Best Ice Cube Maker UK

The 5 Best Ice Cube Maker UK Reviewed [2021]

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Looking to buy the Best Ice Cube Maker UK? Spend less time making ice for all your cold drinks with the ice maker. The ice maker is essential to make your small parties or simple moments of relaxation with family or friends a success.

This kitchen equipment will give you the possibility of making small ice cubes to pleasantly refresh your drinks, in summer and winter. It’s the perfect machine for getting ready-to-use drinks for your champagne bucket.

Looking to buy an ice maker but don’t know which model to choose? We have collected the best ice cube maker of the moment to enlighten you of your choice.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

H.Koenig KB15 Ice Cube Maker Machine, 3.3 Litre, Silver
Daily production capacity: 15kg; Production cycle: From 6 to 13min; Removable ice cube tray

Best Ice Cube Maker UK – Reviews

1. H. Koenig Kube KB15

The H.Koenig brand will never cease to surprise us by offering the best kitchen appliances, and the H.Koenig KB15 ice cube maker is proof of this. This device has the capacity to deliver ready-to-use ice cubes in just 6 minutes.

But you can also choose the slow cycle which is 15 minutes. Thanks to this device, you will have the possibility of making 3 sizes of ice cubes: small, medium, and large according to your desires. Its 3.3-liter tank allows it to produce up to 15 kg in 24 hours.

Thanks to its power of 150 Watts, the H.Koenig KB15 is quiet. It is practical in particular with its integrated clock, its adjustable automatic stop function, and its control screen which will allow you to manage the production of ice cubes or programs in advance.

2. Lagrange 489002

You need ice cubes without difficulty and always available, the Lagrange 489002 is made for you! This ice maker is easy to start, it does not require any connection to a water supply, you just need to fill the tank.

Thanks to its intuitive control panel you can easily choose the size of your ice cubes. For this, it offers two sizes of ice cubes (small or large) to select according to your expectations.

A water shortage indicator is also integrated to simplify its use. This device has a fast operation that allows it to produce up to 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours or 9 ice cubes in 8 minutes.

With its transparent cover, you will have no difficulty in monitoring the production process of your ice cubes.

3. ThinkGizmos TG20

The ThinkGizmos TG20 icemaker is appreciated for its multiple functions. It offers three options for ice cube sizes (S, M, and L) which you can easily select as desired.

This appliance also has a water and ice level detector that alerts you when the water tank is empty or the ice compartment is full. It is an ice machine without plumbing that you can, therefore, transport easily in your office or for professional use.

The ThinkGizmos TG20 offers an output of 12 to 15 kg / 24 hours, i.e. ice cubes in just 10 to 15 minutes. It is equipped with a window that allows you to view the production of ice and comes with a scoop. Compact, it will easily find its place in all kitchens.

4. Klarstein ClearCube

The Klarstein ClearCube occupies fourth place in our ranking for its ergonomics. This ice maker is simple to use thanks to its easy-access control panel which allows you to choose the size of ice cube to make and to know if the ice cube tray is full or the tank is empty.

It also has a status, a clock, a timer, an automatic stop function as well as a standby and recharge alarm so that you can go about your business without having to monitor the production of ice cubes.

This ice maker is capable of generating up to 13 kg of ice in one day, or 9 pieces of ice in 10 minutes. Its LED control screen will give you the opportunity to know the production conditions with ease.

For convivial evenings, car trips, and picnics, the Klarstein ClearCube will be your best ally.

5. Klarstein Mr. Black-Frost

The Klarstein Mr. Black-Frost completes our list of the best ice makers of the moment. It is a 12.8 kg device that will meet your ice cube needs in an optimal manner. It has non-slip feet that provide great stability during use.

Thanks to its advanced technology, this device is easy to use and adapts perfectly for both domestic and professional use. You have the choice between 3 sizes of ice cubes according to the intended use and your desires.

It has an adjustable timer from 0.5 and 19.5 hours. Once you have filled the tank and started the appliance, the first ice cubes can be collected in its collecting tray after only 6 to 15 minutes.

With the reduced size of this ice maker, it will store easily in your kitchen or table without cluttering. Practical, the Klarstein Mr. Black-Frost tells you about the time and the mass of ice produced.

Best Ice Cube Maker UK – Buying Guide

To obtain ice cubes in a few minutes, you need a good appliance. Before buying an ice maker, it is always essential to learn about the quality and it is there to help you with your choice.

Do I need an ice maker?

This is an important question to ask yourself before investing in this kitchen appliance. If you have a restaurant, bar, etc. having an ice machine is really advantageous.

This machine will allow you to get ice cubes at all times and keep them efficiently to serve all your cocktails and other cold drinks. With this device, the production of your ice cubes is optimal, whatever the demand.

In the context of home use, think about the consumption of your home before making a decision. Do you often organize parties and need large quantities of ice cubes?

Or your freezer is not producing enough ice to meet your family’s needs? You will, therefore, need an ice maker. But, be sure to choose a model that fits your needs.

To choose the right ice maker, you must take into account the following criteria:

Capacity in ice and water tank

This is a significant element when you want to get an ice maker. Find out how much ice the appliance can produce in one round and in one day. And choose the one that will best meet your needs.

With regard to the tank, the capacity is between 2 to 3.5 liters approximately. The choice must depend on the frequency of use of the appliance as well as the number of people who will benefit from the ice cubes.

Speed ​​of ice production

It is essential to choose an ice maker capable of delivering ice on the same wavelength as you. This means that if you want to have ice cubes quickly, you must choose a device that will allow you to obtain ice cubes in a short time.

Be aware that some models are able to satisfy you in less than 10 minutes. It is also interesting to buy a powerful ice machine that you can program according to your needs.

Choice of ice cube size

Ice machines can offer you up to 3 sizes of ice: Small, medium, and large, which you can select according to your desires and the intended use.

Presence of a water filter

Some models of ice makers have a water filter, which means that drinking water can be used directly without having to filter it first. This is interesting to save time, especially if you plan to use the device during an outing or a trip.

To avoid wasting a lot of time maintaining your ice maker, choose an easy-to-clean model. There are models with an automatic cleaning system which therefore does not require many procedures to accomplish this task.

Others can be cleaned with hot water and a sponge. Also, think about how to drain the ice maker. In general, an evacuation valve ensures the evacuation of the water which remains in the tank easily.


If you opt for an ice maker with a cleaning system, you will not have many tasks to do, just launch the function. Otherwise, drain the ice maker and clean with hot water to disinfect:

  • For the machine body, remove the dirt and then wipe it with a damp sponge.
  • Remove the container and remove the ice inside. And use a mild detergent to clean it and rinse thoroughly
  • To descale the ice maker, please refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Use nickel-free dishwashing detergent, then rinse and purge.
  • For sanitation, do the same process using an EPA approved disinfectant and purge the device.
  • Clean the condenser with a soft brush to optimize its efficiency. You can also use a vacuum cleaner for optimal results.
  • Finally, be sure to replace the water filter every six months so that the machine can produce quality ice and prevent loss of performance.

The operating principle of an ice cube maker is relatively simple. It has a water tank that must be filled and then turned on. A compressor then takes care of cooling and solidifying the water at high speed.

After a few minutes, the first ice cubes can be collected in the recovery bin. Since the operation is automatic, the appliance will, therefore, continue to produce ice cubes as long as it is running and there is water in the tank.

In general, if a condition is not met, the machine switches off automatically (empty tank, etc.).

Does installing an ice maker require any special work (plumbing in particular)?

In the case of some very professional models of ice makers, plumbing work may be required. That said, other models without plumbing can be used wherever you are by just filling the tank.

What precautions should you have when you are not using your ice maker, in winter for example?

When the ice maker is not in use, be sure to clean it thoroughly and place it in a dry, stable place. You can cover it with a soft cloth to protect it from dust.

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