Top 10 Best Masticating Juicer UK Reviews in 2021

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We are always recommended to eat fruits and vegetables daily for our health. In addition to consuming them raw, as a dessert, or as a compote, there is also a better way to enjoy the nutritional benefits of these foods by extracting their juices.

If this method was complicated at one time, it is now easy with the use of the juice extractor. This is a household appliance that has been all the rage for several years for its practicality and efficiency.

Thus, it allows you to make fresh juices with raw foods, be it fruits, vegetables, and herbs. With the juice extractor, no more industrial juices that are expensive, very sweet, and less healthy.

Are you planning to buy this type of device? Before you fall for a model that appeals to you, discover our buying guide and a selection of the best masticating juicer UK of the moment to make the right choice.

What Are The Best Masticating Juicer UK?

Bestseller No. 1
Juicer Machine, Aicok Slow Masticating Juicer with Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer with Upgrade Quiet Motor, Juice Jug and Brush for High Nutrient Juice, BPA Free
  • Higher & Fresher Nutritive Juices - Slow juicer uses a low rpm motor which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens, and decreases the top froth. Less air is added during the juicing process also allows a longer shelf life before it needs to be consumed or stored.
  • Higher & Purer Juice Yield - This slower, low rpm process extracts the more juice from vegetables and fruits than centrifugal juicers, especially leafy greens. Upgrade strong filter and worm can help you make higher and purer juice.
  • Multipurpose - Masticating juicer can make various health foods for your family, especially for your baby. Like extracting gingers, celery, wheatgrass, carrots, apples, oranges, and other fibrous fruits and vegetables. A masticating juicer will give you more juice for your food itself.
Bestseller No. 2
Powerful Masticating Juicer for Whole Fruits and Vegetables, Fresh Healthy Juice, Sorbet, Ice Cream, Wide Mouth 75mm Feeding Chute, BPA Free, 240-Watt, Cold Press, Black Stainless Steel Fridja f1900
  • 🍊 UPDATED DESIGN - Powerful 240W matte black stainless steel easy clean metal with large 75mm tilting feeding tube for NO waste. Easy to assemble, operate, and clean, 100% BPA free safe parts make cleanup a breeze. Runs quietly - less than 60 decibels. Heavy-duty stainless steel and heavy stable body ensures you a quiet and calm environment when juicing and look AMAZING in your kitchen.
  • 🍎 HIGHER NUTRITIONAL VALUE - As a masticating juicer, the auger spins at 60 RPM that preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients from being destroyed as opposed to centrifugal juicers. Keep minimal oxidation, low heat build-up, less foaming and no clogging. Uses a tilted wide mouth feeding chute for no waste and faster operation with less preparation time needed!
  • 🍧 MORE THAN JUICE - Ideal for high yield and dry pulp. Use the NEW sieve to decide if you want bits in or out! Perfect machine for you to extract your fruits, vegetables, sorbets, nut milks, nut butters and fruit ice creams! Two filters included for all drinks and fruit ice cream and fruit sorbets. Comes with two 1 litre jugs and cleaning brush. Slow juicer is higher juice yield compared to centrifugal juicers by the auger squeezing and reverse function
Bestseller No. 3
Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Machine, Aicok Juicers Whole Fruit and Vegetable with Dual-Stage Quiet Motor & Reverse Function, Cold Press Juicer Creates Fresh Healthy Vegetable and Fruit Juice
  • ✔ Multi-Purpose - Extract various of vegetables and fruits, such as celery, ginger, wheatgrass, leafy greens, carrot, apples, oranges, etc. All these functions make the juice extractor a versatile machine that is worth investing in for a modern kitchen.
  • ✔ Higher Nutrional Value - As a masticating juicer, the auger spins at 80 RPM that preserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients from being destroyed as opposed to centrifugal juicers. Keep minimal Oxidation, low heat build-up, less foaming and no clogging.
  • ✔ Higher Juicer Yield And Drier Pulp - Slow juicer is higher juice yield compared to centrifugal juicers by the auger squeezing and reverse function. You will be surprised with how the juices extracted using these juicer really taste, so delicious, rich, concentrated and flavorful.
Bestseller No. 4
Duronic Slow Juicer JE2 | Masticating Cold Press Juice Extractor | For Juicing Fruit and Vegetables | Homemade Freshly Squeezed Juice | Quiet Motor | Reverse Function | 200W | BPA-Free | 600ml Jug
  • MAKE HOMEMADE FRESHLY SQUEEZED JUICE: Making fresh and healthy drinks at home has never been easier than with the Duronic JE2 citrus juicer; it will help you easily get your daily five-a-day and give you the option to make better choices over store-bought beverages. By making your own juice you know exactly what is going in, which means there is no added sugar, additives or preservatives. Just fresh vitamin and nutrient-filled goodness in every glass.
  • BENEFITS OF A SLOW JUICER: Slow juicers, also known as cold press juicers, differ to centrifugal juicers because of the way they extract juice from fruit and vegetables. A centrifugal juicer chops and dices through fruit to release juice, but a slow juicer grinds and squeezes fruit until it is crushed and all the juice has been extracted. It is believed that slow masticating juicers like the JE2 produce the best kind of juice because the motor doesn’t heat up and speed up the oxidisation process
  • AESTHETIC AND FUNCTIONAL: Equipped with a 200W motor, the JE2 juicer runs smoothly with very little noise. The crushing screw (auger) turns at just 70-80 rpm, squeezing the fruit thoroughly to produce amazingly fresh and nutrient-rich juice. As well as being great at doing its job, this model has been designed to look great in your kitchen too. Crafted with quality materials, this contemporary black and white appliance will take up minimal space on your countertop and fit in with any décor.
Bestseller No. 5
Juicer Machine, AMZCHEF Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Cold Press Juicer with Quiet Motor, Reverse Function for Fresh Healthy Fruits and Vegetables Juice, Easy to Clean with Brush, BPA-Free (Grey)
  • ✔🍊【Multi-purpose Juicer for Fruits & Veggies】:This masticating juicer can extract all kinds of fruits and vegetables, such as ginger, wheatgrass, leafy greens, carrot, apples, etc. The juice machine which is easy to assemble, operate and clean, can fit your requirement of green health juice. Easy to enjoy different flavor juices every day.
  • ✔🥒【Elegant & Humanized Design】:Small feeder chute can prevent children from being injured during juicing,this good design can let you and your whole family make each other’s favorite juice together every morning. Also has the unique juice storage cup panel, which can make your table to be clean after juicing so that the cleaning will become much easier for you. The smooth and elegant appearance will be the spotlight in your kitchen and it should be the best gift to your family and friends.
  • ✔🍉【Maximum Nutrient & Higher Juice Yield】: This Slow juicer uses a low speed (80 RPM) motor and fine grinding which best retains the nutritional value of your fruits, veggies, and greens, and decrease the top froth.Low speed means no heat build-up and less oxidation, which greatly reserves the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, trace minerals and nutrients.Up to 90% more nutrition growth and allows a longer shelf life before it needs to be consumed or stored.
SaleBestseller No. 6
Slow Juicer Masticating Juicer Machine, VPCOK Masticating Juicers for Vegetables and Fruit, Cold Press Juicer with Dual-Stage Quiet Motor & Reverse Function, Free Cup and Cleaning Brush
  • [Nutritious and Delicious] VPCOK slow juicer masticating juicer machine can be used for various fruits and vegetables, such as celery, oranges, carrots, wheatgrass, etc., to achieve the perfect separation of juice and residue and obtain more delicate juice. This slow juicer adopts the advanced principle of low speed and slow squeezing, which reduces the damage to the cell structure and fiber of the fruits and vegetables. The juice squeezed out is rich in vitamins and more nutritious and healthy.
  • [High Juice Yield] Compared with other types of juice machines, VPCOK masticating juicer machine is adjustable in two gears and has a lower speed. More juice squeezed and less residue left when the speed is lower. For vegetables with sufficient moisture such as celery, the juice yield can be as high as 65%-75%, which is suitable for all kinds of People of different ages drink.
  • [Low Noise & Easy Cleaning] The slow juicer machine only has low noise during the working process, and realizes smooth and quiet operation. After use, each part is easy to disassemble to rinse in water. If the residue on the filter slippage cannot be washed off, you can use the small brush equipped with the product to easily remove the residue and reduce the damage to your hands.
SaleBestseller No. 7
Philips Viva Cold Press Masticating Slow Juicer with X-Large Feed Tube, Drip Stop, Quick Clean and Recipe Booklet – Black/Silver – HR1889/71
  • Save time and start juicing faster with wide mouth 70mm feeding tube
  • Masticating technology release nutritional goodness from fruits, vegetables with up to 80% extraction. Cord length:1.05 m
  • Wide mouth 70mm - XL feeding tube
Bestseller No. 8
Masticating Juicer, Keenray Slow Masticating Juicer Extractor, Professional Mini Cold Press Juicer Machine with Brush, Quiet Motor, 600ML Jug, Reverse Function, BPA-Free, For Fruits & Vege
  • NUTRITIONAL BALANCE EXPERT - Keenray masticating juicer uses 130W motor which is less than 60 decibels to squeeze the juice from fruits or vegetables, perfectly separate juice and residu in few seconds. Under Cold Spin Technology, extract the maximum value of vitamins and other nutrients without worrying about destroying the nutrition in the juice. Suitable for various fruits and vege, such as apples, pineapple, oranges, carrots, etc.
  • MINI SLOW JUICER - The size of Keenray Slow Masticating Juicer is 98*120*360mm. 40*50mm of feed tube requests cut fruits or vegetables into strips or blocks before put them into the machine. The attached measuring cup can hold juice up to 600ML, perfect for 1-2 family members, big family can squeeze multiple times. (Not available for ice cubes)
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS & UNIQUE DESIGN - 100% BPA-free materials, durable and long-lasting use. Textured metal body makes it more distinctive. Stainless steel filter can separate the dregs to the greatest extent, thereby reducing the sediment in the juice. The silicone suction cup on the bottom makes it more stable during juicing.
Bestseller No. 9
Nebula Grande Whole Fruit Cold Press Slow Masticating Juicer 45RPM 5 Year Warranty (Deep Red)
  • WIDEST FEED CHUTE - No more chopping or peeling before juicing. Put your fruit and vegetables straight in with little to no prep needed.
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - On the powerful, energy efficient Induction Motor with a 2-year warranty on parts. Full customer support in the UK for your juicing journey from start to finish.
  • 45 RPM FOR THE MOST JUICE - Combine this with our Fine Juice Strainer means you'll get the most juice from your fruits and vegetables. For those who like rich pulpy juices and smoothies we've included one of our Fibre Boost Strainers too.
SaleBestseller No. 10
Monzana Slow Juicer Masticating Machine Cold Press Whole Fruit & Vegetable Juicers Reverse Function 500W Quiet Motor BPA Free Fresh Healthy Nutrient Juice
  • NUTRIENTS EXTRACTION. The Monzana PRO-Vitamin Slow Juicer is able to easily juice all greens, herbs and fruits such as apples, leafy greens. The cold press process retains more nutrients, enzymes and minerals than common centrifuging.
  • SIMPLICITY. Dishwasher safe, removable components make this juicer especially easy to clean. Easy to assemble, clean and store. Including anti-drip spout, two extra large bins, pusher and reverse mode.
  • EFFICIENCY. The powerful 500 Watt motor with 60 r/pm can do various of produces, even hard fruits and vegetables. With extra large 81mm feeder chute - saves time on preparing and chopping. Perfect for whole fruits and vegetables.

Juice extractors are more and more known nowadays, in particular for their advantages. Indeed, this device is effective for making fruit or vegetable juices more healthily, that is to say with all the nutrients and flavors intact thanks to a slower rotation.

Many brands are launching into the production of this type of device to meet the demands which are constantly progressing. Thus, today there is a wide choice of the juice extractor.

However, not all are created equal, while some tend to heat up too quickly, others are less economical leaving more waste than juice.

It is for this reason that it is imperative to study several offers before making a final choice. In addition to observing the design, take the time to study the characteristics of these as well as their prices and included accessories.

How To Choose The Best Masticating Juicer UK?

Discover the main criteria to consider when choosing a masticating juicer.

Different Types of Juicer

There are 3 types of juice extractors:

The horizontal juice extractor: This type of device takes up more space on the worktop but offers more versatility. If you want a model that allows you to make compotes, sorbets, and even purees in addition to fresh juices, this is what you need. However, cleaning is trickier for this type of juicer.

The vertical juice extractor: Easy to use and maintain compared to horizontal models, it is also compact and will easily find its place in a small kitchen. However, this type of juicer is particularly ideal for making juices and smoothies.

The manual juice extractor: As the name suggests, this type of equipment works manually. This is useful for making juices outside, during a picnic, or on a walk. Also, it is able to produce juices of exceptional nutritional value thanks to its speed of rotation which is in rhythm with that of your arm.

Pulp Collector Size

This criterion is one of the important criteria to determine the ease of use of your juice extractor. The pulp collector collects the pulp of food ejected by the device after juice extraction.

To avoid having to check and clean it frequently during use, it would be interesting to opt for a larger pulp collector.

Variable Speed

Or the slowness to be clearer. Indeed, with this type of device, the important thing is the time it takes to extract the juice. The longer it takes to turn, the less the vitamins and minerals are likely to be destroyed by heat.

Some models of juicers offer a variable speed of up to 20 rpm, which allows you to adjust the speed of the auger to the desired result.

Reverse Function

The “reverse” function allows you to turn the worm of the juice extractor in the opposite direction in order to release the food or accumulations of stuck fibers. It is therefore essential for the proper functioning of it.


The power does not play on the speed of the device but on the duration. Also, it is important to choose a powerful enough device that will be able to extract the juices from all foods, even those that are difficult to “juicer” such as more fibrous vegetables and fruits.


It would be very practical to choose a versatile device that allows you to make preparations other than juices such as purees, compotes, and even ice creams and sorbets.


Since the juicer takes a long time to extract juices from your food, be sure to opt for a quiet device. Indeed, some powerful or inexpensive models can be noisy.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to store fresh fruit juice?

The juice can be stored for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator without losing its vitamins and flavors.

Will I be able to make herb juices with my masticating juice extractor?

Yes, it is quite possible to make weed juice with an extractor by choosing a good model.

Will cleaning take a long time masticating juicer?

No, most juicers are easily removable, and the components are dishwasher safe, ensuring quick cleanup

What to do with the waste of a masticating juicer?

Waste from the juicer is not necessarily disposable. You can use them to make compost or to prepare different recipes such as soup or salad, cake or cake, make delicious fruit rolls …