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{Top 5} Best Mandoline Slicer UK Reviews of [2020]

You probably know how annoying it is to have to chop all vegetables and fruit individually before each meal. We have a solution to simplify your life: the mandolin.

It is one of those “magic” utensils that facilitate the daily realization of your dishes, ranging from the simplest to the most complicated.

The mandolin helps you create precise slices with your fruits and vegetables, but also to obtain juliennes or sticks, as part of the preparation of fries, salad garnishes, and many other recipes.

By offering yourself a mandolin, you can save time and obtain precise cuts, without having to learn manual knife cutting techniques.

This tool resolutely plays the card of ease. But beware, you still need to find a model suitable for your cooking needs, and whose use is safe.

Even if the brands highlight the reliability of their mandolins, not all the models available on the market offer all the necessary guarantees of safety.

If the slicer does not provide certain safety devices or if you do not respect the precautions for use, you could injure your fingers.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to invest in a high-quality mandolin, which cuts with minimal force on your part and offers effective safety mechanisms.

This involves taking into account certain parameters, but also your needs.

Between the different types of mandolin (plastic, Japanese or electric) and the results you want to achieve, you can orient yourself towards a model dedicated to basic cuts or a multi-purpose mandoline slicer capable of julienne cutting, slicing, embossing and even more.

On the market, you will find a little of everything in terms of quality, and prices ranging from single to double. In this selection of options, some brands like Benriner, De Buyer, Oxo, Moulinex have established themselves as safe values.

Their products are regularly ranked among the best in their category and receive generally rave reviews from novice or professional cooks.

If like many people you wonder which is the best mandoline slicer UK, know that it is not easy to stand out a model of the batch, inter alia because there are different types of mandolin (plastic, Japanese or electric).

However, we have looked into the matter and believe that the Mandolin Adov is most likely one of the best options available to you across all categories.

Best Mandoline Slicer UK Reviews

When buying a mandolin, the price does not necessarily reflect the quality. This is why we have spent hours of research to recommend what is the best today. Here are our favorites of the moment:

1. Adov Mandoline

Type: plastic mandolin
Blade (s): stainless steel Slice
Size (s): 1 – 3.5 – 5.5 mm and 7.5 mm

If you need a mandoline capable of slicing, julienne cutting, and doing a lot more, this Mandoline signed model might be of interest to you.

He resolutely plays the card of multifunctionality. You have the possibility to adjust different thicknesses (1 mm, 3.5 mm, 5.5 mm, and 7.5 mm), thanks to the four types of thickness gears (4.5 -10 mm). Add two juliennes (fine fries and fries) and a waffle cutter.

Whether you want to make waffle fries, fruit salads, or potato chips, the Adov Mandoline will quickly become essential to facilitate the production of your recipes.

Solid construction, it has ultra-sharp stainless steel blades and effectively picks up fruits, vegetables, and other cucumbers to cut them into slices.

Its handling is facilitated by an adjustable button from which you can change the cut very easily. You are also helped by the non-slip legs which can lift the body up to 13 cm. It, therefore, has enough space for you to easily remove the cut food.

But the Adov mandolin is not only designed to work simply. It also offers guarantees of security, especially with its handguard.

There is therefore little chance that you will injure yourself when handling this slicer, which otherwise can be washed in the dishwasher without problems.

Another thing that you will undoubtedly appreciate: this multifunctional mandolin folds up to hold in a compact format, which facilitates its storage.

  • Variety of thicknesses and shapes
  • Non-slip, foldable and practical handle
  • Compact storage
  • Can be put in the dishwasher
  • Easy and secure use
  • Nothing to say

2. Benriner Japanese Mandolin

Type: Japanese mandolin
Blade (s): three; Stainless steel
Slice size (s): 0.3mm to 8mm

Adopted by many professional and amateur cooks, the Japanese Mandolin Benriner is a slicer that will provide you with valuable services when cutting and slicing fruits and vegetables.

Benriner, being that pioneer of the diagonal mandolins of Japanese style, made speak his know-how and perfected a formidable tool to cut finely with disconcerting ease.

With a rigid ABS plastic body, this slicer made in Japan is equipped with three interchangeable stainless steel blades of 1.5 mm, 3 mm, and 6 mm.

These stay sharp for years, but you can also remove them to sharpen them on a whetstone. You have the possibility of adjusting the bearing so as to produce slices from 0.3 mm to 8 mm.

The Japanese Mandolin Benriner comes with a handguard which unfortunately does not grip food, especially vegetables, as it should.

It is not really practical or secure. Moreover, the use of this mandolin is generally simple. The fact that the instructions are not translated into French will not be a problem for you.

In the end, the Benriner slice, despite somewhat overly fair safety characteristics, remains a precious tool for cutting fruit and vegetables efficiently and without spending too much.

Its cutting edge and the durable cutting system will save you precious time in the kitchen.

  • Very sharp and durable blades
  • Easy slice size adjustment
  • Ideal for finely cutting
  • Not very secure
  • Notice not translated into French

3. Genius Nicer Dicer Plus

Type: plastic mandolin
Blade (s): stainless steel Slice
Size (s): NC

Whether you want to prepare aperitifs, salads, snacks or cook preparations ranging from the simplest to the most complicated, the Genius Nicer Dicer Plus offers to accompany you, thanks to its ability to carry out many types of cut: small, medium, and large dice, washers, eighths and quarters of a cut, sticks.

Promise you will not have (or almost not) to make efforts, and will save precious time, without forgetting that this mandolin does not need electricity to function.

The only thing you have to do is set up the device. And it starts with the identification of the accessories necessary for the expected cuts.

The Genius Nicer Dicer Plus comes with more than fifteen pieces, including cutting grids and drip trays to facilitate the collection of cut food.

The cutting platform of this mandolin is fitted with extremely sharp stainless steel blades with two cutting surfaces for processing several foods at the same time.

The cuts are done easily and safely. The lower surface has non-slip feet to guarantee the perfect stability of the mandolin on your work surface.

Genius Nicer Dicer Plus is easy to maintain. It has a push-button that you must press so that the integrated transparent plate automatically moves down. The remains of vegetables trapped there are easily cleaned.

  • Container with a lid for direct cutting, storing and storing
  • Multiple cut grids and accessories for a variety of applications
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Easy cleaning
  • Storage not very practical

4. Moulinex DJ905810

Type: electric mandolin
Blade (s): NC Slice
Size (s): NC

Unlike our other favorites, the Moulinex DJ905810 is electrically operated, which assumes that you will provide less effort. Despite its relatively high price, this mandolin will simplify your life for cutting all raw and cooked fruits and vegetables.

It combines five functionalities for a variety of uses. You can: finely grate, coarsely grate, slice, cut into cubes, or cut into sticks.

And, depending on your needs, the DJ905810 adapts its speed automatically for efficient and precise cutting. Whether the food is delicate, resistant, and even cooked, you will get results worthy of a chef.

This electric slicer will be essential for your gourmet and light desserts, your aperitifs with friends … It will accompany you every day for your preparations from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Despite its multifunctionality, the Moulinex DJ905810 is a simple to use electric mandolin.

Its large chute (51 x 75 cm) dispenses you from the pre-cutting stage of the ingredients, and when these are grated, sliced ​​, or cut, you can collect them directly in the serving dish.

The modern design of the Moulinex DJ905810 electric mandoline includes integrated storage of accessories (the five sectors with specific functions) under the device and greatly facilitates cleaning.

The appliance has several removable parts that can be washed in the dishwasher.

The security aspect has not been overlooked either. Not only do you not have contact with the blade as with other types of mandolin, but the Moulinex DJ905810 also has a secure locking system with control on the cover.

  • Several functionalities (5 sectors with specific functions)
  • Accessory storage under the device
  • Several removable elements machine washable
  • Beautiful design
  • Could have been more powerful

5. De Buyer 201600 Mandoline Viper Slicer

Type: plastic mandolin
Blade (s): stainless steel V blade Slice
Size (s): 1 to 8 mm

In position 5, there is a reference in terms of mandolin, De Buyer, which offers here an efficient portable slicer equipped with a micro dented stainless steel blade of form V, with angle (19.3 °) optimized for cutting excellent results.

Its serration glides easily through hard vegetables, although we think the cuts could have been smoother.

Cubes, diamonds, slices, washers, julienne cuts (4 and 10 mm), the DE BUYER -2016.00 impresses with its speed of action, and this is due to the very sharp character of its blade V which saves you precious time by compared to a straight blade mandolin.

It benefits from a system of interchangeable trays for various uses. In addition to a smooth adjustable tray for slicing, you are also entitled to two Julienne trays with preset height (4 and 10 mm).

But if we recommend the DE BUYER -2016.00, it is because, beyond its ultra-efficiency, it offers safety guarantees to avoid accidental injuries.

Special mention to its solid handguard which keeps your fingers as far as possible from the blade, but also facilitates the sliding of food on the platform.

Besides, the maintenance of the DE BUYER -2016.00 is not at all difficult. While the smooth horizontal tray is dishwasher safe, you will have no trouble washing the trays by hand.

Finally, the compact size of this slicer, when its legs are retracted, facilitates storage. A storage box is also provided for the trays.

  • Quick installation thanks to a system of three interchangeable shelves
  • Safety guarantees for safe use
  • Takes up little space with its compact size
  • The cuts of hard vegetables are not very smooth

Best Mandoline Slicer UK – Buying Guide

Types of mandolin

In the market, you will find hundreds of models of mandolin, but they can be classified into three main types.

In all cases, there is always a blade (or blades) in stainless steel or ceramic, a smooth ramp to slide the food back and forth on the blade, a button, or a lever to adjust the thickness of each slice.

A handguard is added to hold fruits and vegetables and to protect your hands.

The plastic mandolin

Plastic mandolins are an alternative to stainless steel models, with which they share practically the same functionality. If unlike the latter, they are liable to break and are therefore less durable, plastic mandolins have the advantage of being much easier to maintain.

In addition, compared to a Japanese mandolin, they offer more possibilities, depending not only on the blade or the series of blades that compose them but also on the price range.

It is also important to note that there are plastic mandolins with adjustable platforms and plastic mandolins with platform insertion on the market.

The latter offers a more limited choice of cutting thicknesses than the models with an adjustable platform.

Indeed, rather than having a stand-alone unit that houses a cutting blade and an adjustable platform that can be slightly modified by turning a knob, they cut food in different thicknesses with different cutting plates which are placed independently in the mandolin.

Since each thickness requires a specific cutting grid, the number of thicknesses to choose is more limited.

As for adjustable platform mandolins, they are equipped with two parallel platforms that are connected in a single complete unit, and one of the platforms can be manually adjusted to change the thickness of the slices.

The platform housing the cutting blade remains fixed, while the second platform, responsible for guiding food through the blade, is adjustable via a button that can be turned to easily change the thickness of the cuts.

Japanese mandolin

Equipped with the main blade, Japanese mandolins are known for their ease of use and their relatively small size. More basic, this style of mandolin, recognizable by its flat platform and much appreciated by chefs, excels in fine cuts.

This is an option to consider when you have a large number of ingredients to cut to the same thickness. However, you will not have as much functionality or versatility as the other two types of the mandolin.

The Japanese mandolin is the simplest on the market

The electric mandolin

Unlike the two previous manual models which require your physical contribution, although minimal, the electric mandolin takes care of the whole cutting process and limits the contact of your fingers with the blades as much as possible.

Just insert the fruits and vegetables in a sort of chute and make a few adjustments so that the electric mandolin takes care of everything.

Types of cuts possible

The mandolin can lend itself to different types of cuts. Update on the most common:

  • Slices: This is probably the simplest and most popular cut. Mandolins can slice in a variety of thicknesses, sometimes via a platform adjustment or via a blade change.
  • Matches: These decorative bowls similar to julienne bowls are particularly used when preparing coleslaw. Compared to juliennes, the matches are thinner and shorter.
  • Juliennes: julienne cut foods come in strips, with an adjustable thickness on certain models of mandolins. These decorative bowls are mostly quite thin and give salad vegetables a professional and attractive appearance. The juliennes are also perfect for stir-frying and other recipes for which rapid and uniform cooking is desired.
  • Brunoises: these are cubes or diced cuts. Brunoises are widely used for the preparation of hash brown vegetables (zucchini, carrots, etc.)
  • Waffles: waffle cups are mainly used with potatoes to make french fries cut in waffles, but can also be applied to other firm vegetables to perfect the presentation of meals.

The accessories

Some mandolins come with a variety of blades and accessories that can be interchanged to allow you to vary the sizes and types of cuts. Depending on whether you want a thin or thick-cut, you only have to choose from the different blades provided.

When an assortment of accessories accompanies the mandolin, you benefit from greater versatility to make julienne cuts, waffles, and even grate food. Some accessories can even allow you to puree. Note that the range of accessories included may affect the price of the mandolin.

The quality of the blades

This is an essential point when choosing a mandolin. You must make sure to invest in a mandolin whose blades will retain their sharp effect for a long time because it is rare to find a model whose blades are replaceable.

To get an idea of ​​the effectiveness and durability of the blades of your mandolin, do not hesitate to read the reviews on this subject.

Security elements

Mandolins can be dangerous in use. As much so, pay special attention to the safety functions built into the model you want to buy to avoid injury to your fingers.

Most mandolins are delivered with a device that can be compared to a food holder. Also known as a handguard, it works like a handle that clips onto fruits and vegetables, so you can slide them along the ramp without putting your fingers too close to the blade.

Most mandolins have a food holder to keep your fingers away from the blade when cutting.

The effectiveness of the handguard is a determining factor in determining whether the mandolin is safe to use. Note that on some models, the food holder attaches to the ramp so that each slice is straight, while on others it is autonomous and depends on your control.

Another element to watch the process of changing the blades. You should make sure that the blades of the mandolin clip easily without having to touch your fingers. A grip area on these could be useful.

In addition, the stability of the mandolin is another aspect that should not be overlooked. Take care to check that the tool has non-slip feet and does not move on your work surface while you are handling it.

The precautions for using the mandolin

A few golden rules must govern the use of your mandolin, not only to ensure satisfactory results but also to avoid injuries.

How to use the mandoline slicer safely?

Many are reluctant to use mandolins because of their sharp blade and the risk of injury that this entails. Yet these practical kitchen tools are extremely easy to use and safe, as long as you follow certain rules.

Read the manufacturer’s instructions

The very first reflex that you must have before starting to use a mandolin is to read the instructions contained in the instructions for use.

Although most models operate similarly, they may have unique features that you will become more familiar with by reading the instructions provided.

The user manual generally includes instructions on how to properly configure the mandoline, how to adjust the blades to obtain the expected thickness, how to change the blades … You will also find tips for cleaning the tool in the rules of the art and store it, etc.

Check the correct assembly and always use the handguard

Before you start using a mandolin, always take care to check that it is properly assembled and ready for use. Also, use the handguard to guide food along with the cutting platform until it comes into contact with the blade.

Use a glove

No matter how effective the handguard of your mandolin is, it is never a bad idea to wear a cut-resistant glove when using it.

Sliding the mandolin can cause serious injury. It is true that wearing a glove does not offer all-risk insurance, but it is necessarily useful additional protection.

Leave the last pieces of food

This could tempt you to try to slide the last pieces of your vegetables or fruit on the ramp, but this maneuver can be dangerous, in that it brings your fingers closer to the sharp edges of the blade.

It is therefore better for you to waste a small portion of your food to preserve the integrity of your fingers.


Even if the model is declared dishwasher safe, it is still better to clean it by hand. And for good reason, the soaps used in dishwashers tend to dull the blades, which may affect their sharp effect. Conversely, hand washing will keep the blades in perfect condition.

Anyway, always take care to clean your mandolin immediately after each use, because if you allow time to pass, the food remains will adhere to the platform and the blade, which is likely to make cleaning more difficult.

Regarding the actual cleaning, it is recommended to use lukewarm or hot water and a small amount of soap.

The cleaning of the blade must be done against the direction of the cutting edge. As for the other parts of the mandolin, they too must be washed gently.

Once clean, allow your mandolin to air dry completely or with a clean towel. Note that if you neglect the drying step, this could lead to corrosion of the blade, making your mandolin unusable very quickly.

What can you cut with the mandoline slicer?

The mandolin excels in cutting potatoes for preparing fries. It is also used to obtain evenly sliced ​​vegetables. The mandolin can be used for pickles and for cutting eggplant, tomatoes, or carrots.

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