The 9 Best Milk Frother UK Reviewed [2021]

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Do you like to have beautiful milk froths on your coffee or other favorite drinks? You will definitely need a milk frother.

With this kitchen appliance, you will be able to prepare creamy and rich milk froth like a chef!  The milk frother is very popular with individuals these days, which is why there are different models on the market.

Do you want to get the best milk frother UK? We have put together this buying guide to help you make your choice.

Best Milk Frother UK – Reviews

1. Severin – 9688

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This Severin cappuccino maker will allow you to choose between 4 temperatures that will be indicated on the front LED, including the option of cold whipping, to be able to enjoy your favorite cappuccino even in summer.

The maximum temperature is 65ºC, the best to work well with excellent milk cream. Supplied with the milk frother you will receive a knurled wheel that will allow you to froth the milk and a smooth one to be able to heat it without whipping it.

This electric cappuccino maker is also equipped with an effective induction system, the best to prevent the milk from burning and sticking to the bottom or walls.

With this excellent milk frother, you can not only prepare a perfect cappuccino but also a delicious hot and creamy chocolate, adding starch depending on the density you want.

Cleaning couldn’t be easier. Simply putting it in the dishwasher or even running it under hot water will immediately clean it.

2. Aicok 3 in 1 Milk Frother

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Are you looking for a milk frother that is comfortable both to use at home and to take with you to work or travel? Among many electric machines, you don’t know which one to choose?

This Aicok model is really practical and compact and takes up the same space as a half-liter bottle of water. Very similar to the Nespresso Aeroccino, but let’s see its features.

You will be able to make the best smooth and creamy foam in less than twenty seconds with this Aicok electric milk frother. Thanks to the Strix temperature control, the milk frother is very quiet, despite the speed with which the whisk turns.

Thanks to the temperature adjustment function you can decide whether to froth your milk hot or cold, always obtaining a consistent and smooth cream. If the whisk function is deactivated, the electric milk frother acts as simple milk warmer.

It is also possible to keep the milk frother on so that it keeps the foam warm once it is prepared. It can also be programmed to turn off automatically after a few hours.

You will always have with you a milk frother with a non-stick coating, made of double-walled steel that prevents the milk from sticking to the bottom. It is very easy to clean, with simple hot water it will be immediately ready for use.

3. Arendo Electric Frother

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The Arendo Electric Frother has a powerful motor from 365 to 435 Watts to achieve quick results. Thus, this appliance allows you to prepare creamy and tasty milk froths in just a few minutes for your hot and cold drinks.

Practical, this device displays a consumption of 0.97Watt only in standby mode to save energy. It offers a capacity of 100ml if you want to make froths and up to 200ml to heat your milk.

Its station has an angle of 360 ° C so that you can put it down and lift it easily. With the Arendo Electric Frother, you will be able to create cold or hot milk froths like a chef. Easy to use, this kitchen appliance can be used by anyone!

4. Vava Automatic Frother

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If you are looking for a milk frother with better value for money, the Vava Automatic Frother is what you need. This device offers good performance for its price. It has been designed with high-quality materials to ensure durability and simplify maintenance.

We particularly appreciate this milk frother for its ease of use thanks to the presence of two buttons on its control panel. The device is supplied with several whisks so that you can make more foams according to your expectations.

Quiet, ergonomic, and secure are the strengths of the Vava Automatic Frother. It incorporates a milk level indicator for the froth to allow you to pour the right amount of milk for a perfect froth.

5. Sedhoom Frother

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This product is very different from what we found previously but is effective. To use it, simply immerse it in the milk to be frothed and press the top button once, then wait for the result without holding the button during the operation.

The stainless steel design of this unit gives it a long service life and makes it easy to clean. In addition, the whip is detachable for easy maintenance.

The Sedhoom Frother is a device with a very low sound volume that will allow you to prepare foam for your coffee in the morning without waking everyone up.

It comes with a double whisk for making a large amount of foam and a single whisk for a small amount. Thanks to its weight,

6. Philips CA6500 / 30

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We close our list of the best milk frothers with the Philips CA6500 / 30. This device seduces from the first glance with its compact and sober design, which allows optimal storage. It offers magnetic whipping to guarantee a very creamy foam.

Thanks to its power of 500 Watts, this milk frother is particularly fast. It can be used to make both hot foams and cold foams according to your needs. Its capacity will allow you to prepare enough foam for two cups.

Ergonomic, just press the button to turn the device on and off. The whisk and lid of the Philips CA6500 / 30 are dishwashers safe for quick maintenance. Adopt an elegant and powerful device to make beautiful foams quickly.

7. Lavazza A Modo Mio Milk Up Frother

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We have chosen this electric milk frother for all lovers of made in Italy. Lavazza is in fact one of the most loved brands by Italians when it comes to coffee.

The container of the frother where you will put the milk for frothing is removable, which will make it more convenient when it is time to wash it. In fact, you can simply remove it and run it under hot water or place it comfortably in the dishwasher.

The milk frother is operated in a very simple way and you will not even notice that it is in operation because it is very quiet thanks to the magnetic induction heating. In fact, you can use it even in the evening without worrying about waking up the other family members.

You will have various temperature levels to choose from to fully customize your cappuccino. The cold whipping function is also available with this milk frother.

We can say these are the best milk frothers of 2020 with an elegant and refined design that will give class to any type of kitchen. The materials are also of excellent quality, as Lavazza has always taught us.

8. Bialetti CD Milk Frother MK01

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Are you looking for the best milk frother that is also really resistant and made of high-quality materials? Bialetti is a guarantee, and this model of milk frother is certainly no exception.

Made entirely of solid stainless steel, it is among the best milk frothers on the market, especially because it guarantees you a remarkable resistance to time and use.

The internal coating is completely non-stick to prevent the milk from sticking to the bottom, while the handle is coated with heat-resistant plastic.

Equipped with two different whips, it will allow you to whisk up to 115ml of milk to prepare your favorite milk frother, or to heat 240ml of milk if you prefer coffee without froth.

In any case, you will have high performance and you will not have to worry about its durability: the materials are of high quality as this brand has always used.

In addition to preparing delicious cappuccinos, this milk frother will also be your ally in the preparation of hot chocolate or other milk-based drinks. It will be almost like having a bartender in your home!

9. Ariete 2878/04-green 2878 Milk frother

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Do you want a milk frother that is also a small piece of furniture for your kitchen? Why not opt ​​for this Aries model?

Vintage design and pastel color are the signatures of this brand of small appliances. You will be able to use your milk frother on a daily basis and when it is not in use it will also be nice to see on your kitchen counter!

But it doesn’t just have an attractive design. This product will allow you with a single gesture to hot and cold froth the milk for your favorite drinks. Whether you want to prepare a cappuccino in winter or a good shaken coffee in summer, this product will help you make it possible.

It is equipped with a whisk for whipping the cream up to 140ml, and a stick whisk for mixing drinks up to 250ml. In addition, its spout is perfect for easily pouring the contents of the milk frother without getting dirty.

We talked about aesthetics, but what do we know about the interior? The inner coating is non-stick and extremely easy to clean with just a sponge and hot water. You will have your milk frother ready to prepare a new drink in no time!

Best Milk Frother UK – Buying Guide

To be able to enjoy your drinks with a deliciously creamy foam, you need a quality milk frother. It is therefore essential to make a good choice!


When choosing a milk frother, you have the choice between electric and manual frothers.

Electric models are appreciated for their autonomy and ease of use. However, the price is quite high compared to manual emulsifiers.

On the one hand, manual models require a bit of effort because they are operated by hand. However, they also have many advantages such as lightness, ease of storage, and especially their affordable price.


To purchase a milk frother that can meet the needs of your family members, it is important to consider the capacity. Very often expressed in milliliters, it is the volume of milk that you can transform into foam thanks to your device.

Since this device can also be used to heat your milk, find out how much milk the model can accommodate in heating mode. On average, the capacity of milk frother on the market varies from 100 to 200ml for froth and 200 to 700ml for heating.


Some models of carafe milk fother have the option to control the temperature of the milk according to your tastes. You can have hot or cold cappuccinos depending on the season!


The construction materials of a milk frother are important. Look for quality in milk frothers made of stainless steel, or glass, although it is more fragile. Almost all models have plastic parts (such as handles) but you have to be careful that they do not come into contact with milk.


Power is another important factor that can affect both the price and the result. Usually, the most performing models range between 400W and 650W.

Ease of use

It is essential to choose a device that is easy to use to save time. In general, most milk frothers are ergonomic. That said, to be sure of your choice, find out about the instructions for use of the devices that interest you and their control panel.

By choosing a good appliance, you will be able to obtain a beautiful milk froth in just a few seconds, an advantage that should not be overlooked!

Easy to clean

Like all kitchen appliances, the milk frother requires cleaning after each use. In order not to waste time completing this task, be sure to choose an appliance that is easy to maintain. Models with dishwasher-safe whisks and lids are therefore preferred.


It is essential to consider the features offered by a milk frother before making a final decision. Note that the more features, the more efficient the device. A good milk frother offers an adjustable temperature so that you can adjust it according to your needs and expectations.

It should also allow you to make hot and cold foam for all your favorite drinks. Finally, the automatic stop function is interesting so that the device stops automatically when the foam is ready. With this feature, you won’t have to watch your foam.


The accessories supplied with the milk frother are also important because they increase the possibilities of the appliance. If the basic models are delivered with a single whisk, some latest generation models are delivered with several whips to allow you to make different types of foam according to your expectations.

What is Milk Frother?

The milk frother is used to prepare delicious and creamy froth for coffee specialties. This type of kitchen appliance allows you to develop your knowledge of coffee. You can use it to make your cappuccino, macchiato, and latte by yourself like a real chef.

It can prepare hot milk froth for your hot drinks or cold milk froth for frozen cappuccinos in summer for example. The milk frother can also be used to heat milk without frothing it. Moreover, this type of device offers several advantages:

  • Easy to use: Usually just fill a container to a recommended level and push a button to turn it on.
  • Reliable: No knowledge is necessary to use this type of device while it always guarantees an impeccable result.
  • Fast: A milk frother is capable of making delicious froth in just a few minutes.

How to use a milk frother?

To use a milk frother, you must add milk to the container dedicated for this purpose, respecting the capacity indicated. Then set up the ideal whisk according to your expectations, close the lid and press the start button.

Once the texture is perfect, you can turn off the device. To find out, do not hesitate to take a look in the container and check if there is only a small amount of liquid left. Depending on your needs, you can work with hot milk as well as cold milk.

If you want to use the milk frother just to heat your milk, fill the container to the recommended volume, put on the lid, press the start button. You have the possibility to adjust the temperature of the device according to your expectations on certain models.

How to use a manual milk frother?

To use a manual milk frother, you must pour the ideal quantity of milk into a container and immerse the frother in it. Then press the start button to turn it on and hold the appliance until the milk texture is smooth as you want it.

Can we use anything other than semi-skimmed milk?

Yes, we can use other alternatives to semi-skimmed milk to make milk foam such as soy milk which is the best lactose-free alternative. But also, almond and hazelnut milk which is the second most used alternative for its therapeutic benefits.

You can also use rice milk and oat milk as you wish. Since the compositions and textures of these alternatives are different, feel free to experiment or follow recipes that you can find on the web itself.

How do I clean the milk frother?

To clean the milk frother, you need to disassemble the whisk, the lid, and the container and then put them in the dishwasher if they are compatible.

If they are not, simply clean them with water, a little washing-up liquid, and a sponge, then rinse. As for the engine block, it should never be soaked in water, you can just wipe it with a damp sponge.