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Best Pizza Stone UK [2020] – Top 6 Picks

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How to choose a good pizza stone among the hundreds of models on the market? Do not worry! Our team is here to help! In this article, we will review the best pizza stone UK you can buy.

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert cook or passionate. With these pizza stones, you will be able to create delicious pizza cooked to perfection in the oven, with the crispy crust that everyone likes!

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking - Glazed Square Cordierite Pizza Stone Plate for BBQ Grill Oven - Cook, Serve Pizza Bread Cheese - 38 x 30 x 1.5cm
  • DO IT LIKE THE ITALIANS: Become a pizza baking pro with the high-quality pizza stone from Navaris. The pizza stone not only fits on the grill in the garden, but also in the oven in the kitchen. Enjoy a real brick oven pizza flavour!
  • HEAT RESISTANT: The cordierite material makes the pizza plate more stable, retains heat longer than a metal pizza tray and looks more beautiful while serving. Not only for baked pizza base, but also for serving a cheese board, cake or hot dishes!
  • DELIVERY: Comes with an XL pizza stone made of cordierite with ceramic glaze measuring 38 x 30 x 1.5 cm. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C (932 °F).
  • DIY BAKING: Before you place the dough on the flat grill stone, you should either place baking paper or sprinkle the stone plate with flour. Bake bread, pizzas or cookies easily!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: With the glazed surface, this pizza stone is easy to clean while darker staines are less likely to show.

Best Pizza Stone UK – Reviews

1. Whirlpool PTF100

If you are a true pizza lover, you may be thinking of buying one of these refractory stones, but you will also surely want to make the most of it in other preparations.

If this is the case, then this stone signed by Whirlpool is for you: it will allow you to prepare other baked goods such as biscuits and pies, but also fish and meat in foil. Not surprisingly, it’s the best pizza stone of 2020!

It is the rest of a refractory stone in terracotta, baked at 1230 degrees, which has always been considered the best material for this kind of product, used not by chance for millennia.

Yes: refractory stones have been known for some time now! Given the versatility of this material, you can use it not only in the oven but also with other heat sources such as fireplaces and barbecues.

The opinions of all consumers who have already tried it also confirm that the pizza prepared with this type of stone is definitely one of the best they have ever tasted.

The terracotta, in fact, will keep the heat emitted by your traditional oven or electric oven and distribute it evenly in the dough, starting from the base.

The ideal heating times of this refractory stone are around 30 minutes, after which you can enjoy one of the best pizzas in the world, prepared by you for your loved ones!

  • The most recommended by the best pizza makers
  • Dimensions suitable for any domestic oven
  • Also compatible with fireplace and barbecue
  • Pizza shovel and recipe book included
  • Excellent stone also for bread and biscuits
  • All the Whirlpool quality guarantee
  • Competitive price compared to other competing stones
  • Super resistant raw materials!
  • Not very short heating times compared to other refractory stones
  • Not ideal for very large and leavening preparations

2. Relaxdays 10020488

Relaxdays Pizza Stone Set, 1.5 cm Thick, Metal Holder and Wooden Pizza Peel Shover of 7 x 43 x 31.5 cm, Natural
  • For perfect, Italian stone-baked pizzas - The large pizza stone conserves warmth and distributes it evenly, liquid is absorbed - Crunchy crust guaranteed
  • 1.5 cm-thick bread baking stone made of cordierite - The material is better than shamott in terms of temperature conservation and is easier to clean
  • The metal holder facilitates putting everything in the oven and removing it - Back a crispy stone-oven pizza or tarte flambee in your home oven or grill
  • Includes wooden pizza peel - Place your pizza directly on the wooden board and shove it into the oven - Flattened edge to make it easier to scoop up pizzas
  • An instruction manual is included with cleaning tips and recipes - The pizza stone is suitable for ovens and grills and can be easily brushed off after use - Not dishwasher safe

If you have decided to make pizza at home instead of always buying it out, you will surely notice significant savings over time. Also, for this reason, you will surely be looking for a refractory stone that combines a good price with high quality. No problem: we found it for you, and it’s this Relaxdays model!

It is one of the best refractory pizza stones of 2020 for value for money, certainly, an investment that will make cooking enthusiasts happy, but also gourmets from all over Italy. Finally the good and crunchy Neapolitan pizza, comfortably at your home!

It is a refractory stone with dimensions of 38 x 30 cm, and a thickness of 1.5 cm. It is entirely made of cordierite, one of the best materials obtained from refractory bricks, which holds the temperature optimally and can be cleaned very easily. In fact, a shovel will be enough to remove all the encrustations, but you will still have to be careful with condiments that are too oily.

There is also metal support, which can be removed if necessary. Among the other accessories, a wooden shovel stands out, excellent to accompany pizza in the oven, and with rounded edges to be used also to serve dishes.

  • Best value for money
  • Stone completely composed of cordierite
  • Integrated metal support and convenient to use
  • Wooden shovel with rounded corners
  • Easy to clean and use in any situation
  • Very detailed instruction manual
  • Also excellent for bread and focaccia
  • It tends to blacken easily
  • Not suitable for oily foods

3. Pepita Standard Oven-proofTerracotta Plate

Pepita Standard Oven-proofTerracotta Plate
  • For traditional and gas ovens.
  • Resists high temperatures.
  • For food.
  • Alberto Carzaniga (Author)

If you have recently discovered the world of refractory stones, and you need a model that is also suitable for less experienced or clumsy home cooks, then this Pepita model is definitely for you. It is an excellent stone, already appreciated by the reviews of many novice users, composed of carefully selected clays.

These refractory clays reveal a remarkable ability to resist any temperature change and are therefore perfect for the less experienced, who may need to constantly open the oven to check the cooking state of the food. With other refractory stones, this could ruin the final result, but not with Pepita!

In short, if you are tired of using the electric oven and would like to get pizza as good as it is cooked in a wood oven, but you are not very skilled in the kitchen and you do not know much about fireclay, we are sure that this stone signed Pepita will prove to be your new one.

culinary experimentation companion! It is not afraid of even the highest temperatures or the biggest messes … you can even expose it to cold air without the risk of breaking it.

Easy to use, compatible with different cooking methods, economical and perfect not only for pizza: what more could you ask for from a refractory stone? It will become your new secret in the kitchen, thanks to which you will always get delicious dishes to offer to your loved ones and friends!

  • Practical and quick to use even for the less experienced
  • Resistant to sudden changes in temperature
  • Also compatible with electric ovens
  • Particular design, for a more homogeneous cooking
  • Pizza peel included in the package
  • High-quality raw materials
  • Also excellent for other baked preparations
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Its clay fears oily substances
  • Not very competitive price compared to other refractory stones

4. #benehacks Pizza Stone for Oven

#benehacks Pizza Stone for Oven 1.5 cm - Thermal Shock Resistant - Propria Pizza Baking Stone - Charcoal Grill/BBQ – Bonus Pizza Shovel, Cookbook, and Gift Packaging – Square Tile Fits Most Ovens
  • CRISPY BASE ITALIAN STYLE – Soggy bottoms are a thing of the past! This cordierite pizza stone transforms your homemade pizza into a cheesy, crusty, slice of heaven! #benehacks oven pizza stone absorbs the moisture from the dough and cooks the pizza base evenly. The result is a crispy, crusty, pizza that’s BETTER than your local pizzeria
  • 3-PIECE PIZZA MAKING KIT – We, all love homemade pizza. The tantalizing aromas of freshly baked dough are just soo good! With this square pizza stone, you can bake square pizza crust, focaccia, or even frozen pizza! It also comes with a matching pizza shovel peel, and an original cookbook “Grande Gusto” with 15 tasty recipes.
  • ITS GETTING HOT IN HERE – Our outdoor pizza oven stone/pizza stone for the grill can handle extreme temperatures. The natural cordierite stone is THERMAL SHOCK RESISTANT, which means it can go from low temperature to high temperature without cracking. Can be heated to 900°C, suitable for ovens, gas grills, and charcoal grill for bbq pizza fun.
  • LONG LASTING PIZZA STONE FOR OVEN – Unlike ceramic pizza stones that are known to crack after a few uses, cordierite stones are built to outlast all others. In fact, it’s the same materials used for kiln oven shelves! To ensure no sticking, the cordierite pizza baking stone can be sprinkled with cornmeal right before you insert your pizza.
  • PIZZA COOKING STONE DIMENSIONS - Pizza Stone: 38 x 30 x 1.5 cm, pizza recipe book: 20.5 x 20.5 x 1 cm; pizza peel: 38 x 30 x 0.5 cm - Further information and pro tips for using the product will be sent to you by e- mail after purchase. Please contact #benehacks if you have any issues.

If until today you believed that only us Italians could prepare a pizza with all the trimmings, the #benehacks brand is ready to prove the opposite. The German company launches in fact also specialize in refractory stones and show you all the best that a brand so large and attentive to its consumers can give you. We are sure you will appreciate it right away!

Thanks to this stone, you will be able to cook evenly not only pizza but any other baked product. In fact, it allows the heat to be spread evenly, starting from the base of each preparation, and at the same time paying attention to preserve the fragrance and the richness of aromas and flavors. This is due to the best fireclay used for its production.

Therefore, since it is a refractory stone made from the best raw materials, you can use it to cook not only in your electric or traditional oven but also on the gas or even charcoal barbecue! It resists any temperature, up to 900 degrees.

In the package, you will also find a very practical recipe book, entirely dedicated to pizza and its many facets of tastes and flavors. Put your ovens to heat and get ready to enjoy lots of delicious dishes, all obtained easily and effortlessly thanks to these refractory stones made in German!

  • Excellent quality of the materials used
  • Very short heating time
  • Withstands even the highest temperatures
  • Possibility to clean it with warm water
  • Also suitable for charcoal cooking
  • Can be used for any oven preparation
  • A cookbook is full of delicious recipes!
  • Spatula included in the package
  • Composed of not very resistant clays
  • Not very competitive price

5. Dolcevita BBQ ADPIZ Refractory Pizza Plate

Dolcevita BBQ adpiz Refractory Pizza Dish for Oven, Barbecue and Fireplace
  • Ideal for pizza, breads, focaccias and cake.
  • Suitable for use in oven, barbecue and fireplace.
  • Certified for Food Use.

How many times have you dreamed of being able to get a good and fragrant pizza at home, just like the one prepared by the best pizza makers in the world? You will surely have wondered what their secret is.

We can’t reveal their secret recipes, but we can reveal one of their surefire tricks: use the right equipment. It is, therefore, no coincidence that more and more professionals promote with flying colors, in their reviews, all the refractory stones signed by Dolcevita and in particular this model, one of the best of 2020!

Only high-quality refractory bricks are chosen, in fact, to produce these stones. It turns out to be ideal not only for a pizza like the one you may have tried only in the best pizzerias in Naples but also for other delicious dishes, such as bread, focaccia, and even cakes.

Every glutton will finally be able to cook his favorite dishes and give his best in the kitchen. All you will need is an electric or traditional oven, quality ingredients, and of course this Dolcevita refractory stone!

In short, if you are looking for a quality product, which turns out to be the best solution for every recipe and every gastronomic preparation, but you don’t know which one to choose and you are an expert in fireclay, we have the solution for you: this Dolcevita stone! Where to buy it? In all specialized shops, where you might even come across some famous chefs.

  • Ideal and versatile for any gastronomic preparation
  • Compatible with oven, fireplace, barbecue, and charcoal
  • Certified for food use by EU standard
  • Made with the best refractory bricks
  • Perfect thickness for even heat distribution
  • It keeps the heat constant even for hours
  • Good value for money
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Not suitable for foods that are too oily
  • Not very easy to clean up
  • Not very large in size compared to other refractory stones

6. Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking

Navaris XL Pizza Stone for Baking - Glazed Square Cordierite Pizza Stone Plate for BBQ Grill Oven - Cook, Serve Pizza Bread Cheese - 38 x 30 x 1.5cm
  • DO IT LIKE THE ITALIANS: Become a pizza baking pro with the high-quality pizza stone from Navaris. The pizza stone not only fits on the grill in the garden, but also in the oven in the kitchen. Enjoy a real brick oven pizza flavour!
  • HEAT RESISTANT: The cordierite material makes the pizza plate more stable, retains heat longer than a metal pizza tray and looks more beautiful while serving. Not only for baked pizza base, but also for serving a cheese board, cake or hot dishes!
  • DELIVERY: Comes with an XL pizza stone made of cordierite with ceramic glaze measuring 38 x 30 x 1.5 cm. It can withstand temperatures up to 500 °C (932 °F).
  • DIY BAKING: Before you place the dough on the flat grill stone, you should either place baking paper or sprinkle the stone plate with flour. Bake bread, pizzas or cookies easily!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: With the glazed surface, this pizza stone is easy to clean while darker staines are less likely to show.

Traditionally, pizza has a round shape. The kitchen, however, always rewards creativity, and it is not uncommon now to see pizzas and other preparations of the most disparate shapes.

In light of this, it shouldn’t surprise you to find rectangular shaped refractory stones on the market, like this one! If you are a purist, don’t worry: Navaris also has a round version for you.

Whatever shape you choose, this firestone will always give its best. It is certainly one of the most appreciated by the opinions of users of this 2018 and beyond, a little gem of culinary art that puts its best clay at your disposal to help you and prepare a delicious pizza.

You put the oven, electric or traditional, and the ingredients, Navaris adds all the quality of a stone designed for the most demanding gourmands: the result can only be a crunchy pizza, rich in taste as if it had just come out of the ovens of the best professionals.

We are sure that this refractory stone signed by Navaris and approved by the best chefs and pizza makers will conquer you from the first use, and will soon become your new friend in the kitchen and your secret of goodness! Run to try it, it is among the best-selling refractory stones.

  • The stone can maintain constant heat for a long time
  • Always crunchy and professional results
  • Absorbs excess liquids while keeping flavors intact
  • Suitable for all oven preparations
  • Also compatible with dome grill, fireplace, or barbecue
  • It can also be used to serve food on the table
  • Available in rectangular or round format
  • Easy to clean up
  • Accessories not included
  • Thickness perhaps too thin

Best Pizza Stone UK – Buying Guide

Everyone likes pizza, in every variant, and in any flavor. For this reason, having the opportunity to cook a pizza in the comfort of your own home is a must, as confirmed by the opinions of many users. To get these results, you need the best refractory pizza stone on the market.

Only by using refractory stones will you be sure to obtain a result like that of the best chefs: homogeneous cooking, crunchy crust, intense taste, and flavor. In short, the best pizza in the world!

This purchase, however, may not be easy, but rather generate new questions. Which one to choose among all those on the market? Where to buy it to avoid nasty surprises? What distinguishes quality refractory stones?

After all, buying a refractory stone that is not compatible with your needs and expectations would not only be a disappointment, but also a waste of money.

At the same time, it is not always easy, as even the best cooking enthusiasts may not be familiar with the world of refractory stones. If, on the other hand, you are a total neophyte in the kitchen, you may never even have heard of fireclay, and therefore feel a little lost.

Don’t worry, we will briefly explain all the most important factors to take into consideration to make the best choice and buy a refractory stone that turns out to be an excellent investment of money!

Types and Materials

Refractory stones in clay or cast iron: this is the most common type since they are universally considered the best refractory stones for pizza on the market. The clay and stoneware naturally absorb excess liquids released from the pizza, making the crust more crunchy.

Unfortunately, these stones are not very easy to clean. To make sure you are making a good purchase, make sure the clay comes from the best firebricks.

Cast iron refractory stones – this material is famous for its ability to heat up quickly. Cast iron has a refractory quality with which it creates a crunchy crust, but not like clay.

On the other hand, cast iron is certainly easier to clean, but it is also heavier to take out of the oven, also considering the weight of the pizza!

Refractory steel stones: these are the most recent models. The steel allows you to obtain homogeneous cooking even in the electric oven, conducting the heat perfectly. Unfortunately, these refractory stones are also heavier, more expensive, and tend to be less compatible with older ovens.


As mentioned, each refractory material has its pros and cons, so choosing the best one varies according to your needs.

The most used for quality refractory stones are clay, cast iron, and steel, which allow the heat to be absorbed quickly and distributed evenly within the food.

Some materials, of course, are heavier than others: if your oven is positioned very high, for example, a steel refractory stone may not be the best solution for you.

Glazed or unglazed?

If you decide to opt for clay or cast iron refractory stone, you should also decide whether you prefer it glazed or unglazed.

For example, if you would like a crispier crust, then the best refractory pizza stones of this kind are the unglazed ones, as they absorb excess liquids better. The downside is the difficulty of cleaning them up!

As already mentioned, cleaning refractory stones is not very simple, but once you understand the mechanism you will see that it will not be difficult. Unfortunately, fireclays are a little different from traditional ones, but don’t let that scare you!


Whether you decide to use an electric or traditional oven, we always recommend checking its dimensions in advance, so as not to risk buying a too-large refractory stone.

Furthermore, to choose the best size for you, you should also think about what types of preparation you plan to throw in, and the number of people for whom you are going to cook!

In general, all refractory stones can in fact also be used to prepare bread, cakes, and much more, so also take into account the size of the food once it has risen.


Round, rectangular, even heart-shaped … pizza is good in every shape. The same goes for firestone, which can come in different forms. Of course, you can also get a round pizza on a rectangular stone, if it appears large enough.

The important thing is not the shape, after all, but the materials used, and only the best refractory clays will allow you to obtain the best pizza in the world.

Pizza Stone Tips:

Now you should know all the secrets of refractory stones, but there are still some factors that might be useful for you to consider when choosing! Let’s see them together!

A good idea is always to consult the reviews of other users, who surely before you will have already come across the age-old choice of the best refractory pizza stones that the market offers. In this way, you can get an idea and understand which models and brands are most suitable for you.

Also, don’t forget that refractory stones should never be washed with detergents, as they would tend to absorb them and no longer be suitable for contact with food. To clean your stone, simply use warm water and sandpaper for encrustations. You could alternatively soak the stone in water and baking soda for a while.

To help you out, we’ve summarized the main features that can help you understand which refractory stones are perfect for you and which features to keep an eye on to ensure you bring home an excellent product at the best price.

We are sure that after reading this guide you will be a real expert in the world of fireclay, and finding the best stone for you will be a breeze! If you have other doubts about refractory stones, however, online you will find many opinions from enthusiasts and professionals.


Pizza is one of the most famous food dishes in the world and has always been a symbol of Italy. If you too can’t do without it and are looking for the perfect tool to get one with all the trimmings, then you definitely need to invest in the best pizza stone UK that the market offers.

Take into account such materials used, size, and shape, and you will see that it will be easy to identify which refractory stone is right for you!

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