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{Top 5} Best Ice Cream Maker UK Reviews of [2020]

In summer as in spring, the moment lends itself more than ever to the tasting of ice creams, sorbets, and other frozen desserts.

But to be able to consume it, be careful with calories, getting a specialized machine is the solution to satisfy your greedy desires and those of your children or guests, without having to leave your home.

Today, cold storage ice cream makers and ice turbines share the market. If the manufacturing process used is almost identical, each of these appliances has its advantages and specialties, which should be known to make an informed choice.

Similarly, these two devices are the subject of such a rich and varied offer that one could get lost. It is precisely for all these reasons that I decided to devote this guide to the best ice cream maker UK and ice turbines, based on the questions that most often raise these ice machines.

Find their features, the criteria to take into account, as well as my selections of devices which are, in my opinion, the best, from the point of view of performance and value for money.

Best Ice Cream Maker UK Reviews

To facilitate your choice, here is the ranking of all the best ice cream makers. We based ourselves on several criteria: manufacturing quality, capacity, functionality, and of course the price/quality ratio!

1. Krups GVS241

This ice cream maker has received a great deal of positive feedback from users satisfied with its performance. I tested them myself and the Krups GVS241 left me with very good impressions, as much for its intelligent and successful construction as for its efficiency.

Designed with a nice look inspired by the cocotte-minute, this machine adopts fairly compact dimensions, which does not however prevent it from having a bowl whose capacity (1.6 liters) allows to feast up to 8 people. In thirty minutes, at most, you get 100% natural ice creams and sorbets.

The operation of the GVS241 being by the accumulation of cold, the tank must, therefore, be placed in the freezer for 10 to 12 hours, to be ready for use.

It has the distinction of restoring the cold for a perfect success of the desserts and keeping it perfectly, so that we can make up to three rounds, without putting it back in the freezer.

In addition, the results with this ice cream maker live up to expectations and you can be sure that your ice creams and sorbets are perfect.

The Krups GVS241 shares with the other machines in my selection ease of use which gives pleasure in making frozen drinks, without being afraid of missing them.

The manufacturer has in fact provided a small electronic screen, placed above its engine block, and acting as an on / off indicator. There are also audible end-of-preparation alarms, along with an automatic stop function.

2. H. Koenig HF320

This ice cream maker is the most complete and practical I have tested. And for its reasonable price, we can be satisfied with having a high-performance machine, simple to use and which offers results of professional quality.

The H.Koenig HF320 is ready at all times to make ice creams of all kinds, sorbets, or even granita.

For this, it is equipped with an independent cold group, thanks to which you no longer need to wait to freeze the tank for hours, before any use. With its 180 Watts, this ice turbine is one of the most powerful on the market.

In addition, this great power is put to good use thanks to the advanced technology built into the machine to get the best performance from it, whatever recipe you want to make.

We thus find a blade whose engineering has been designed so that your preparations contain the least lumps and crystals possible. Easy to use, despite its sophistication, the HF320 has a very simple and intuitive user manual.

Low noise, compared to most ice turbines, it allows you to obtain real delights after a preparation time of between 10 and 60 minutes, depending on the recipe, the quantity, and the temperature of the ingredients.

Like all turbines, the H.Koenig HF320 is rather heavy and bulky. His size has however studied so that we can find him a place without much difficulty.

3. Seb IG500131

Seb seduced me once again with this ice cream maker packed in an attractive look in a compact format. In just 30 minutes, this device, very easy to use, takes you out of ice creams, sorbets, yogurts, or other frozen desserts, both creamy and soft.

It relies for this purpose on its intelligent design designed to guarantee a homogeneous distribution of cold. Its accumulator bowl has a capacity of 1 liter, which should be enough to treat up to 4-5 people.

The Seb IG500131, whatever the sorbet, ice cream, or frozen yogurt recipe, guarantees results without crystals. You can give up on all your frozen cravings with Gelato.

An ice cream maker that allows you to produce a wide variety of recipes: ice creams, sorbets, and frozen yogurts; and ensures a homogeneous texture without crystallizing. Its compact size fits any type of freezer.

4. Klarstein Sweet Dreams Ice Cream Maker

Versatile compressed ice cream machine to render tasty prepared naturally Frozen yogurts or ice cream. Family size: Prepares ice cream up to 1.5 liters without pre-cooling thanks to a strong refrigeration device with compression.

Fast activity by two buttons with a digital monitor, adjustable timer, and refrigeration upon preparation function.

Finally, Ice cream time! Anytime delicious ice cream! With the sweet Klarstein ice cream maker dreams, delicious ice cream, and yogurt specialties such as fruit and vegetables.

You can make fluffy ice cream or frozen yogurts in no time. Completamente independent Small and big food lovers will get their money’s worth out of the season.

The Klarstein Sweet Dreams is a genuine turbo-ice machine that can solidify to 1.5 liters of delicious creamy ice cream made from a selection of ingredients in a one-hour thermal container.

This guarantees a perfect refreshment during hot days and great fun at birthdays for kids-as well as the nice feeling you’re already getting remember that even the finest ice cream flavors make their way in.

This makes it happen very easy to cater to personal taste preferences and any food restrictions, like as resistance to lactose, or allergies.

The ice cream machine does all of that for an incredibly economical fuel output of just 150 watts.

5. Cuisinart Ice Cream and Gelato Maker

There is no replacement for tasty homemade ice cream produced using fresh products of your choosing.

The instant freeze bowl means no need to pre-freeze in advance so you can prepare your favorite frozen desserts batch by lot, each ready in as little as 40 minutes.

The machine comes with 2 specialist mixing paddles that will give your frozen dessert the perfect texture. The ice cream paddle puts in more air while mixing to give a lighter feel to ice cream.

The gelato paddle is perfect for gelato and sorbet, incorporating less air and a silkier, softer texture leaving the gelato denser than ice cream.

You may eat your dessert instantly at the completion of the churning, whether you want a soft serve, or the system can hold your dessert frozen for another 10 minutes as you move to the freezer to appreciate a firmer consistency later on.

The Features of Ice Cream Makers

The market for ice-making machines is made up of two main families of machines: ice-cream makers with cold storage which require an external source of cold, and self-contained ice-cream makers, or ice turbines, which produce the necessary cold themselves to the formation of drinks.

However, whatever the type, there is always a bowl intended to receive the preparation, and a pale one which brews the latter by rotational movements, controlled by the engine block, once the appliance is powered up.

The homogeneity of the preparations depends on the effectiveness of the blades. And the most efficient arms make it possible to obtain drinks totally without crystals.

The operating principle of machines for making ice creams, sorbets, and other frozen drinks is almost identical; the only fundamental difference being related to the source of the cold.

While with ice-cream makers, the tray must be put in the freezer beforehand for several hours (between 10 and 15 h, depending on the model), before being able to generate the cold, the ice turbines are always ready to use, because they have an integrated cold group which makes them miniature freezers.

Thus, these refrigerating ice cream makers give you the possibility to chain the production of your ice creams and sorbets at will – and in large quantities -, unlike accumulation ice cream makers whose conservation of cold allows at most three rounds in a row.

That said, in addition to these two large families of ice cream machines, there are other types such as the simple ice cream maker, which is however becoming increasingly rare.

Not very practical, it must indeed be placed in the freezer once the preparation has been poured into the tank, but with the constraint that it must at the same time be supplied from the mains.

There is an outlet at the freezer for the outlet of the power cable. Not only is the implementation of such a system complicated, but the ice cream maker can be particularly bulky in the freezer.

Best Ice Cream Maker UK – Buying Guide

Anyone purchase of an ice cream maker or ice cream maker must first take into account the specifics and advantages of each of these types of ice machines.

That said, there are certain parameters that you should not lose sight of, to be sure of making the ideal choice. For my part, when buying my ice cream maker I based myself on the following aspects:

Frequency of use

If you want to make ice cream occasionally, an ice-cream maker with cold accumulation should do the trick, because it is more economical. But for more regular use, I advise you to seriously consider the purchase of an ice turbine.

The latter is in fact designed to accompany you for a long time and give you the opportunity to chain the preparation of your ice creams and sorbets at will and for a large number of people.

Dimensions of the device

your choice of ice machine must take into account the space you have. In general, the structure of the ice cream maker is less bulky than that of ice turbines.

These must be installed on the worktop so that you can always have them on hand. For ice cream makers, however, you can store them in the cupboard and take them out if necessary.

Also, take care to check the dimensions of their cold storage bowl to make sure it can easily fit into your freezer.

Bowl capacity

If you choose an ice cream maker, you will have the choice between models whose bowl has a capacity varying between 1 and 2 liters – knowing that with a liter you can treat up to 6 people. However, with an ice turbine, the capacity of the tank can even exceed 3 liters.

Cooling times

In order not to waste time waiting for the tank to cool in the freezer before any use, ice turbines are of course the best choice.

However, if your budget is tight and you choose the cold storage ice cream makers, pay attention to the cooling time of the accumulator bowl.

Generally, for it to be ready for use, you have to wait between 10 to 15 hours, even if manufacturers make the effort to reduce this time to 8 hours on average.

Preparation time

this parameter varies according to the recipe, the temperature of the ingredients, but also the number of frozen drinks. On the market, the devices offered generally require between 20 and 40 minutes to get out of delicious ice cream.

In addition, some models like the HF320 from H. Koenig, which I tested for you, are equipped with a wheel thanks to which we can play on the preparation time.

When this time has elapsed, almost all ice cream machines will stop automatically.

Other criteria

in case you are looking more for an ice turbine, I recommend that you pay attention to the power of the machine because this parameter affects the performance (notably cooling speed) of the integrated cooling unit.

The models currently available on the market give you the choice between 150 and 280 Watts.

The Advantages of Ice Cream Makers

There are many advantages to having ice cream makers or turbines. First, you master all the ingredients in your desserts and say goodbye to ice cream containing preservatives, colors, and other chemical elements.

And like all homemade products, you no longer have to step outside before enjoying yourself and save money as a bonus. With these devices, you prepare the quantity you want and as soon as you feel like it.

Better still, you can give free rein to your imagination to create your own perfumes or add seasonal fruits.

What I can Prepare with My Ice Cream Maker

Apart from the huge variety of sorbet and ice cream recipes – ranging from the classic to the most original – that can be made with an ice cream maker, having this appliance allows you to try other types of gourmet delicacies at home, such as :

Frozen Popsicles or Eskimos

Pour a mixture of mixed fruits into your device. Leave to set for a few minutes and then spill the mixture into Eskimo molds.

Then wait a quarter of an hour before inserting ice cream sticks into each of the popsicles. Finally, let the mixture frost in the fridge before going on to the tasting.

Yogurt Ice Cream

Mix the honey and the sugar with yogurt previously left in the freezer for about ten minutes. Cool the new mixture obtained for 30 minutes and pour it into the ice cream maker.

A few minutes later, you get delicious yogurt ice cream. In addition, you can also make granita, as well as a variety of frozen desserts.

My Personal Opinion on Ice Cream Makers

Apart from their many advantages, some of which I mentioned above, I really appreciate the very simple instructions for using ice cream machines.

Ice-cream makers with refrigeration or refrigeration (ice turbines), the operating principle is the same: you pour the preparation into the bowl, switch on the appliance and the machine takes care of everything.

After a few minutes – at most 40 minutes – your ice creams, sorbets, and other drinks will set. You absolutely don’t need to be an expert.

That said, I find the cooling time required for ice-cream makers a little long, even if the manufacturers make efforts to reduce it.

Unless you plan ahead – or put the accumulator bowl constantly in the refrigerator – sudden cravings for ice cream cannot be met quickly. This is why my preference is for ice turbines, even if they are more expensive and are bulky.

Ice Cream Making Tips

To get the most out of your ice machine and make your desserts successful, here are some useful tips and tricks:

  • For recipes using precooked ingredients, be sure to cool the mixture overnight before using it. That said, more generally, make sure that your preparations are perfectly cold before pouring them into the ice machine, while not filling it, because by cooling the volume increases.
  • When you want to improve the consistency of your preparations, you can pour them in an airtight bowl and put it in the freezer for two hours. By doing so, you will have results as smooth and consistent as industrial ice cream, with preservatives.
  • The blade must never remain inactive in the refrigerated tank. You must indeed make it turn by starting the engine so that it does not freeze in turn
  • To get softer sorbets, a trick is to put in the preparation of the beaten egg white. If, on the other hand, you want to soften the texture of the ice cream, you can add whole milk or fresh cream.
  • Homemade ice cream should be consumed as soon as possible. However, you can put them in the freezer at -18° C, so that you can dispose of them within fifteen days at most. In addition, desserts stored in the freezer harden quite naturally, and to regain their smoothness, remember to mix them before consuming them. For this purpose, put them in the refrigerator once removed from the freezer, so before the actual mixing.

My Favorite Ice Cream Making Recipe

Since I have an ice cream maker, I have fun trying a variety of ice cream and dessert recipes, without worrying about missing them.

And this, for the great happiness of my children. However, pistachio ice cream is the recipe that has been unanimous among me. My kids, my partner, and I love it and it takes an average of 35 minutes to make.


Here we are at the end of my guide of the ice machines. I hope it will have given you enough tools to make your choice with full knowledge of the facts.

Whether you are looking for a cold storage ice cream maker or an ice cream maker, the offer available on the market is particularly dense and you will surely find it for you.

For that, do not hesitate to document yourself (functionalities, features, customer reviews) on the machines that you have targeted and to consult my selections of the best ice cream maker UK.

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