Best Meat Grinders UK

The 5 Best Meat Grinders UK Reviewed [2021]

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Do you want to make minced meat for your meatballs, or even to concoct homemade terrines and cold meats? You will definitely need a meat grinder.

This is a device for chopping a large quantity of meat for your culinary preparations. It is offered today in several forms, models, and prices.

If you make a query on the internet, you can see that there are a lot of models these days. Are you lost in your research? We’ve provided this buying guide to help you choose the best meat grinders UK for your needs.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Best Meat Grinders UK – Reviews

1. Bosch ProPower MFW68660

We picked the Bosch ProPower MFW68660 for its performance. Thanks to a powerful 800W motor, this equipment can produce up to 4.3kg of meat per minute. This large capacity will give you the possibility of concocting good small meat dishes quickly for your family.

It comes with 3 grids that allow several cutting possibilities, tips for making sausages, as well as an accessory with three drums for slicing and grating your food.

A handle is also integrated to facilitate its transport. The device also incorporates a reverse function which is convenient in case of a jam. The Bosch MFW68660 is equipped with a compartment to store its various accessories,

2. Kenwood MG510

The Kenwood MG510 is a semi-professional meat grinder with a power of 1600Watts. It will be your best ally for all your meat preparations. Practical, it comes with several accessories to vary its use.

We find in particular 3 steel grids, a cutting knife as well as adapters for sausages and kebbe. This equipment can chop 2kg of meat per minute, making it ideal for home use.

A reverse button is also available to avoid jams. The Kenwood MG510 is equipped with an automatic shutdown function in the event of overheating. Thanks to its steel funnel with cover, it is easy to maintain. Easily chop your meats with this meat grinder.

3. Moulinex ME205131

This Moulinex ME205131 comes in third place in our ranking for its efficiency. Having a power of 1300Watts, this device will give you the possibility of chopping your meats easily without effort.

Its compact design allows optimal storage in your kitchen. This meat grinder has a handle for easy transport. Simple to dismantle and assemble, the Moulinex ME205131 is easy to clean without requiring a lot of time.

This is an ideal device for a small family. For more convenience, it comes with two grids, a metalhead, a tray, and a plastic pusher. Its performance is more than sufficient to allow you to prepare your meat dishes efficiently.

4. Bosch MFW45020

The Bosch MFW45020 stands out for its great robustness and performance. It works thanks to a powerful 1600W motor with an automatic shutdown.

Whether you live alone or with your family, this meat grinder allows you to prepare all your minced meat dishes quickly, especially with its large capacity of 2.7 kg per minute.

This practical device comes with grids that store in an integrated compartment and a handle for easy transport. With its various accessories included, such as the sausage kit and the kebbe kit, you will have the opportunity to vary the pleasure to delight your guests.

Equipped with suction feet, this equipment is perfectly still when in use. Choose a meat grinder with a large operating capacity to prepare tasty meat dishes.

5. Kenwood CH580

The Kenwood CH580 is a multifunctional meat grinder. In addition to chopping your meats, this accessory also allows you to mince and cut all kinds of vegetables and other foods. It has 4 blades so you can decide how your food will be cut.

This versatile meat grinder is also effective for making mayonnaise, mixing onions, and preparing several recipes. With its small dimensions, this appliance will easily find its place in your kitchen. Easy to use, just press the push-down lid to start chopping.

Cut your ingredients into pieces for optimal chopping results with this Kenwood CH580. Choose a meat grinder with a good price-performance ratio to wow your diners.

Best Meat Grinders UK – Buying Guide

Meat grinders are attracting more and more people for their practicality and efficiency. Indeed, this easy-to-use device allows you to obtain better quality homemade minced meat for the preparation of meatballs, cold cuts, sausages, etc.

Before purchasing this type of device, several parameters should be considered to avoid stumbling upon a poor quality item. Be aware that not all models available on the market are equally effective. While some present potential dangers to the grinder, others get stuck or heat up quickly after a few hours of use.

It is therefore important to choose a good quality device that has excellent features at the best price. For that, nothing beats comparing several meat grinders that suit your budget.

The Advantages of Meat Grinder

A meat grinder allows you to quickly prepare your meat recipes. Using this type of device offers a number of advantages:

  • Its simplicity: That allows you to prepare your minced meats efficiently without effort.
  • Its speed: A meat grinder can chop a good quantity of meat in just a few minutes.
  • Healthier cooking: By using a meat grinder, you make sure your food is clean as well as the amount of fat to add. This ensures healthy cooking.
  • Several possibilities: A meat grinder usually comes with several accessories that allow you to vary your recipes. This accessory can give you the possibility of making sausages, cold cuts, homemade kebbe to please your guests. You can adapt its use according to the desired result for your specific needs.
  • Economical: By preparing your minced meats by yourself, you will be able to save money but also time.

How to Choose a Meat Grinder?


Before purchasing a meat grinder, be sure to assess your needs first. This consists of defining the quantity of meat to be processed and the grinding speed suited to your expectations. If you plan to use the device occasionally, a simple meat grinder model may be fine for you.

On the other hand, if you expect regular use and varied recipe possibilities (sausages, kebbe, etc.), choose a powerful and multifunction device. It is also important to choose a device that is easy to use. Finally, take into account the types of food you want to chop.

Types of Choppers

There are two types of meat grinder:

The manual meat grinder: This is the classic type of grinder. It is appreciated for its more affordable price. However, its use requires physical effort. Indeed, it is equipped with a crank that you must turn for the appliance to grind your food.

The electric grinder: This is a type of meat grinder ideal for making a large quantity of meat without any effort. Easier to use, it is suitable for family use. In addition, this accessory allows you to make many preparations depending on the model chosen and the accessories included. Obviously, the price is higher.


Capacity is an important criterion for choosing the right meat grinder. This is the amount of meat that the appliance can accommodate and chop in one use. You must therefore choose your meat grinder according to the amount of meat you want to chop regularly.

Grilles and accessories

It would be interesting to choose a meat grinder delivered with several grids that allows you to adapt the cut of your meats according to your expectations and the recipes you want to make.

Also, prefer devices with several adapters to make sausages and kebbe (Lebanese dumplings) easily. Note that some models allow you to mix, mince and grate vegetables, nuts, and other foods in addition to chopping your meats.

Also, take into account the materials of the integrated grilles and accessories. Stainless steel is easy to maintain, strong, and more resistant. On the other hand, cast iron is more affordable but proves to be less strong and susceptible to rust.


The power of this type of device is expressed in Watts. It can range from 300 Watts to 2000 Watts. This is the essential element to consider when purchasing your meat grinder. Note that the more powerful your appliance, the faster it will grind your meats.

Parts Maintenance & Cleaning

After each use, you must immediately maintain the various parts of your chopper. Make sure you know how it’s going on that side. Are the parts easy to disassemble? Are they dishwasher safe? It is essential to choose a device that will not give you a hard time during maintenance.


How to clean your meat grinder?

To clean your meat grinder, you must first take it apart. Then you need to wash each part with a sponge and dish soap or put them in the dishwasher if they are compatible.

Then be sure to dry each part thoroughly as quickly as possible to prevent rusting. You have to do the same process for the grill and the knife.

Which piece of meat should you use to make minced meat?

To make minced meat, you can use a fillet or collar.

Can we replace the grinder screens?

Yes, it is quite possible to replace the grinder screens.

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