The 4 Best Induction Hobs UK Reviewed [2021]

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What would you think if I told you that finding induction hobs that are not at all difficult? All you have to do is read the rest of this article we have reviewed the Best Induction Hobs UK that you can possibly acquire.

For you, we have spent more than 80 hours researching and testing different models in order to offer you the best. We assure you that they are efficient, versatile but also very stylish.

Best Induction Hobs UK – Reviewed

1. Tefal IH201812

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To achieve the best dishes, you undoubtedly need an excellent induction hob. And on this subject, the Tefal brand does not need to be redone. With this new model, the brand once again reiterates its know-how in the high-end category in this test.

With its remarkable power, the induction hob allows you to quickly prepare your dishes while offering you safe cooking. This with 9 possible cooking levels, from 450 to 2100 W. You can be sure that you have the type of cooking you need for each of your preparations.

This induction hob offers precise temperature control that allows you to have exactly the ideal temperature for simmering, browning, reheating a bowl of milk, frying, or boiling water. All you have to do is select the dedicated program on its digital dashboard.

Of course, those who prefer to cook to their liking can switch to manual mode at any time. Its programmable timer option can give you up to 2 hours of cooking time.

As the induction hob is quite light, around 2.3 kilograms, it is easily transported for a very versatile mode of use. To prepare your meals in the kitchen or for a small improvised barbecue in your garden, this appliance will perfectly charm you.

On the aesthetic side, its black ceramic plate gives it a very elegant air in addition to resisting scratches. To clean it, you only need a simple wipe of the sponge.

2. Aigostar Blackfire

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You definitely want to invest in a reliable induction hob that offers a very good price. And you deserve the best. This is why we have put this model of the Aigostar brand in this comparison. With its practicality and efficiency, this attractively priced induction hob has it all.

Equipped with a digital touch screen, it will be easy for you to select the temperature you need to prepare your meals. Whether you want to heat, cook, or grill, all you need is simple quick manipulation.

But still, you have the choice between 10 power levels for a precise type of cooking. If the temperature reaches too high a level, the induction hob is equipped with a safety system that will immediately shut it down.

Here, safety is essential. In addition, the device is equipped with an ingenious device intended to put children away from any risk of burns.

A timer function will allow you to obtain an exact cooking time or to keep your dishes or drinks warm on the plate. You then have up to 3 hours of continuous cooking.

Its black color gives it a very sober aesthetic, which lets it easily find its place in your kitchen. Its exclusive design alone is a guarantee of its high quality. To find the right combination of the best value for money, this induction hob is an excellent candidate.

3. Severin 1071

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The use of the induction hob has become a real trend because of its great practicality and efficiency for cooking dishes quickly and without dirtying. Once again, the Severin 1071 induction hob offered in this comparison reminds us how this state of affairs is still relevant today.

At first glance, the induction hob is made from quality material, glass-ceramic, which makes it easier to clean after each use. But again, this material prevents burnt food that sticks to the plate.

For the preparation of your meals, you can adjust the temperature in 10 stages to rise from 60 ° C to 240 ° C. Thus, it will not be difficult for you to reheat, cook, fry, or grill your food. The heat then passes directly to the bottom of the pan, avoiding the loss of energy by dissipation.

For more convenience of use of the induction hob, the brand has also equipped its appliance with a timer function which offers you up to 3 hours of cooking with a sound signal and automatic shutdown. All this adjustable on a sensitive control with a digital display for easy and pleasant handling.

Its reasonable size and great lightness allow it to be transported without difficulty. You can place it on the table to keep your meals warm. According to user reviews, this is one of the real strengths of this induction hob.

4. Triomph ETF1525

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As it is not always easy to choose the best induction hob, we made it easier for you by including the Triomph ETF1525 induction hob in our test. With its very impressive aesthetic being ultra-thin and its various options, the induction hob can only be placed among the best induction hobs. Apart from posting a very reasonable selling price.

With this induction hob, you will spend pleasant moments in the kitchen because it is remarkably easy to use. On its sensitive controls with digital displays, all you need to do is select the temperature you need. For this, the induction hob lets you choose between 10 temperature levels with an automatic shut-off system in the event of overheating.

If you don’t want to check the simmering of your food all the time, simply activate the timer mode on the induction hob which gives you up to 3 hours of cooking. So leave all the work to your cooker with the assurance that in no case will your dishes be burnt on your induction hob.

The ultra-slim 40mm size of this induction hob allows it to be easily installed on your worktop without requiring a lot of space. Thanks to this specificity, many favorable user reviews have been attributed to this table. To prepare your meals or to heat your dishes, this induction hob will show you its great practicality.

Best Induction Hobs UK – Buying Guide

As with any investment, you must first determine your expectations before you start buying the best product. The choice of your induction hob is no exception to the rule since this is an induction hob that you will use for a while. So here are some details to review when choosing the best induction hob.

Table Top or Portable

The induction plates offered on the market are either tabletop or portable. It is then up to you to choose the one that suits you the most according to your needs.

If you prefer to cook only in the kitchen and you have a more or less generous worktop, then a table-top induction hob will amply satisfy you. On the other hand, if you sometimes want to enjoy a meal in your garden or if you go camping often, a portable induction hob is ideal for you.

Number of Outbreaks

Depending on your preparation habits, you can opt for an induction hob with several hotplates to allow you to put on the fire several containers at the same time. In general, you have to see the maximum power provided by the plate to make sure that each fireplace is independent. An efficient plate equipped with 2 lights can thus provide a power of 4000 W.

If you find that 2 lights are too little for you, don’t worry! Like the cooker in our comparison of the best induction hobs, you can very well find a 4-burner induction hob on the market. To heat, cook, fry, or grill your food outdoors, an induction hob with a single fire will do the trick very well.

The Main Options

To help you find which induction hob to choose, pay attention to the different options that the appliance has to offer.

Like those mentioned on our induction hob test, we can notably mention the automatic shutdown system in case of overheating, the locking system for children, and the detection of breakdown or malfunction.

Note that the best induction hob can offer you all of its options in one.

How Do Induction Hobs Work?

Induction hobs are very popular today with homes to have a very well equipped kitchen. They owe their popularity to their power and the fact that they offer very safe cooking.

In this comparison of the best induction hobs, we are going to explain how they work to make you better understand this technology and thus allow you to more easily choose the best induction hob that you need.

An induction hob, therefore, works thanks to a copper coil that emits a magnetic field. This coil will produce waves which will only heat the container placed on the support. As soon as the container is removed, the induction hob will automatically stop working. This considerably minimizes the risk of burns.

The best brand of the induction hob is often equipped with an automatic shut-off system in the event of overheating, as in the case of the induction tables suggested on our ranking.

Since the power of the induction hob is adjustable, it can have a power ranging from 50 to 4000 W or even 7000 W for large induction hobs. Instant heat is thus more reactive than gas cooking. And as the induction hob does not cook around the container, there is no risk of the items thrown during cooking leather.

An induction hob can have several hotplates by offering 2 burners or even 3 independent burners. One of the distinguishing points of the best induction hob is also the fact that it is silent.


We hope that this review of the best induction hobs  UK will help you greatly in making your choice on the best models. It is now up to you to have your opinion on the different appliances in this ranking and to see concretely the level of efficiency and practicality of the stove of your choice.