The 5 Best Pasta Machine for Home Use Reviewed [2021]

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Do you want to make spaghetti, ravioli, and tortellini directly at your home? It’s simple. when you have the right machine! So what’s the best? I research the different types of home-made fresh pasta machines on the market to help you in your choice.

I have included the results in this exclusive buying guide, where I have reviewed for you the 5 Best Pasta Machine for Home Use of housewives. Are you ready to make pasta like in a restaurant?

Best Pasta Machine for Home Use – Reviewed

1. Philips HR2358/05 – Top of the Range

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Do you want to get delicious fresh pasta in just 10 minutes directly to your home? The best fresh pasta machine is definitely this Philips product!

The brand, which has always been synonymous with guarantee and quality, could not fail to be at the forefront even on products such as homemade fresh pasta machines. This attractive design mixer allows you to prepare different types of pasta in an automatic, fast, and fun way, thanks to 8 preparation discs.

You can customize the flavor of your dishes by adding the ingredients you like best and take a cue from the free recipe book with this fresh pasta machine for home use. The integrated scale helps to understand the quantities of ingredients well.

According to the vast majority of housewives, after a careful search among opinions and reviews, it is a product to fall in love with and which you can no longer do without.

2. Philips HR2355/09 – Best-Selling Machine

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Are you looking for a simple and intuitive product, to make quality fresh pasta without having to spend hours and hours of your time? Among the homemade pasta machines, Philips HR2355/09 is what you need!

Completely automatic, this product offers, thanks to the mixture of simple and genuine ingredients, a delicious artisan pasta of the highest quality. Four modeling discs allow you to create a wide variety of types.

The construction materials are of top quality and very resistant and the machine is very easy to use and clean (all components are washable both by hand and in the dishwasher).

5-star reviews are wasted for this machine, as good as that of dear peasant traditions.

3. Marcato Atlasmotor – Best Value for Money

Marcato 08 0155 12 00 Pasta Machine with Atlas Motor
  • Original Italian pasta machine
  • Produced by Marcato
  • Motor-operated
  • With 2 rollers
  • Suitable for making lasagne, fettucini and taglierini noodles

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Do you want to get your hands dirty in the preparation of delicious homemade pasta, but do you need a little help? Do not worry, the best fresh pasta machine will satisfy you!

From the perfect fusion of dynamism, design, and practicality, this Marcato Atlasmotor machine allows you to prepare everything faster, but without getting tired. The machine has an integrated Pastadrive motor which allows you to not necessarily have to fix it to the table.

Excellent construction materials (chromed steel, aluminum alloy rollers, and resin scrapers) that allow you to create various formats, always cut to perfection.

Among the 5 best products presented, it is the most advantageous for the quality-price ratio.

4. Imperia 332304 – Elegant and Functional Machine

Imperia Electric Version of SP150
  • Traditional pasta roller lets you make fresh pasta
  • Made of heavy duty, shiny chromed plated steel
  • 6-inch wide roller with double cutter head that makes thin spaghetti and wide fettuccini noodles
  • Additional attachments for a variety of noodle shapes available separately

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Are you interested in something that marries the practicality and tradition of homemade pasta? Imperia has created an ad hoc product!

This new electric machine for domestic use has a powerful electric motor that will allow you to make a sheet of pasta with six different thicknesses and two types of pasta in a quick and fun way. Small and practical product, with an attractive design and made of stainless steel.

The non-stick coating allows the roller to cut the dough flawlessly, offering a result that is nothing short of perfect. According to the opinions of many housewives, the best fresh pasta machine on the market.

5. Imperia SP100 – Traditional Fresh Pasta Machine

Imperia Italian Double Cutter Pasta Machine
  • Made Of Chromed Steel With Corrugated And Kneading Roller
  • Adjustable, 6 Different Strengths, With Duplex Attachment For 2 Mm Fine Noodles (Tagliatelle)
  • Made In Germany

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Are you, instead, looking for the traditional domestic use machine with a practical crank handle? Imperia will be able to satisfy you with this all-time classic!

This machine is certainly the most artisanal way to make pasta at home. You can gradually adjust the two rollers and “pull” the dough into thinner and thinner sheets, simply by turning the crank.

Simple, practical, and fun, it also has a removable accessory to cut the dough. 100% hygienic and safe, made of excellent materials.

Quick and easy, thanks to this product you will soon become the queen of fresh pasta.

Best Pasta Machine for Home Use – Buying Guide



If what you are interested in is the result of a quick and easy job, you are definitely a type of automatic pasta machine. Certainly more practical and faster, these products allow maximum freedom and creativity, with minimum effort, creating an infinite variety of types of pasta.

Although they have a higher cost than manual ones, they are also ideal for considerable home or daily use, offering increasingly practical and cutting-edge cleaning processes.


A manual machine makes the process easier, rather than doing it directly by hand. These machines with a classic design involve rolling and “ironing” the dough using a side handle.

They are mostly used for ironing long pasta such as fettuccine and spaghetti, but you will always be able to indulge yourself and give free rein to your imagination. Costs are certainly lower than electric machines and are very long-lasting products.

Types of pasta

We agree that this factor affects: the speed and practicality of making fettuccine with a manual mixer are clearly unbeatable compared to other types and varieties of pasta. However, if what interests you is to create, in a fanciful and imaginative way, different shapes and colors, there is nothing simpler than an automatic device.

Everyone has a favorite type, although many like to vary. Many mixers have standard blades for creating a few shapes and types of pasta, which however require the addition of accessories to increase the range of possible types.

Easy to Use

All fresh pasta machines have the primary function of facilitating the creative process. Even if already specified, we would like to repeat it clearly. The most decisive factor in facilitating or not the procedure of making pasta directly at home is the use of a manual or electric machine.

Obviously, the differences vary in the individual models, but in general, we can say that the decisive choice is still the one on the type of product. To understand if a machine, manual or electric, is more or less easy to use, we always recommend that you read the opinions and reviews of others about it. Consumer experience and satisfaction is always a very valid evaluation index.


The costs can be considerable, especially for some models of automatic machines. Again, the price range ranges depending on the type of product.

Any manual model can always be around 30 to 100 euros, while electric or automatic models start at 75 euros up to easily reaching 300 euros.


Homemade fresh pasta machines are certainly a must for women who literally want to leave their guests speechless (and certainly not hungry) at the table.

The process is easy, fun, and helps to convey Italian art and tradition, as well as Italian excellence, exported all over the world. Run now to buy the Best Pasta Machine for Home Use, you won’t regret it!