Best Fondue Sets UK

The 6 Best Fondue Sets UK Reviewed [2021]

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Fondue is one of the family dishes par excellence! Fondue with cheese, chocolate, Burgundian, Savoyard … this is a rich and tasty dish that appeals to young and old during convivial moments in winter.

Thanks to the fondue maker, you can prepare your fondues quickly and easily. But you still have to find the best device. This choice is not obvious with the many models available on the market.

However, we have put together this buying guide to help you find the Best Fondue Sets UK that suits your needs.

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Severin Fondue Chrome Black
1.25 liter removable stainless steel pot; 8 fondue forks; variable thermostat; splash guard with fork supports

Best Fondue Sets UK Reviews

1. Riviera & Bar QC040A

We start our list of the best fondue sets with the Riviera & Bar QC040A. This appliance is particularly appreciated for its cast-iron stove which is both resistant and easy to clean.

Thanks to its design and its weight, you will have the possibility of moving it outside for convivial moments in the garden or on the terrace.

This device will allow you to make good fondues at a good temperature quickly especially by its great power.

This model has a non-slip edge for easy and secure use as well as an adjustable thermostat that you can adapt according to the type of fondue to make.

Whether you are fond of cheese, Savoyard, or even chocolate fondues, the Riviera & Bar QC040A will be able to accompany you.

2. Lagrange 349001

The Lagrange 349001 is one of the most purchased fondue machines on the market. It is particularly attractive for its performance and robustness.

With a power of 900 Watts, this equipment will be able to prepare all types of fondues ensuring a perfect result.

Its adjustable thermostat with 5 positions allows it to adapt to all the fondue recipes that exist. To delight your family or friends during your convivial evenings, this fondue set will be your best companion.

Its aluminum tank with non-stick interior coating optimizes its resistance and longevity and facilitates its maintenance.

Thanks to its varnished wooden handles, this model is easy to handle. The Lagrange 349001 comes with 8 forks with wooden handles, which makes it ideal for serving 8 people.

3. Tefal EF351412

We continue our list of the best fading devices in 2018 with the Tefal EF351412. This fondue maker will add a modern touch to your table with its design.

It is able to heat your fondues to a perfect temperature and maintain this constant temperature thanks to the power of its thermostat. The bowl has a non-stick coating, which ensures quick and easy cleaning.

This model stands out with its turntable and ceramic ramekins so that you can place sauces or other food to be fried. This feature will allow you to save space effectively on the table.

In terms of safety, the Tefal EF351412 has a heat-insulated wall to avoid the risk of burns during use.

4. Tristar 2110572

Are you looking for a practical and stylish fondue maker? The Tristar 2110572 is for you. This fondue set has a luxurious stainless steel fondue pan which gives it great solidity and a beautiful appearance.

Associated with a removable base, it is easy to maintain and dishwasher safe. Thanks to its capacity of 1.3 liters and its 8 forks, this equipment is perfect for a family of 8 people.

Practical, it will allow you to prepare both sweet and savory fondues to vary the pleasure. From the traditional chocolate fondue to the different cheese fondues, the Tristar 2110572 is always efficient thanks to the high power of 1400 Watts and its adjustable thermostat.

5. Severin – FO 2400

In fifth place in our ranking, we have the Severin – FO 2400. The German brand Severin is one of the leaders in the market in terms of the quality and reliability of these devices, as this model of fondue device.

For a successful evening with family or friends around a tasty fondue, this equipment will be your best ally.

It combines quality and practicality thanks to its stainless steel design, its projection protection with an attachment for forks, as well as its adjustable thermostat with an anti-overheating system.

Easy to clean, the components of this fondue maker are dishwasher safe. With a capacity of 1250 ml, it is suitable for a family of 8 people. Severin – FO 2400 won’t take up much space on the table thanks to its dimensions and is easy to store!

6. Moulinex EF150811

The Moulinex EF150811 closes our top 6 current fondue sets for its originality. It is an easy-to-use device for sharing highlights around a good Savoyard or Burgundy fondue with the whole family or friends.

Depending on the recipes, you can adjust its thermostat up to 5 positions for an optimal cooking result. Moulinex EF150811 has a non-stick inside and outside, which greatly facilitates cleaning.

It comes with 6 nickel-plated steel forks fitted with insulating handles that are suitable for young and old. Its design will add a touch of originality to your table and allows it to easily integrate into a kitchen with storage.

Impress your guests by offering them a hot and delicious fondue with this Fondue maker from the Moulinex brand.

Best Fondue Sets UK – Buying Guide

To spend pleasant gastronomic moments with your loved ones, you need a quality fondue machine. So make sure you make the right choice! The fondue set, a must for convivial dinners.

To delight guests and spend convivial dinners, nothing beats a fondue! Thanks to a fondue machine, the preparation is done at the table, and each one serves by himself.

With this user-friendly equipment, you will not miss anything to make a good fondue in the rules of the art, whether it is Savoyard fondues (cheese-based), Burgundy fondues (with meat and oil), or more Chinese fondues (based on seafood or fish).

The principle of this dish is simple, soak food in a hot liquid to make it tastier!

The Different Types of the Fondue Set

There are two main types of fondue sets:

The Burner Appliance:

This type of appliance is authentic. It works with dough or methylated spirits, which allows it to be used everywhere. It is also very affordable. However, it takes too long to heat, unlike a device with a thermostat. Since it has a burner, it can be complicated to keep the preparation at a constant temperature.

The Electric Fondue Device:

This type of device works on the mains. The heating time is, therefore, faster than that of a burner appliance. With the power of its engine, this type of device allows several possibilities and ensures a perfect result. It also keeps a constant temperature of your fondue to prolong the pleasure. The only downside, the price is higher.

To choose the best fondue set, several criteria must be considered To choose the best fondue set, also take into account your needs and preferences.

If you are fond of cheese fondues, opt for a device with a cast-iron bowl with an enamel coating to simplify cleaning.  If you prefer Burgundy fondue, choose a device with splash-proof walls to avoid oil stains and burns.


The power of a fondue set can vary from 240 Watts to 1500 Watts depending on the model. Note that the more powerful the engine, the faster the heat time.

If you plan to mainly make Burgundy fondues, be sure to choose a fondue set at more than 1000 Watts to benefit from an optimal cooking result.

The Materials

This is essential for choosing the right fondue maker. Indeed, the robustness, durability, as well as ease of cleaning of this equipment depends greatly on its design material.

On the other hand, the material to choose should also depend on the type of fondue you want to make. For Burgundy fondues, favor cast iron for perfect and homogeneous cooking.

For cheese or chocolate fondues, opt for easy-to-clean materials such as the models with non-stick coatings.

Ease of Cleaning

To facilitate the cleaning of your fondue set, opt for a model with an enameled bowl. These can usually be washed in the dishwasher for quick cleaning.

The operation of a fondue set is not complicated. Whichever model you choose, the principle is quite simple. If you want to make Burgundy fondue, you must put the oil in the tank, plug in the appliance and then add the ingredients.

Once the fondue is ready, simply decrease the temperature to maintain a constant temperature. For Savoyard fondues, no oil needed, just add the ingredients to the tank and start the appliance. Then reduce the heat or the temperature when the fondue is ready.

To properly clean a fondue maker, especially after making cheese fondue, here are some effective tips. First of all, do not hurry to wash it as soon as your evening ends.

Fill the tank with cold water, put the forks in it, and leave to soak overnight. The next day, just remove the water and wash everything with washing up liquid or put it in the dishwasher.

If the appliance is very dirty, do not hesitate to put it in the oven to melt the cheese and get rid of it easily.

Here are the steps to follow to use a burner in a fondue set:

Fill the base of the burner with fuel according to the instructions supplied. The quantity of fuel to be applied here depends on the type of fuel used (methylated spirits, pasta, etc.) as well as the time required for cooking and keeping it warm.

Put the burner cover in place so that it can be moved to the fondue stand without the risk of splashing. Install the burner firmly on the fondue stand and remove the cover.

Light the burner using a match that you must place on the hole in the center and wait for the fuel to catch the flame. Move the burner handle to adjust the intensity of the flame. To extinguish the flame, simply replace the cover.

What oil to use in a fondue maker?

For a successful fondue, you must use a good vegetable oil capable of tolerating high temperatures without producing smoke. You can choose sunflower oil, grape seed oil, or rapeseed oil.

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