The 6 Best Mini Chopper UK Reviewed [2021]

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Choosing a good mini chopper isn’t that easy as you think. Since they have become popular. To make your choice easier, we have reviewed for you and found the 6 best mini chopper UK you can buy.

They represent the best of all with a large budget. And that’s what you’re looking for.

Best Mini Chopper UK – Reviewed

1. Kenwood CH250- Our Favorite

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Let us present you in this comparison this mini mincer from Kenwood, the excellent choice for your kitchen preparations. It’s a small device that has already impressed a lot of consumers, garnered many favorable reviews, and ranked # 1 in our rankings.

With an elegant and compact design, this mini chopper will accompany you for many years to come to chop herbs, fish, meats, and nuts, to make sauces such as pesto and guacamole, it even manages to crush ice. It is also the best choice for preparing baby foods.

To ensure all these functions, 4 blades placed at different heights will ensure better cutting efficiency. Nothing escapes them with the quality they have; moreover, they are made with stainless steel.

To complete its tasks, these blades are combined with a powerful 500 W motor. You will be truly amazed by its performance by making more than 300 g of homemade praline in its 0.5-liter bowl at one time.

By being completely removable, with dishwasher-compatible accessories, you will not encounter any difficulty in cleaning your mini-chopper.

It is also very easy to use and does not take up much space with its small size which leaves you more space for work. Believe our opinion, this is exactly the model for you!

2. Moulinex AT714G32- Best Value for Money

Moulinex AT714G32 3-Blade Multi Moulinette
  • Power: 500 W.
  • Capacity: 0.5 L.
  • Diameter: 13.5 cm.
  • Speed settings: 2.
  • Colour: ruby red.
  • Availability of parts after purchasing the item: 5 years.

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Quality is what is essential for you in a mini chopper? Well, this model from Moulinex is what will suit you the most. Our comparator has chosen it especially for you because it offers the best value for money among all the other mini choppers on the market. Take advantage of the benefits it can bring you!

This mini electric multi-grinder chopper provides 3 functions in one: chopping, cutting, and mixing, thanks to its 3 blades arranged in 3 levels which ensure to provide better results for each of your preparations. By test, we could see that the mixing is faster with this mini chopper and that it gives incredible results in addition.

You can control the operating speed of this mini electronic chopper; slow speed for delicate ingredients and fast for hard ones. It is also perfect for chopping garlic, onion, and herbs; it will help you even more in preparing mayonnaise and sauces. Thanks to its large bowl, you can make different kinds of semi-liquid preparations up to 0.5 liters and measure your solid ingredients up to 300 g.

The device is also waterproof, easy to use, and offers better working performance thanks to its power of 500 W. On the other hand, you will not have trouble maintaining it because the chopper is easy to clean. since the blades are removable. And finally, note that its use is safer, it also provides protection against dust in order to preserve its performance.

3. Moulinex AT710131- For Perfect Emulsification and Mixing

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Looking for the best mini chopper ideal for making milkshakes and mayonnaise? Look no further, this one is the perfect model for you. This 3 in 1 multi grinder will try to ensure all your preparations. It has already proven itself during its test and with other users; now it’s up to you!

Suitable for all kinds of ingredients, this mini chopper is ideal for chopping meats, herbs, and vegetables, and even for processing spices and dried fruits. It is specifically the best for mixing and emulsifying ingredients for the best results. The device is controllable at two speeds in order to properly dose the mix of your preparations.

Be specific about the number of ingredients you use by referring to the graduations on the bowl which has a capacity of 0.5 liters for liquids and 200g for solids. Note that this mini chopper is equipped with an emulsifier and shaker disc that will help you achieve smooth milkshakes and excellent mayonnaise.

This mini electric chopper works with a power of 400W, a value that allows it to be very resistant to any task you ask it to perform. In addition, there are no complications for maintenance: the bowl is dishwasher-safe and the knife is removable, washing will be done very easily.

According to their opinions, consumers greatly appreciate the results this mini chopper provides. They are also satisfied with the security system built into the device. See for yourself that the purchase of this model will not be in case of regret, it has already proven itself during its test.

4. Kenwood CH580- Ease of Use Guaranteed

Kenwood CH 580, 500 W- chopper - white/grey
  • Blenders-Mixers and Food Processors

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Treat yourself to the easiest-to-use model of all of the best mini choppers for quick and efficient small kitchen jobs. Highly ranked in this review, this Kenwood brew will make a great mix company for you.

This mini chopper is designed to help you chop, grind and blend different ingredients into small pieces. It manages to provide you with perfect results thanks to its four stainless steel blades, nothing escapes them by being arranged at four different heights. The best part is that your ingredients will be chopped in just a few seconds.

In addition, this device has a power of 500 W; combined with its two speeds, the results will be faster and much better. For an even more varied use, this mini chopper is equipped with a special accessory designed for the preparation of mayonnaise. Indeed, this allows the oil to flow at the ideal speed into the bowl; you will end up with the best homemade mayonnaise ever.

On the other hand, the use is easier; to start chopping, you just need to press the lid. Consumers claim in their opinions that this option gives more convenience of use and the chopper is able to perform its function well. Don’t worry about safety because this chopper is already equipped with a system that allows you to chop onions, meat, herbs, nuts, ice cubes… in complete safety.

5. Seb 855306- Best Cheap Mini Chopper

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Evoke your talents in the kitchen with the best inexpensive mini chopper on the market, it is a Seb manufacture which is a trusted brand, this model has the necessary to satisfy you. Believe our opinion, this is the model for you: quality at a low price.

Valentin is a compact mini chopper that lets you chop the ingredients for your favorite dishes effortlessly. Being a device that performs two functions in one with its sharp blade, it chops and chops all types of ingredients in one go: cooked meats, garlic, onion, fresh herbs, almonds, hazelnuts … but apart from that, it can also help you. help prepare fruit compotes as well as sauces.

Thanks to the efficiency of its blade, you can load 50 g of ingredients at a time for chopping. Then just put a simple pressure on the top of the device to turn it, nothing complicated. All this allows us to affirm that it is a very practical chopper, easy to handle. Moreover, this is what is mentioned the most in user reviews.

On the other hand, this model has an ultra-compact design, it takes up little space and leaves you plenty of working space. Its design makes the knife removable, which makes cleaning and maintenance less complicated.

Its small size also makes it the ideal chopper to take on the go, for trips such as vacations. It should be noted that the capacity of this device is 0.1 liter and it works with a power of 250 W.

6. Aicok Mini Chopper – More Practical Use

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Do not be forced into all the small tasks that slow down the preparation of your favorite dishes in the kitchen. Our review specially chose this model for you, it is one of the best mini choppers, but it is the most practical to use.

It is a real kitchen appliance useful for performing many tasks like chopping, cutting, grinding, and mixing. This allows you to prepare your best soups, sauces, toppings, and more. Already its large capacity of 1.2 liters will allow you to prepare the quantity you need without repeating the same operation each time.

In addition, this model is equipped with 4 blades designed with stainless steel, they are healthy and safe because of BPA-free. In reality, these blades are arranged on two levels and the assembly makes the chopping very uniform and fast for ingredients such as meats, onions, carrots, and even nuts.

This mini chopper has a powerful 300 W motor that ensures it finishes its job perfectly. It works very stably without making any unpleasant noises and ensures safe use for you. With regard to cleaning, the fact that the parts are removable makes this easier, moreover, these parts are suitable for the washing machine.

The test on this mini chopper has shown that it is very easy to use, with just one button to operate. In addition, it is equipped with a non-slip mat further enhancing the safety of use. Trust our opinion, this is the model for you.

Best Mini Chopper UK – Buying Guide

The easiest and most convenient way to quickly prepare fruits and vegetables is to get a mini-chopper. With this equipment, you will be able to quickly finish your dishes without wasting a lot of time.

However, the offers are very wide given the many models available on the market; and choosing the one that is most suitable for you can be complicated.

So, in addition to this comparison of the best mini choppers, we are also going to present you a buying guide where we have listed the essentials to see in mini choppers before making a purchase.

Electric VS Manual

Depending on the design of each of the models, you will come across models to be manipulated manually, and others that work with an electrical source. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages of use, but the choice is yours.

Mini electric chopper

As the name suggests, you will first need to have an electrical source to operate it. This means that if there is a power cut, you will not be able to use it. And it will need to be placed in a fixed location, near an outlet to be functional.

This type of mini chopper, therefore, does not require any physical effort from you, as it is enough to manipulate the buttons on the device to execute it. Besides, these models have remarkable power which makes the tasks well done with a higher speed and thus you will get better results.

In addition, mini electric choppers are known for the variety of tasks they can perform. Aside from chopping, note that there are models that can help you prepare purees, sauces, and even pesto thanks to its design and strength.

Mini manual chopper

This type of chopper only requires the strength of your hand to operate, nothing complicated. This leads us to deduce that it is more portable, being in addition a device of reduced size.

You can therefore take it with you in need: for family outings, trips, camping, etc. The great thing is that the prices for these devices are very affordable.

The fact that it does not need an electrical source is a great plus since its installation in your kitchen will not be complicated; just find a place where you feel comfortable using it without having to worry about electrical installations.

In addition, you contribute to the conservation of the environment because you make an ecological gesture by using a device without consumption of energy.

However, if you are thinking of using this type of chopper, note that it takes ample strength and dexterity to operate it. Their power is not as superior as you think and do so operations may take time.


Even though mini choppers are smaller devices, capacity is still a feature to overlook. Obviously, all mini choppers do not necessarily have the same capacity, the latter is variable depending on the design of each model.

What is certain is that having a larger capacity is the best option; since this allows you to load a lot of ingredients at once and finish the job faster.

Be aware that there are mini choppers that have a capacity of up to 3.5 cups of ingredients; they are the largest but also the smallest.

However, if your preparations are only for a few people, a smaller capacity is sufficient. These are the mini manual choppers that often have smaller capacities, but electric models are usually larger.

Easy to clean

This kind of household appliance requires careful attention to maintenance and cleaning, since you are using organic elements, and it is not pleasant to see the chopper with the leftovers of these foods.

In addition, for it to be functional for a longer period of time, its maintenance must be taken into account. This is why we demand the ease of cleaning mini choppers …

This is one thing that you are not going to find in the descriptions of the models, you have to see it for yourself or consult the consumer reviews, it is more reassuring.

Ease of use

The mini choppers are devices which must bring us help and not tire us with its handling or its starting … Indeed, the model that you are going to buy must bring you the ease of use by giving at the same time.

This produces the best results, so try to determine beforehand the different steps to follow so that the device can do its job. Maybe for an electrical device, it won’t be a problem because the buttons are enough to handle everything.

With manual choppers, a pull rope would be welcome to facilitate its use. On the other hand, you can also refer to consumer reviews to see their opinions on the usability of the model that inspires you.

Speed ​​settings

This factor relates more to electric models; when we talk about the operating speed of a mini chopper, it is not only about the control of the operating time, but also the quality of work that it offers. If you use a manual chopper, it is by your strength that you will define the speed at which the device will operate.

In general, mini electric mincers have two-speed levels: lower and higher speed. When the appliance runs slowly, the ingredients will be finely and delicately chopped; otherwise, you can get mash or thinner slices but faster.


Using a mini chopper is the easiest thing to do to make your kitchen tasks easier. We hope that this comparison of the Best Mini Chopper UK and our buying guide has been of great help to you in finding the model that suits you the most.

You just need to do the analysis well, see what would be best for you, and enjoy using your mini chopper after purchase.