significantly reduce waste.
  • Large choice of perfumes: You can use different syrups in your Soda machine to vary the pleasure
  • Practical: No need to take packs of Sodas everywhere, a Soda machine will allow you to make your drinks wherever you are and at will.

To choose your Sodastream, you must take into account the following criteria:

Different Types

There are different types of Sodastream on the market today. If you are looking for a simple and cheaper machine, turn to the Genesis and Jet ranges which will perfectly meet your expectations.

On the other hand, if you want to have a very easy-to-use model, whose bottle is not to be screwed, unlike the previous models, choose from the Source Metal Edition range.

This range, in addition to offering soda machines with an elegant design, allows you to make your soft drinks quickly and easily.

Finally, there is the Edition range which is the most upscale of Sodastream. The latter offers a very practical system for fixing the bottle and incorporates an LCD screen allowing you to control and manage the level of carbonation of your drink as desired.


Before embarking on the purchase of a Sodastream, make sure you know the features it offers. It would be interesting to opt for a model that offers several options such as:

  • The choice of gasification level: This feature will allow you to choose the level of gasification of your water or drink according to your expectations. It will give you the opportunity to make different types of carbonated drinks as desired.
  • The measuring cap: This allows you to easily add the concentrates to make your favorite drinks with ease.
  • The method of fixing the bottle: This can be screwed or clipped. This second method is simpler and faster.
  • Autofit technology: This takes care of reassembling the gasification block automatically once the bottle has enough gas inside. This avoids holding the button firmly until the gasification is complete.

Design and Size

The design of your Sodastream must blend perfectly with the style of your kitchen. Opt for a device that is both efficient and visually attractive for pleasant use.

Make sure you choose a model that will fit easily without clutter and that you can carry wherever you want with ease.

A Sodastream cartridge is a cylinder containing food CO2 suitable for Sodastream machines. A cartridge generally allows to carbonate at least 60 liters of beverages.

Once empty, it should, therefore, be exchanged for a full cylinder or recharged. Here are the steps to follow to refill your Sodastream cartridge:

  • Disassemble the empty CO2 cylinder
  • Order a new cartridge at Sodastream
  • Return the empty cylinder in the received cylinder packaging
  • Mount the new cartridge on the machine following the instructions in the operating instructions for your model.

You can also opt for a large-capacity refill bottle and refill the empty cartridge thanks to the integrated refill tip.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find SodaStream syrups?

To find Sodastream syrups, you can go to Sodastream’s authorized distributors or place your order on the latter’s website.

What Sodastream flavors are available?

There are many syrups for Sodastream such as cola, light cola, sugar-free cola, citrus flavor, orange flavor, lemon flavor, zero lemonade, alcohol-free mojito, and others.

You can access the Sodastream site to discover all the syrups available and make your choice.

To properly maintain your Sodastream, you must clean it regularly. This consists of washing the bottle after each use with a sponge and dish soap.

Avoid putting your appliance in the dishwasher and hot water as this may damage it or disturb its operation. You can use a damp sponge on the outside to remove the dirt.

Which Sodastream model should I Buy?

It depends on your expectations and your budget. For first use, that is to say as a test, you can buy a basic model like the Sodastream Cool Titan.

If you like designed appliances, Dynamorplus will perfectly seduce you. Finally, are you a fan of high-end machines that are both design and efficient?

Take a look at the Sodastream Source which offers a multitude of features and a sleek design.