The 7 Best Pressure Cooker UK Reviewed [2021]

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Pressure cooking can be used for the preparation of all meals and the pressure cooker can even replace the use of several appliances. Buying one is therefore always a wise choice.

However, the problem always remains the same: which one should we buy? To help those like you, we have tested and finely researched many different models and compiled a list of the 7 Best Pressure Cooker UK.

Best Pressure Cooker UK – Reviewed

1. Lagostina Novia Vitamin-  Best Choice

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Technical Details

Would you like to focus on a cheaper product, without having to give up quality and safety? Lagostina has again what is right for you!

The Novia Vitamin two-pressure pot has a capacity of 3.5 – 12 liters and an ergonomic handle for a firm and comfortable grip.

The particular three-layer Lagoplan bottom (steel, aluminum, and steel again) makes it suitable for all heat sources and can also be used for induction.

Cooking twice as fast and up to 35% more vitamins stored in the preparation of vegetables and delicate foods. One of the most authoritative products ever among the best pressure cookers.

2. Lagostina Mia – Best Value for Money

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Technical Details

Are you looking for a quality pot with an adequate price for performance? Your perfect pot is, once again, a Lagostina product!

This low and wide pressure cooker, characterized by removable and heat-resistant handles, is made of stainless steel and suitable for all heat sources (glass-ceramic, induction, gas, electric plate).

An operating valve operates to gradually release the steam, while a safety valve allows the excess steam to escape.

A timeless product, with a capacity of 3.5, 5, or 7 liters, on which you can rely blindly. One of the best pressure cookers on the market.

3. Lagostina CLIPSO – Great Functionality with the Smart Timer

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Technical Details

Do you want to rely on the best pressure cooker on the market? Let’s start immediately with the top of the Lagostina top!

Clipso, with a capacity of 6 liters, has two different cooking pressures and an innovative and practical opening/closing system with folding and space-saving handles.

All you need is one hand and no effort to prepare your dishes, saving up to 35% time and 20% energy compared to a traditional pressure cooker.

Among the best and most competitive brands, Lagostina totally surpasses itself with an excellent product at an attractive price.

4. Lagostina Brava – Best Overall

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Technical Details

Are you interested in a classic pressure cooker that is particularly large? The Lagostina brand has again a product tailored for you!

Always among the best brands, the Lagostina Brava pressure cooker has a capacity of even 6-12 liters. It remains one of the best-selling pots on the market and Lagostina confirms itself as one of the best pot brands, together with Aeternum (it has always been heavily present among quality pressure cookers).

25-year guarantee and rigorous safety tests on every single product, this stainless steel pot has removable handles, a flexible lid, and a Lagoplan bottom for the various hobs.

Like all Lagostina products, recipe book, basket, and eco-dose included. An always-loved classic.

5. WMF Perfect Pro Set – Best Set

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Technical Details

Are you looking for a pressure cooker but you are not sure which capacity or size is right for you? Cut the bull’s head and buy WMF Perfect Pro Set!

The set includes, in fact, a 6.5-liter pressure cooker (with perforated insert and trivet) and a smaller 3-liter (without lid). Safety is certainly one of the strong points, moreover, the pressure cooker has a TransTherm bottom which makes it suitable for all hobs.

Captivating design and polished Cromargan steel complete and make this product unique, a symbol of the quality of the German production house directly to your home.

6. Aicok Slow Cooker, Multi-Cookers – Best Multifunctional

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Technical Details

Are you instead of looking for the most avant-garde product there is? Your pressure cooker is certainly Aicok!

A programmable, multifunctional product with a microprocessor and intelligent programs that allow savings of up to 70%.

This safety-certified electric cooker, therefore, combines the advantages of a classic pressure cooker with those of up to 15 preset programs, to cook your food exactly how and when you want. In fact, you can program when your pot will start preparing your meal.

A brand that is a guarantee offers a really interesting product and at a really low price for quality and functions. 100% recommended.

7. Aigostar Mi 30IAU – Simple and Functional

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Technical Details

Do you only rely on the best there is? Discover with us the best Aigostar multifunctional pressure cooker!

With 15 programmable functions, an LED panel, non-stick cooking, and made of stainless steel, this pressure cooker doesn’t need much explanation.

The capacity of 6 liters, cooking time control, and 3 different pressure settings make this product one of the most competitive ever.

Again a pot with 7 functions in 1, guarantees quality, safety, and energy savings (high-pressure cooking reduces the time by about 70%).

Best Pressure Cooker UK – Buying Guide

Pressure Cookers Types

We started by stating that pressure cooking can be used for the preparation of all dishes, reducing energy and costs, as evident from every single product review.

The pressure cooker is therefore confirmed as an object that has always occupied a space in the cupboards and kitchens of the house and can even replace the use of various appliances.

Both types feature highly efficient safety systems and steel remains the production material par excellence.


Born in the sixties as a product that allowed healthier and faster cooking of food, they are simple, totally mechanical pressure cookers, more suitable for those who do not exactly go hand in hand with technology, 100% safe, and hygienic.


The most recent electric pressure cookers have recently taken over and literally flooded the markets, presenting themselves as hybrids that allow further energy and cost reductions.

Programmable, they can work in your absence thanks to the introduction of timers or buttons for cooking programming. Safety and quality with excellent manufacturing materials.

Other Points to Consider

2 or more pressure settings: having the possibility to choose the pressure levels has, among the advantages, that of being able to decide a more or less fast or flexible cooking. High-pressure cooking also allows to drastically reduce the times.

Operation and safety valves: both essential for the operation of the pot. The first allows the steam to escape gradually once the internal pressure has been reached, while the second starts operating to let the excess steam escape.

Stainless steel: always used in the production of pressure cookers, it is the material that continues to be used the most. In fact, even at high temperatures, it does not release any element that can change the flavor of your food.

Benefits of Using the Pressure Cooker

Save Time: this is little but sure. You will thus always be able to prepare any type of dish in the fastest possible way.

Prepare Healthy and Tasty Food: Numerous studies confirm that the fact that the food does not come into contact with air or oxygen during cooking prevents the loss of vitamins and other nutrients. Your body will then assimilate up to 50% more vitamins and minerals thanks to the preparation in your pressure cooker.

It’s Easy to Use: all you have to do is add water and monitor your pot until it reaches the pressure level. It’s just a breeze!

It’s Safe: most pressure cookers have safety certificates and very high levels following tests and checks. In addition, pressure cooking makes your food even safer and healthier in terms of food hygiene, eliminating almost all bacteria and viruses.


We know that at this point you will no longer have any doubts. The Best Pressure Cooker UK is just waiting for you, hurry up and buy it! Start saving time and money on your meals with this amazing product.