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Best Electric Milk Frother UK

Best Electric Milk Frother UK 2021: Top 5 Picks

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Milk frothers are highly underrated when it comes to kitchen appliances. It may not be a necessity, but it is a nice way to top up your tea or coffee.

Electric milk frothers are essential for those looking for good foam texture and consistency.

Some devices have multiple options for adjustments as well, so you can make them just right no matter how much you need that cappuccino in the morning.

Are you addicted to delicious lattes and cappuccinos? Are you tired of spending so much cash at the coffee shop every week? If that is the case, you should a look at our review for the best electric milk frother UK.

What Are The Best Electric Milk Frother UK?

#1 KitchenCraft Le’Xpress Electric Milk Frother Whisk

The Le’Xpress milk frother is perfect for creating froth for a coffee shop-style cappuccino, latte, caffelatte, hot chocolate, or mocha with the touch of a button.

The stainless steel whisk whips the milk into a perfect creamy consistency providing delicious foam for all your favorite coffee drinks.

It’s also great as a small electric whisk for making batters and sauces in the kitchen. The soft-grip handle allows for added control when frothing and whipping.


#2 Bonsenkitchen Electric Milk Frother

The Bonsenkitchen Automatic Milk Foam Maker is a battery-operated hand milk frother that can be used to make creamy, rich foam from fresh or powdered dairy, soy, or almond milk.

Every milk frother comes with one stainless steel whisk and 3 interchangeable mixing rods that are used to create different types of delicious beverages.

This mini blender for coffee can be used as a hot chocolate drink maker for your favorite flavored cocoa powder and milk also as a matcha drink that matches perfectly into your daily life.


#3 Tailiqi Electric Milk Frother

With Tailiqi Milk Frother, you can easily make your favorite drink; hot chocolate, cappuccino, or cold milk. It has two power levels for you to choose from different drinks and can be adjusted to the power of your electric mixer. It is made from stainless steel, which allows the whisk to whip quickly and achieve a high level of air in a short time.


#4 HadinEEon Milk Frother

The HadinEEon Milk Frother, Electric Milk Frother & Steamer for Making Latte, Cappuccino, and Hot Chocolate, Automatic Cold Hot Milk Frother & Warmer (4.4 oz/10.1 oz), Coffee Foamer and Heater are designed to froth or heat milk without the hassle of using a stovetop.

It has a modern and convenient design, which sets it apart from other milk frothers that require you to use a pot on the stove. It is very safe and user-friendly due to the auto shut-off feature.


#5 Nobebird Milk Frother

Hot chocolate, cappuccino, espresso, or latte to go, made in no time at all. The Nobebird Milk Frother steams and froths milk to make delicious cappuccinos, hot chocolates, and lattes. It works with cold and hot milk as well as creamer.

This milk frother comes complete with a non-stick ceramic heater that produces plenty of foam for your coffee or hot chocolate and has an automatic shut-off function. It’s ideal for use in the home or workplace on commercial coffee machines or electric kettles.


How to Choose the Best Electric Milk Frother UK?

Before buying a cappuccino it is good to know which are the most important features to take into consideration. Let’s see the main ones.


There are two types of milk frother: those with a whisk and those with a carafe. Here’s what they differ in:

  • Whip: they mount the milk thanks to a motorized whisk. They are the cheapest, smallest, and most portable cappuccinos.
  • Jug: similar to the Nespresso Aeroccino and the Termozeta milk frother, they are milk frothers that heat the milk thanks to an induction coil and whip it with a motorized whisk. They make the process easier but are more expensive.


Milk frothers are used to create the milk froth and hardly perform other functions besides this. However, the more complete models could allow you, for example, to choose the temperature of the milk.

This could be a very interesting feature, especially if you are too sensitive to the high temperatures of hot drinks. Others, on the other hand, may have a function suitable for cream or for different types of milk.


Materials are important. The best milk frothers are those made of stainless steel or glass since they are hygienic and suitable for food use.

Make sure that the cappuccino has some certificate that certifies its quality, so as to give you the certainty of being made with non-toxic and safe materials.


Milk frother with jug typically has power between 400 W and 650 W. Wattage is a determining factor for the price.

The whip ones, on the other hand, which work thanks to the push of a button, do not require great power to operate. It is also for this reason that they are so cheap.

Ease of use and cleaning

Make sure the milk frother is easy to use. This means that its use must be intuitive and that, once used, the pieces must be washed easily and without too much hassle.

The convenience of use is also affected by factors such as the length of the cable, the presence of a display, or non-slip feet.

Electric Milk Frother Quick Tips

Here are some tips on how to best use a milk frother:

  • When you have the possibility, always set the milk temperature between 65 ° C and 70 ° C: it is important for the final taste of the foam and for its consistency.
  • Never bring milk to a boil
  • The ideal milk to create the foam is whole cow milk because it has a fat percentage higher than 3%. Other types of milk (soy, rice, almond, etc.) do not create an equally dense foam due to.


What is an electric milk frother and how does it work?

A milk frother is a small appliance that whips the milk to create a dense and compact foam. It is used to create cappuccinos at home like the ones you take at the bar.

In fact, it is also called a cappuccino and is an alternative for domestic use to the milk frother of professional coffee machines that use steam at high temperatures. The milk frother for domestic use can be manually or electrically operated.

Is it better to froth hot or cold milk?

This is a secret that all professional baristas unanimously agree on: for a perfect whipping, the milk must be cold from the fridge, and precisely at a temperature not exceeding four degrees.

The contrast between the heat generated by the electric milk frother and the cold of the milk, in fact, is necessary for the milk froth to become dense and compact at the right point.

Does the milk taste different after using the electric milk frother?

No. The milk frother does not alter the taste of the milk and above all the milk does not take on the taste of the plastic components as is sometimes the case with low-quality hand blenders.

The flavor of the foam whipped with a milk frother for home use is exactly the same as you can taste at the bar.

Of course, the flavor of the foam is different from that of the milk: it is a product that has incorporated air and has been heated, but the flavor of the milk only changes in this sense. No problem, therefore, for milk lovers.

How to choose the right electric milk frother?

The choice of the perfect milk frother depends on several factors, first of all, how many people will drink the cappuccino, but also how much time you want to use and the budget available.

In fact, if you are single and on a small budget, you can also opt for a manual model. A little uncomfortable to use, and perhaps not suitable for everyday use, it still offers a good result at a ridiculously low price.

Those who want to save time, on the other hand, can opt for the interlocking or rotating base models, which do not need manual interventions because they are electric.

Generally speaking, both interlocking models already have their own milk jug or container, but in the interlocking models, this container is more capacious and, therefore, more suitable for families.

How to use the electric milk frother in the right way?

Using the electric milk frother is really very simple. First of all, as we have said, it is good to use cold and possibly whole milk. The milk frother, in fact, does not give the best of itself with skim milk or with various vegetable milk.

In the interlocking models, it is necessary to insert the milk into the special container which is then inserted into the upper part where the motor is located.

In the rotating base models, however, the container is already fixed, and it is, therefore, sufficient to insert the milk and start the device.

Finally, in immersion or manual models, just insert the rotating head into the container, dipping it just below the surface of the milk

Final Verdict

In this article, we have provided you with our reviews to find the best milk frother UK for you and your family. Finally, you can enjoy a good cappuccino with a perfect and tasty foam, like that of the bar.

All you have to do is buy the right product for you and then start enjoying special, sweet, and dense moments of relaxation just like a cappuccino.

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