The 6 Best Electric Vegetable Grater Reviewed [2021]

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You will probably agree that buying an electric vegetable grater is not that difficult! But finding the Best Electric Vegetable Grater on the market, with quality blades and a reasonable price, seems almost impossible.

How then can you be sure that you are choosing the right one? We are here to help you! The following article contains all the useful information on electric vegetable graters.

Best Electric Vegetable Grater – Reviewed

1. Moulinex DJ753510

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When looking for a great electric vegetable grater, you would want to find a grating machine that is functional and sturdy but is also worth the cost. We therefore highly recommend the Moulinex DJ753510, a model adulated for its unbeatable value for money.

This excellent model from our review of the best electric vegetable graters of 2020 is sure to be efficient and versatile. You actually have at your service a 3-in-1 electric grater that can slice, grate or scrape your carrots or any other vegetable in record time.

Testing this product has shown that it is a fast electric grater to achieve the textures you are looking for, no matter how fine they are, due to its sufficient power of 200 W. You will certainly agree that it is is a very ergonomic model because of its shape and its metal cone which gives the whole exceptional robustness. Especially since the vegetable cutter has a wide chute to make it even easier for you to use.

You can’t dream of a better electric vegetable grater that combines strength and efficiency at a very reasonable price. To make sure you are making a good investment, do not hesitate to buy the superb inexpensive Moulinex DJ753510 model from our review which will satisfy you every time.

2. Philips HR1388 / 80

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If you are familiar with cooking, you certainly deserve professional equipment worthy of your cooking skills. Go beyond your limits in the kitchen with finer, more precise, and more varied shapes and textures thanks to the Philips HR1388 / 80 model from our ranking of the best electric graters of 2020 specially designed for this purpose.

The Philips HR1388 / 80 model in our review has everything of the best electric vegetable grater in terms of versatility and efficiency. You will find your carrots and all kinds of grated, cut, or sliced ​​vegetables in no time thanks to its great power of 200 W. You even have an XL julienne disc which allows you to cut your potatoes in the shape of fries.

You can rejoice in the stainless steel material of the electric grater discs which gives you better safety from a functional and hygienic point of view. Indeed, the product test has demonstrated the increased performance of the accessories and the resistance of the entire appliance, which can be easily washed in the dishwasher to save time and increase comfort.

Many users did not fail to express their positive opinions on the safety provided by this model of the electric grater. Indeed, you have a simple and practical locking system for better protection, especially if you have very young children in your home. To benefit from professional equipment, do not miss the dream opportunity to get this excellent Philips HR1388 / 80 model from our ranking.

3. Duronic FP301

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While you are certainly looking for functional, fast, and efficient equipment to more easily cut and grate your vegetables, you cannot even imagine the great advantage that a fitted model can give you. You will be able to achieve even more textures with great ease thanks to the Duronic FP301 model in our ranking which is incredibly versatile.

With Duronic FP301, you do not only have a simple machine to grate your carrots but also a 3 in 1 machine that allows you to cut your vegetables and even squeeze oranges or lemons to prepare delicious frozen desserts. You will end up with 5 integrated cones to chop, slice and grate your vegetables effortlessly and for a relatively short period of time thanks to a good power of 150 W.

This model has been designed to put you in better health by favoring healthy and balanced preparations inducing vegetables and fruits in all their forms and textures. But still, you get a sleek and tough yet stylish electric grater with a pretty silver finish easily adaptable to your kitchen style.

You can also enjoy better practicality at all levels. Among other things, you have a storage case to keep the accessories safe and avoid losing them. For all it has to offer, this is a model that, on top of that, is really cheap. So don’t wait any longer to get a good quality Duronic FP301 Electric Vegetable Grater.

4. Russell Hobbs 22280-56

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In search of an incredibly functional and efficient material to relieve your work or just for the added comfort to do what you love, the kitchen, you don’t necessarily have to pay a fortune to have this luxury. All you need to do is go for the best cheap Russell Hobbs 22280-56 from our Electric Vegetable Graters review.

Russell Hobbs 22280-56 does its job as an electric vegetable grater perfectly. It provides you with 3 stainless steel accessories that offer you both efficiency and resistance. This gives you the option of fine or thick grating and slicing at incredible speed thanks to the machine’s excellent 200 W power.

This model of electric grater has been specially designed to provide you with the best practicality and comfort of use in the simplest way possible. In particular, you have a fireplace integrated into the appliance to store the cones and save you space. Especially since it is a relatively light product that weighs only 1.656 kg.

Pair the stunning Russell Hobbs 22280-56 Electric Vegetable Grater in a stylish red and black color to add a touch of originality to your kitchen. Then jump at the opportunity to provide you with this inexpensive model of remarkable efficiency and practicality.

5. Ariete 447

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If you have a preference for simple and functional products that border on minimalism without being less effective, you probably need an electric grater of unparalleled convenience. Our classification of the best electric vegetable graters has then carefully selected the Ariete 447 model designed for you.

Ariete 447 gives you enough power of 120 W to quickly and effortlessly grate cheese, dry bread, chocolate, and any other food you need for the preparation of your choice. To do this, you can take advantage of its cordless design with a vertical charging base that gives you incomparable convenience.

The clever design of this electric grater goes hand in hand with its great autonomy which allows you to grate up to 1 kg of cheese without a problem. However, an indicator light is responsible for informing you of the battery charging status to avoid unpleasant surprises.

For even more practicality, it is a removable model whose accessories are dishwasher-safe for enormous time saving and additional comfort.

In search of great functionality, look no further and opt without further delay for the superb Ariete 447 electric grater from our ranking which is a sure bet in terms of practicality.

6. Klarstein Carrot & Rock Salad Cutter Slicer Grater

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If you’ve been looking for a long time for a quick and efficient way to make grating your vegetables, nuts, or cheese the easiest way possible, you absolutely need a practical electric grater that works perfectly. . Know then that the Klarstein Carrot & Rock to find its place in our comparison of the best electric graters by being undeniably functional.

This model of particular practicality gives you 5 sets of blades to slice your products the way you like best, whether they are thin, smooth, thick, or wavy. To do this, you benefit from a sufficient power of 150 W which ensures careful and relatively fast work.

For quick and easy use, you end up with a simple hookup that lets you change blades in no time. You also have the option of landing your products directly in your dish thanks to the high output of the electric grater. You even have a pusher to help you apply the force needed to move food better and safely under the blades.

If you too look forward to benefiting from the advantages of a simple and efficient electric grater in the greatest comfort of use, do not wait any longer to order yourself the supermodel Klarstein Carro & Rock incredibly functional.

Best Electric Vegetable Grater – Buying Guide

Before you start buying an electric vegetable grater, you should be better informed about the little details that could make the difference between the devices most likely to interest you. To do this, you owe it to yourself to consider the most important parameters to guide and motivate your choice.


Manual Grater

The manual vegetable grater was once considered the classic vegetable grater. Despite the evolution of the world and of technology, it remains, nowadays, just as useful insofar as it does not require the use of electricity. This is the type that campers and nature lovers naturally prefer.

In general, there are two types of manual graters: the first includes a swing arm with crossed blades or a hand-cranked food processor for grating vegetables while the second is much more aesthetic to take out especially perfect dice.

Electric Grater

As the name suggests, the electric model requires a connection to a power source. However, it is undeniably more comfortable in the sense that it is much more secure and much more convenient. Some models even provide hands-free mode with many options to make your job easier and to refine your work.


The capacity of the vegetable grater of your choice should be proportional to the number of vegetables you are used to preparing so that the appliance can accommodate the number of vegetables to be grated.

In general, it is always a plus to take a larger bowl even if it costs more. However, if you don’t particularly need it, there is no harm in choosing a smaller bowl if only to make it easier to store the appliance and not clutter up your kitchen.


As a general rule, it is strongly recommended that you choose blades that are sturdy, safe, and resistant to rust and chipping. Therefore, the best option is stainless steel regardless of the vegetable grater you choose.

Indeed, because of its particular resistance, this material is very practical. In particular, it can be put in the dishwasher without the risk of rusting or leaving shards of steel in your food.

BPA Free Product

BPA or bisphenol-A is a chemical that is not beneficial or even dangerous to health. Still, you can easily find it in plastic since it’s used to harden them and give them shape. Therefore, if your body is particularly sensitive to this type of product or you avoid any contact with it, make sure that the product of your choice is completely free of BPA for optimal safety.

Dishwasher Safe

Without being essential, dishwasher compatibility remains an essential parameter for better user comfort. It is one thing to have fun grating vegetables more easily, but cleaning the grater is another since it is not particularly easy to clean due to its function. It is then undeniably advantageous to take a removable model that can be put in the dishwasher for a remarkable saving of time. Hence also the need to opt for stainless steel blades.


Reading this test has surely been of great help to you in helping you find the best electric vegetable grater from our comparison that suits you best. It is up to you to choose the one that will make you happy. Whichever model you choose, you’ll be satisfied with your purchase every time!