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The 7 Best Mini Oven UK Reviewed [2021]

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If you have neither the space nor the budget for a traditional or microwave oven, an electric mini-oven will do the trick, in addition to a microwave.

Some models are thus capable of doing everything that a traditional or microwave oven can do while being contained in a compact format.

To make your task easier, our editorial team has therefore selected the best mini oven UK of the moment, which we have analyzed in-depth individually.

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Best Mini Oven UK – Reviews

If you have trouble deciding which mini-oven to choose, our selection of the best models of the moment will give you ideas:

1. De Longhi EO20792

The De Longhi EO20792  mini-oven deserves its place in this ranking, not only for its attractive price-performance ratio but also for its characteristics. and features calibrated to offer you a fully mastered cooking experience.

With a capacity of 20 liters, which should be enough to cook for up to two or more people, the EO20792 from Delonghi uses fan heat to lend itself to cooking several types of food at the same time.

The resistors placed on the lower and upper parts of the cavity reproduce homogeneous convection and ensure precious time saving as well in preheating as in cooking.

But one of the main assets of the De Longhi EO20792 is undoubtedly its versatility, reflected in the seven functions offered to choose from the grill, delicate cooking, defrosting, rotisserie, and keeping warm. The selection of the latter is very intuitive.

The same is true for setting the thermostat (from 80 to 200 ° C) and the timer (in seven positions up to 120 minutes). These different adjustments are made using the knobs on the front panel.

From the point of view of cooking quality and comfort in use, the De Longhi EO20792 mini oven will be appreciated by experienced and less knowledgeable users.

It not only has a non-stick coating, but also practical options such as automatic shutdown and an acoustic signal at the end of cooking. You will end up being convinced by its small size (49 x 35 x 25 cm) and its security aspect.

2. Moulinex Optimo OX444810The 7 Best Mini Oven UK Reviewed [2021]

The smallest model in the Optimo range (33 and 39-liter versions also exist), for its price, one of the most complete mini ovens on the market.

Hot air, traditional heat, defrosting, but also grill, pastry, and bain-marie, the Moulinex Optimo OX444810 has everything you need to help you prepare a variety of dishes. The only thing missing is the rotisserie program specific to the 39-liter version.

Besides, apart from the volume of the cavity (here of 19 liters), this model shares the same characteristics and functions which are worth to the Optimo mini-ovens to be cited among the best.

In addition to the six cooking modes listed above, the OX444810 gives you the choice between cooking from above, below, combined, or cooking using fan-assisted heat. But the elements testifying to its great versatility do not stop there.

To truly help you make a success of your dishes, this mini electric oven with a power of 1380 Watts has an adjustable thermostat up to 240 ° C and a timer that you can program up to 120 minutes, with at end of the countdown an audible signal followed by an automatic stop.

Easy to use, thanks to the intuitive front panel controls, the Moulinex Optimo OX444810 can count on its double glass to maintain homogeneous heat in the cavity.

Whether it’s roasting pork or beef, grilling sausages, chops, and gratins, or making pastries (pies, muffins, cakes, etc.), this compact oven quickly becomes an everyday essential. It comes with practical accessories: a reversible grid positionable on eight levels and a drip pan.

3. De Longhi EO32852

De Longhi E032852 offers a more complete mini-oven, which you can use to cook a wider variety of dishes. In total, there are seven cooking functions that support the versatility of the De Longhi EO32852: grill, forced heat, defrosting, convection, gratin, rotisserie, and keeping warm.

This diversity of programs speaks volumes about the layout of this mini oven to serve for the preparation of tasty dishes from starter to dessert. In terms of capacity, the De Longhi EO32852 also offers more room for maneuver.

With a volume of 32 liters, its cavity allows you to cook for up to 4 people, but you can just as easily prepare several dishes simultaneously. Besides, unlike previous models, this mini oven comes with two racks rather than one. It also goes with other accessories: baking tray and rotisserie.

Despite its large capacity, the De Longhi EO32852 has a more than reasonable size (external dimensions of 53.5 x 46.5 x 34.5 cm). You should, therefore, be able to find a place for it on your work plan. Its solid plastic design with chrome finishes will bring an aesthetic touch to the kitchen.

Regarding the quality of cooking, this mini oven offers interesting performance, not only because of its great absorbed power (2200 W) but also of its enameled coating which promotes a homogeneous distribution of heat.

The De Longhi EO32852 also demonstrates good precision with its adjustable thermostat from 80 to 220 ° C. Its programmable timer up to 120 minutes and its interior lighting promotes a pleasant user experience.

4. Severin TO 2058

If you are looking for a mini oven that is as close as possible to a traditional oven and allows you to serenely launch into the realization of a wide range of dishes, the Severin TO 2058 is likely to meet your expectations.

Under its compact design for a 42-liter model, there is indeed a range of features present in a traditional oven or microwave. It can also perfectly replace or complement these and allow you to cook a variety of delicious dishes for up to four or even six people.

Whether for cooking or grilling, the Severin TO 2058 promotes efficiency and time gain. With a power of 1,800 Watts, this mini oven will allow you to quickly make dishes as varied as gratins, pizzas, fries, pastries, etc. You just have to choose between the four cooking modes selectable via the switch on the front panel.

You can thus opt for cooking by the top and/or bottom resistance, top resistance with rotisserie, or by fan heat. Depending on the dish to be cooked or the desired finish, the thermostat can be adjusted from 60 to 230 ° C. As for the timer, it is programmable up to 120 minutes and is accompanied by an audible signal.

Equipped with a hinged door with a practical handle, the Severin TO 2058 is easy to handle and comes with a grill, a baking tray (38.5 x 31.5 cm), a pizza stone, as well as ” a removable crumb tray which is very useful for collecting dirt. This simplifies cleaning the cavity using a damp cloth.

5. H. Koenig FO18

H. Koenig is widely praised for its excellent value for money. For students on a tight budget, the H.Koenig FO18 is one of the best options in its category.

It certainly has less functionality than our other favorites but has what it takes to lend itself to the realization of a variety of dishes on a daily basis. With a power of 1300 Watts (a 1600 Watts version also exists), this mini electric oven with a capacity of 18 liters has been designed to ensure controlled cooking.

You have the possibility of adjusting its thermostat up to 230 ° C to adapt the temperature according to the type of dish to cook. The cooking time is also freely programmable for up to 60 minutes.

Considering the pricing positioning of the H.Koenig FO18, these references are interesting and allow this mini oven to do the job. Coming to purchase with a mold, a cooking grid, as well as a drip pan, it also shows great practicality.

6. Severin TO 2034

This mini-oven signed Severin presents itself as a practical culinary partner for making a very wide variety of recipes ranging from rolls to fries, including pizzas and other pastries. Its fundamental difference with the previous model of the brand is the absence of a fan heat function.

The Severin TO 2034 remains a mini oven that does almost everything like a large one. Versatile, it allows you to reheat, thaw, bake, toast the bread, and of course bake.

With a power of 1,500 Watts, the TO 2034 mini electric oven gives you the choice between cooking by vault resistance, by ground resistance, or by a combination of vault and ground resistances.

A four-position switch on the front panel intuitively selects the cooking mode. Two other rotary knobs are positioned on the front and allow respectively to set the thermostat from 100 to 230 ° C and to program the cooking time for up to 60 minutes.

All these elements ultimately promote rapid and efficient cooking. Delivered with a grid, a baking sheet, and a crumb tray for easy cleaning, this mini grill oven is easy to use despite its many features. Designed with an elegant design, the Severin T0 2034 is dressed in a body very resistant to heat and provides some devices for secure use.

Its hinged door is notably provided with a perfectly insulated handle, and the cavity benefits from practical interior lighting. Mounted on non-slip feet, this space-saving mini 20-liter oven displays impeccable stability.

7. VonShef Mini Oven 13L

This mini oven for grilling, baking, and roasting. With a power of 1000 Watts, and with a cavity of 13 liters (versions of 28 and 35 liters also exist), the VonShef Mini Four 13L is an excellent option if you do not have much space, but don’t want to settle for too basic a device.

Here, you have the choice between several cooking methods that allow you to make preparations as varied as pizzas, pastries, gratins, grills, etc.

Ideal for students, but also for caravans and outdoor recreation, the VonShef Mini Four 13L is available for purchase with a grid that can be positioned on two levels and a hob. It is also equipped with a removable handle which allows the plate to be entered and removed safely.

The safety aspect of this mini oven is also reflected in the perfect thermal insulation of its case and its mounting on rubber feet. There is therefore no risk of getting burned when cooking at high temperatures.

The VonShef Mini Four 13L is certainly not very powerful, but its varied functionalities and its flexible settings will allow you not to miss your preparations.

In addition to the three cooking modes offered, you have the possibility of adjusting the temperature (between 70 and 230 ° C) and the cooking time (up to 60 minutes).

Best Mini Oven UK – Buying Guide

Power / Thermostat

As with electric ovens or any other cooking appliance, power is one of the main criteria for choosing a mini-oven. To use the latter, it is generally necessary to preheat it in order to facilitate cooking, but also so that the preparations are carried out in better conditions.

However, the heating time and the maximum level that the thermostat can reach depend on the power of the appliance. The shorter this time, the less time you will spend in your kitchen.

To guarantee rapid and optimal heating, opt for a mini-oven whose power exceeds 1000 Watts. In addition to allowing the device to be quickly operational, this augurs quality cooking.


The capacity of mini-ovens is expressed in liters and generally varies between 10 and 50 liters, or even more for certain models. The choice of capacity depends on the one hand on the space you have in your kitchen, and on the other hand on the number of people to feed daily.

If you are alone or in pairs, a mini-oven of around twenty liters will be enough for you, while an “XXL size” model will be necessary for a household of more than 5 people for example.

It will however be necessary, beyond the volume, to check especially the size of the dishes which enter the mini-oven, in order to have a precise idea of ​​what one can prepare or not.

Cooking methods

The ideal would be to choose a mini-oven with several cooking modes. This will allow you to easily make a large number of recipes, but above all no longer have to invest in other cooking appliances. The most used modes on mini-ovens are the grill mode and the fan-assisted mode.

The grill modes allow you to cook and crisp when needed. In this context, you can adjust the thermostat to adapt the cooking to the type of recipe cooked. It is the ideal function for fans of potato gratins.

As for the fan mode, it is almost essential if you want to expand your possibilities in terms of cooking. It allows you to heat your already cooked meals, but also to cook almost any kind of food, from savory dishes to the most difficult desserts.


The accessories supplied with the mini oven must also influence your choice. They facilitate the use of the device and make it more practical. The more there are, the better.

Depending on the models, the mini-ovens currently sold on the market are often delivered with spits which are used, among other things, for cooking chickens, fat recovery trays, pizza trays, or baking trays on which it is possible to cook food with a pan or frying pan.


If you want to enjoy the benefits of a conventional oven, your mini-oven should have a number of useful features such as a rotisserie, pastry, turbo, grill, defrost, steam cooking, delayed start, keep warm or even preprogrammed recipes.

The latter is particularly useful for those who are new to cooking since the cooking mode and the thermostat level are predefined for each recipe saved.

You just have to choose the recipe and you’re ready to go. The rotisserie function will allow you, for example, to easily make your roast chickens or all kinds of skewers. If your mini-oven has this feature, make sure it comes with a fat collection tray. Otherwise, you will have to buy some.

Some small features like lighting and timer are also very useful. The lighting allows you to easily follow the cooking process, while the timer will be essential if you want to manage several tasks at the same time.

Cleaning functions

The use of cooking appliances leads in the long run to an accumulation of waste, in particular fat residues. It is therefore important to clean your mini-oven from time to time. The possibility for the latter to self-clean will make your task easier, and will also save you time.

Some models have the catalysis function, an automatic cleaning mode based on the systematic oxidation of fat using a catalyst during high-temperature cooking.

On other mini-ovens, we find the pyrolysis function which automatically carbonizes the splashes of fat during cooking at high temperatures.


Do mini-ovens consume a lot of electricity?

Compared to a conventional oven, mini-ovens consume significantly less electricity. They are on average 30% more economical. The electrical consumption of mini ovens is of course linked to their power and size, but it is still far from what is observed with large ovens.

How to clean your mini-oven?

The life of a mini-oven depends on how you maintain it. The cleaning of these devices is generally simple to carry out, even more so in the case of advanced models with automatic cleaning functions (cleaning by catalysis or by pyrolysis).

For the latter, you just need to heat the device to more than 200 ° C and let it take care of the rest. When cleaning is complete, allow the mini-oven to cool before wiping it with a damp sponge to get rid of any waste residue.

For mini-ovens that do not have the automatic cleaning function, you can use washing up liquid, water, and a clean cloth to carry out the maintenance, regularly to avoid the accumulation of grease.

Mini-oven or microwave?

With a multi-function mini-oven, you can make most of the recipes that a normal oven can make, which is not the case with microwave ovens.

If you are looking for performance and efficiency, and your budget allows, opt for a multifunction mini-oven. It will certainly take up more space in your kitchen, but compared to the microwave, it’s quality/price ratio is generally more advantageous.


Buying a mini oven is a great option for those who don’t have the space to have a conventional oven in their kitchen. It will allow you to make all types of traditional cuisine and will be much more versatile than a simple microwave.

Our current favorite is the De Longhi EO20792 model which fulfills all the boxes of our evaluation criteria, it is also perfectly competitive. We recommend!

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