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The 5 Best Multi Cooker UK Reviewed [2021]

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What is a multi-cooker? It is a household appliance that, as its name suggests, allows almost all the elements to be cooked quickly and efficiently.

In other words, it is a multifunctional robot that offers many features. Versatile, the use of a multi-cooker saves time in the kitchen.

This cooking appliance has become an essential tool in the kitchen today. It is appreciated for its great practicality in making many recipes, including the preparation of your pastry, with a guarantee of optimal results.

This type of appliance is suitable for experienced cooks as well as individuals and beginners by replacing several appliances at the same time.

There are many models of multi-cookers on the market, it is important to buy a good appliance for an effective result. But how do you know which device to choose? Here is a comparison of the Best Multi Cooker UK of the moment.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker [OP300UK] Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Grey and Black
The pressure cooker that crisps; TenderCrisp Technology: Pressure cook to lock in juices, then crisp to perfection

Best Multi Cooker UK – Reviews

1. Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker [OP300UK]

The Ninja Foodi Multi-Cooker, using exclusive TenderCrisp technology, cooks and crisps food to golden-brown perfection.

Pressure Cook quick, tender, juicy meals up to 70 percent faster than conventional methods of cooking. Then choose Air Fresh, Bake/Roast, or Grill settings to provide a fresh, golden finish to your perfectly cooked food.

Enjoy beautifully cooked chips, crispy chicken wings, golden roast vegetables, and a whole chicken roast. Swap between the Pressure Lid and the Crisping Lid every time for better results.

Only the frozen food can be cooked thoroughly and finished in one go with a crisp-defrosting, frying, and crisping.
The convenient touchscreen quickly switches between multiple cooking functions:

Air Fry: Up to 75 percent less fat than conventional forms of frying. Enjoy crispy fries, golden vegetable crisps, and fried food with little to no oil, free of guilt. Tested against French deep-fried, hand-cut fries.

Pressure Cook: Meals in minutes. Super-heated steam cooks quick chicken steak and roast, chili and one-pot meals, delicious desserts, and more.

Slow Cook: Ensure that when you get home, your meal is ready, from pulled pork to casserole and risotto. With adjustable time settings and high and low cooking temperatures, you are in control.

Around the same time, cook the mains and sides. For simple, complete one-pot meals, layer vegetables and grains with meat, fish, or rice, using the reversible rack.

Versatile temperature settings and multiple cooking functions mean that you can ROAST, GRILL, STEAM, SAUTE, BAKE, and more precisely.

Dinner ready in front of you upon cooking, Foodi keeps your meal warm until 12 hours. Includes a large 6-liter cooking pot and 3.6-liter cook and crisp basket holding up to 1.1 kg of French fries or a 2-kg chicken whole.

2. Drew&Cole CleverChef 14-in-1 Intelligent Digital Multi-Cooker

CleverChef is your one-stop solution for healthy, simple, and perfectly cooked meals at any time. CleverChef makes cooking practically everything fast and simple with 14 pre-programmed cooking functions.

With it’s Keep Warm feature when you are ready to eat. Besides this, it has a 24-hour delay timer that allows you to schedule the feature to start later in the day.

CleverChef removes the need for a cluttered kitchen-there is no need for separate Steamers, Rice Cookers, Slow Cookers, or any of those pots and pans, CleverChef does it.

Its huge 5-liter capacity pot is big enough to make meals to feed the entire family, or to cook your favorite meals in batch.

The CleverChef eliminates the need for lots of different kitchen appliances and is your one-stop solution for home-cooked quick, nutritious meals.

Select from 17 simple pre-arrangement programs- Slow Cook High, Slow Cook Low, Steam, Stew, Saute/Brown, Bread Rise, Bake, Yoghurt, Rice, Soup, Pasta, Fish, DIY, Keep Warm, Delay Timer.

Big 5-liter capacity pot is large enough to make meals to feed the whole family or to prepare your favorite dishes for batch cooking. (Has meals for 2-6 persons).

The inside pot healthy for quick clean-up in non-stick and dishwasher. The Intuitive Virtual Menu with Quick-Touch Controls is so easy to use, everyone can quickly cook delicious meals!

Designed to make cooking simple and hassle-free, tasty, nutritious food, CleverChef is smartly programmed to delicious results with the touch of a button. Place it down, and forget it.

The flavor-lock system locks in natural flavors and monitors the release of moisture to keep food tender and succulent, producing healthier, more powerful flavors.

3. Tefal RK302E15 Multicook 8-in-1 Multicooker

With a delayed start and automatic electronic control panel keeping warm functions the 8 in 1 allows you to cook a wide variety of foods with minimal effort to perfection.

The 8 in 1 multi-cooker is stylish with its finish in black and stainless steel and includes a removable non-stick bowl for easy cleaning. Even this ingenious multicooker has a wide capacity of 5 Liters (10 cups) and comes with a free book for the recipe.

This multi-cooker is finished in black and stainless steel. Multi-cooker for all your favorite dishes, rice, cereal, oatmeal, and so on.

This eight in one Tefal multi-cooker combines automatic cooking with a time delay function and automatic warm-up for added convenience, simplicity, and tranquility of mind.

With a recipe booklet to get you started, you can cook a variety of delicious meals, from your morning porridge to your slow-cooked chili at night, all at the touch of a button-just a taste of what you can do when Tefal’s multi-cooker is next to you.

Its full program range includes fast rice, white rice, brown rice, wheat, porridge, slow cooking, steaming, and dessert.

Digital interface control panel, easily accessible and interactive. Finish in Stainless steel. The eight in one multi-cooker means washing up is a breeze, including a reusable and dishwasher-safe non-stick coated PTFE pot.

The eight in one also comes with a recipe booklet and a host of accessories: a steam bag, a rice spoon, a measuring cup, which will help you easily and efficiently prepare a range of meals.

The eight-in-one MultiCook is easy to move around your kitchen with a carrying handle, as well as a store, and the bowl, steam basket, rice spoon, and measuring cup are all safe for the dishwasher.

The delayed start system allows you to schedule the eight in one to cook up to 15 hours in advance, so your meal is still ready when you are to prepare the porridge before going to bed early in the morning.

What’s more, keeping your meal warm automatically ensures that it remains at an ideal temperature for up to 24 hours.

4. Crock-Pot Multi-Cooker, Programmable with Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot is the slow cooker, which was introduced in North America in 1971 and is one of the experts in one-pot electric cooking. The slow cooker Crock-Pot is perfect for families because it is simple to use and easy to serve delicious meals at home.

Slow cooking has many benefits-as Crock-Pot slow cookers are familiar with special occasions as they are with daily tasks and a slow-cooked meal will add the special twist as you entertain family and friends.

Only add your ingredients and get back to your day, which is perfect for those who lead a busy lifestyle. No need to be a pro chef, just wait for the delicious results.

A slow cooker can use less power to operate a traditional oven and prepare delicious family meals in hours with just the switch turn.

Slow cookers Crock-Pot simplify your day with convenient slow-cooking solutions to suit your lifestyle.

Not again do you need to use several pans because this Crock-Pot Slow and Multi-Cooker not only slow cooks as well as every other Crock-Pot but also saws, steams, roasts, and bakes.

The five pre-programmed smart functions have multiple settings in each mode and enable you to get your meal up and running fast and conveniently.

Not only does the Crock-Pot Slow and Multi-Cooker have these smart features, but it also allows you to manually change the time, up to 12 hours in slow cook mode and 65-230 degrees centigrade temperature – enabling you to have full control.

The slow cooker features all the traditional features you’d expect on digital slow cookers-two heat settings that allow you to cook according to your own schedule, as well as a useful warm keep function that is automated after cooking.

The saute feature helps you to do so in the product so that when you want a stir fry or fast cook dish you don’t even have to place it on your hob cooker. Save money and vacuum, but instead of your microwave, use the roast and bake programs and the steamer is perfect for nutritious meals as well as cooking rice.

To get your inspiration flowing, the Slow and Multi-Cooker comes with a roasting rack and rice measuring cup as well as a recipe booklet. Finally, the dishwasher safe takes to the table bowl as well as the tempered glass lid and the accessories.

5. Instant Pot 60 DUO Plus 5.7L 9-in-1

Instant Pot Duo Plus is the next evolution within the Duo Series, the Instant Pot family’s best-selling cooker. The Duo Plus 9-in-1 Programmable kitchen appliance with advanced microprocessor technology combines all the great features that have made the Duo the bestseller.

It has new and updated services and features to support the fast-paced, health-conscious, and lifestyle of one’s own. The Duo Plus features three additional services: Cake, Egg, and Sterilize. The Cake program was designed to pressure cook soft and moist cakes; while the Egg program was created in just a few minutes to prepare perfect eggs.

The Sterilize software helps you to pasteurize milk and sterilize baby bottles, pots, and utensils; the Duo Plus is equipped with a wide blue LCD monitor with a new user interface to change cooking settings, pressure levels, keep warm on / off at any time during the cooking process.

There are 4 new icons to display the cooker, Heat, Pressure Cook, Keep Warm and Sound status quickly. The ‘Heat’ indicates heating or cooking in progress, ‘Pressure Cook’ indicates the selection of the pressure cook system, ‘Keep Hot’ indicates whether it is on/off and ‘Sound’ indicates if the sound is on/off when the cooking begins or is full.

Enhanced safety security-the the 10 integrated safety features, including overheat security, safety lock, and more to ensure safe cooking of the water. Most common size range: 6-quarter large capacity cooks for up to 6 people-ideal for families, and also great for MEAL PREPPING and batch cooking for single and smaller households.

Cookware-grade inner pot: Instant Pot stainless steel interior pot is made for durability with a 3-ply bottom and is healthy and safe for the dishwasher.

Best Multi Cooker UK – Buying Guide

Today, the multi-cooker has become an essential device for making numerous recipes in the kitchen. It is an innovative multifunction device with numerous automatic programs to facilitate the cooking of various dishes.

So, in addition to cooking succulent dishes, you can also use it to simmer, fry, brown, roast, steam, reheat, pressure cook, and more depending on the model chosen.

To choose your multi-cooker, it is therefore important to find out about the integrated programs according to your needs. Easy to use, this type of household appliance has control panels to simplify handling.

The majority of the models on the market have a large tank ideal for a family of 5 to 6 people, a criterion of choice that should not be overlooked.

Finally, it is important to know that a better multi-cooker is delivered with detachable and dishwasher-safe accessories for easy maintenance.

What can you cook with a multi-cooker?

A multi-cooker is a versatile cooking appliance, which is its main asset. Indeed, it allows you to prepare many recipes, both savory and sweet.

You can cook almost any dish with this appliance, whether it is appetizers, dishes, or even desserts: bread, tajine, poultry, meats, vegetables, compotes and jams, rice.

The best multi-cookers on the market even offer functions to allow you to make ice creams, cakes, yogurts, and cheeses.

How to choose your multi-cooker?

To choose a multi-cooker, several criteria must be considered:


There are many models of multi-cookers with different capacities on the market. But, it is always better to opt for a device that can cook for the whole family, that is to say, the models that offer a capacity of 5 or 6 liters.

Pressure settings

This criterion is important because it allows you to choose the best pressure according to the meal you are cooking. For example, for high-pressure cooking, the cooking time can be reduced by up to 70%, on the other hand, if it is delicate food, it is essential to choose a low pressure for efficient cooking.

The programs

A high-performance multi-cooker has several cooking modes and programs. This allows you to make succulent dishes with ease. Keep in mind that the multifunction devices allow us to prepare bread, cakes, ice cream, and yogurt in addition to cooking meals based on rice, vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish. You can also find models of multi-cookers with features to keep your dishes warm, knead bread, roast, or even steam cooking.

The timer

The timer is essential for the efficient cooking of different dishes. Indeed, this function allows you to choose the cooking time of your dishes according to your needs. A criterion not to be overlooked.

Delayed start function

This function allows the user to program the start of cooking at a later time. So you can prepare the ingredients, put them in the appliance, and program the start of cooking at the desired time. A very practical function to take into account

Price ranges

Finally, price is a very important criterion when planning to buy this type of appliance. To acquire a quality device that suits your needs and your budget, it is advisable to compare the models. Be aware that there are inexpensive entry-level devices with a price between 40 and 80 €, those in the mid-range whose price is 80 to 140 € and finally high-end multi-cookers that can cost between 140 and 250 €

Frequently Asked Questions

What security features should a multicooker have?

A multi-cooker must have a control panel and an appliance body always cold even when the appliance is on. The cover should only be open when the pressure has dropped or the pressure cover is open. Finally, it must incorporate an “automatic stop” function.

Will I be able to slowly cook a dish throughout the day and keep it hot when I get home?

Yes, some models of multi-cookers allow you to simmer dishes in slow cooking, at low temperatures.

Are there multi-cookers with integrated recipes?

Yes, there are many models of multi-cooker delivered with integrated recipes as in the case of the models mentioned above.

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