The 6 Best Electric Barbecue UK Reviewed [2021]

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Like many people, barbecue is probably one of your favorite outdoor activities, And to indulge in it, you have several options between gas, charcoal, and electric ones.

Even if they do not operate independently like the gas and coal models, due to the indispensable presence of an electric source, they are nonetheless the most popular, after charcoal barbecues.

And for good reason, the security and joint ownership rules (odor and smoke emissions, neighborhood disturbance, etc.) which govern the use of gas and coal appliances make the electric barbecue a practical alternative, acclaimed for its many advantages.

These are due to its operation which saves you from worrying about the supply of gas cylinders or wood. You just need to identify a source of electrical energy to quickly even put the device in place: after the connection, you must wait a few minutes for it to be operational.

Aside from that, the success of electric barbecues can also be explained by their easy maintenance, as well as their ability to be used practically anywhere. Depending on the characteristics, there is a free choice between outdoor use (in the garden, on the balcony, or the terrace) as well as inside.

For people (especially older people) who are afraid of flames, this is also a great option. An electric barbecue can also experiment with different cooking methods (plancha, grill, griddle, etc.), and meet real cooking needs.

This results in a particularly prolific offer that can confuse you, especially if you are a neophyte. Fortunately, this Best Electric Barbecue UK guide will situate you on the important things to know to make the best acquisition. You will also discover our selection of the best models of the moment.

Best Electric Barbecue UK – Reviews

1. Suntec BBQ-9479

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Designed with a modern design, the Suntec BBQ-9479 plays the card of versatility in that it is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

Mounted on feet with wheels for perfect mobility, this electric barbecue has a cooking head that can be detached from the solid non-slip base for use as a table grill.

In addition to its versatility, the Suntec BBQ-9479 is appreciated for its high output power (up to 2400 Watts) which allows it to be operational as quickly as possible.

This specification also promotes rapid cooking, completely under your control. In this context, you are well helped by the temperature indicator incorporated in the detachable cap.

This allows you to keep an eye on the temperature at all times, adjustable from 50 to 450 ° C in 50 ° C increments. Depending on the recipe, you can adjust the cooking to obtain delicious grills.

Measuring 46 x 35 cm, the cooking plate of the BBQ-9479 has the advantage of being non-stick, which prevents food from sticking.

The presence of a lid to close it promotes quick and homogeneous cooking of large pieces of meat, without drying them. The handle which overhangs it, although in thermoplastic, tends to heat up a bit.

2. George Foreman 22460-56

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Regardless of the weather, the George Foreman 22460-56 allows you to offer convivial moments around grills, with family or friends.

Whether it is installed in the garden, on the terrace, or placed directly on a table or worktop indoors, this versatile barbecue will accompany you in all circumstances, even when it is raining, because it is equipped with a large domed cover to insulated handle.

The latter promotes the particular acceleration of the cooking time. This somehow compensates for the power of 2400 Watts which sometimes turns out to be a little too tight when the food has to be cooked with the lid open.

Moreover, the possibility of adjusting the temperature as needed allows you to control cooking.  You can lower the temperature for grilled fish or halloumi cheese, and increase it for steaks.

To make different recipes during the same barbecue party, this feature is very useful. Without having to lift the lid, you keep an eye on the cooking temperature, the indicator being outside.

Apart from the originality of its design which means that it can be used in all circumstances, inside and outside, George Foreman 22460-56 is appreciated for its large cooking surface (1,500 cm²: 43, 5 cm in diameter).

You can enter up to 15 portions of meat or fish at once. You, therefore, save precious time for the reception of many guests. In addition to being large, the cooktop of the George Foreman 22460-56 has a non-stick coating that simplifies cleaning.

Moreover, its inclination promotes easy elimination of fat in an integrated collecting tank. Removable, the latter can be wiped and cleaned easily in the sink, just like the hob.

3. OneConcept Porterhouse

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Even if you live in a building, you can completely succumb to the temptation of salmon fillets and skewers of all kinds. Our favorite number 5 allows you to organize barbecues on the balcony, even in the rain, or inside your home, smoke-free.

Mounted on support with four robust legs, the OneConcept Porterhouse can be detached from the latter for use in the kitchen. It is therefore an electric barbecue that allows you to make your grills wherever you are, but also to succeed them every time.

If it has a power of up to 2,200 Watts, the OneConcept Porterhouse allows you to continuously adjust the temperature via its thermostat.

Depending on whether it is grilled with fish, meat, sausage, or vegetables, you keep control over the heat and benefit from quality cooking.

The effectiveness of this barbecue is due in particular to the ceramic coating on its plate. This very good choice of material prevents your grills from burning and facilitates the maintenance of the OneConcept Porterhouse after use.

The container for collecting excess fat is very practical. Just like the storage under the barbecue.

Delivered with a user manual translated into several languages ​​including French, this versatile electric barbecue can be easily assembled and disassembled when cleaning or when you want to work in the kitchen.

Simply remove the four-legged support and the rear wind/splash guard. Furthermore, it is regrettable that there is no stop switch: you must necessarily disconnect the power cable.

4. Severin PG 2791

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To get an idea of ​​the energy performance of a barbecue, a simple trick is to relate the power to the surface of the hob.

By doing this exercise on the Severin PG 2791, we understand well the reason why this barbecue of 2500 Watts for a cooking surface of 1066 cm² is widely complimented for its heating performances.

Equipped with a spiral resistance, it not only heats up in no time but also cooks quickly. Whether on the balcony, in the garden, or when used indoors as a table grill, it allows you to prepare delicious grills without a hitch.

You can count on its removable windbreaker for this purpose, but above all on the homogeneous distribution of heat, made possible by the spiral shape of the resistance.

To adapt to a variety of grilling recipes, the Severin PG 2791 is equipped with a thermostat to adjust the cooking temperature.

In addition to its rapid heating performance, this barbecue dressed in an enameled steel body gives you grills with beautiful markings, this thanks to its chrome grille.

The preparations are also made with the little release of smoke and odors. Easy to assemble, the Severin PG 2791 can be cleaned without much trouble, thanks to the removable grid and resistance below.

5. Moulinex BG134812The 6 Best Electric Barbecue UK Reviewed [2021]

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In position 7, we have selected this cheap table barbecue for those on a tight budget. Behind its very compact format which makes it easy to store, the Moulinex BG134812 hides interesting technical characteristics for a model of this price.

It must be said that with a power of 2,100 Watts for a cooking surface of 745 cm² made of steel, this electric grill gives itself the means not only to quickly heat but also to quickly cook meats of all kinds.

Whether indoors or outdoors, the performance of the Moulinex BG134812 will allow you to grill all year round.

Under its grid, a spiral resistance ensures a uniform distribution of the heat, but this last one, unfortunately, cannot be adjusted, because of the absence of an adjustable thermostat. For the price, this is widely understood.

On the other hand is on the program: a grease collecting tray. Removable, it must be filled with water to reduce odors and smoke.

If the simplicity of use and the efficiency of the BG134812 from Moulinex do not make the shadow of a doubt for its price, this barbecue is not without defect.

Its too short power cable (less than 0.60 meters) requires you to use an extension cord. In terms of security, the heat-resistant handles limit the risk of burns during handling and transport.

However, always put water in the fat collector, because in addition to reducing odors and fumes, this also prevents the occurrence of a fire.

6. Russell Hobbs 20950-56

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If you have a tight budget, but above all look for a cooking appliance that will help you vary the meals with family or friends, our latest favorite will certainly interest you.

For an affordable price, the Russell Hobbs 20950-56 pleasantly surprises with its multifunctionality.

He is very clear about versatility, and his concept is emulated. One of the bestsellers in its category, the Russel Hobbes 20950-56 combines the functionality of plancha, grill, and can be used for barbecues outdoors and indoors.

We are therefore dealing with a device that has several strings to its bow. To ensure all its functions, the Russell Hobbs 20950-56 relies on an original design and a thermostat adjustable in five positions.

Usable on feet or directly on the table, this electric barbecue will be enough to cook for the whole family, thanks to its cooking surface of 740 cm ².

The grill and the included plancha are adjustable in height. As the resistance, they are also removable; which greatly facilitates the task of cleaning.

Credited with a power of 2000 Watts, with the possibility of temperature adjustment on five levels, the Russell Hobbs 20950-56 ensures perfect cooking, thanks to the capacity of its resistance to distribute the heat evenly.

Its ready-to-use indicator light, but also its heat-insulated handles make its use user-friendly and secure. It finishes convincing with its practical storage on the bottom.

Best Electric Barbecue UK – Buying Guide

To make the best choice of electric barbecue, it seems important to take into account the following parameters:


This is the first criterion to take into account when buying an electric barbecue. Power generally determines performance and efficiency, these parameters being linked to the heating time of the resistance and the maximum temperature it can reach.

In other words, the higher the power of the electric barbecue, the faster the resistance heats up, and the more the cooking is optimized.

To obtain a short heating time, and both rapid and optimal cooking, choose a model of power equal to or greater than 2000 Watts, especially when it is an open model.

For barbecues with a lid, a power greater than 1000 watts can do the trick. Whichever model you choose, always make sure the thermostat is adjustable.

Cooking Surface

Before choosing the cooking surface for your electric barbecue, think about the number of people you will have to feed. This surface is mostly rectangular in shape, and its size generally depends on the size of the electric barbecue.

For 2 to 5 people, a table barbecue with a cooking surface of 700 cm ² will largely suffice, while you must provide a cooking surface of at least 1000 cm² if the number of people to feed is between 5 and 10.

There are also large electric barbecues with a larger cooking surface for large families or special occasions. To avoid any surprise, opt for a barbecue with a cooking surface above your initial needs.

Ease of Use & Cleaning

Ease of use and cleaning is a criterion that you absolutely must take to heart. The cleaning of electric barbecues is generally easy compared to fuel cooking appliances.

However, some models are more complicated to maintain than others. The maintenance of a pierrade is for example relatively more complex, compared to the grill or the plancha.

The elimination of traces of food and grease may indeed require several washes, without forgetting that the use of unsuitable cleaning products can deteriorate the stone slab.

Moreover, for its maintenance to be easy to carry out, the device should be easy to disassemble. Also make sure that most of the elements of the electric barbecue (plate, grill, drip tray, etc.) can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

The Materials

The choice of the material used to make the electric barbecue, and more specific to the cooking surface, depends mainly on the use you wish to make of it.

We generally find models in stainless steel, cast aluminum, or stone, each of these materials having specific characteristics in terms of aesthetics, solidity, or ease of maintenance.

For an indoor barbecue, opt for a cast iron or stone specimen. These are materials that are more resistant to heat. Electric stainless steel barbecues are perfect for outdoor use because they are more solid and compact.

You can, therefore, move them frequently without fear of damaging them. Steel hobs also have the advantage of better retaining heat and distributing it evenly for better cooking.

The Different Types of Electric Barbecue Grill

There are several types of electric barbecues, mainly classified according to their cooking methods, their design, and the type of use.

Electric Barbecue Grill

It is the classic in an electric barbecue. Electric grill barbecues are generally used for grilling meats and foods that are not a problem to cook.

They are equipped with a resistance surmounted by a grid, with a water tank below to collect fat and meat juices.

Electric Barbecue with Pierrade

Electric barbecues with pierrade are equipped with a stone hob, also known as pierrade. Used to cook without adding fat, they promote better preservation of food flavor.

Electric Barbecue with Plancha

These are electric barbecues offering the method of cooking the plancha. The latter allows you to cook all kinds of food, including the most delicate such as seafood, vegetables, or certain types of fish and meat.

It is the ideal cooking appliance for healthy and dietetic cooking.

All-in-One / Reversible Electric Barbecue

The all-in-one electric barbecue plays the card of multifunctionality and generally fulfills the functions of barbecue on legs or table.

Likewise, its reversible cooking surface has one side for cooking in grill mode and another for plancha mode.

Electric Barbecue for Indoor or Outdoor

Some electric barbecues are specially intended for indoor use, while others are designed for exclusively outdoor or mixed-use (possibility of indoor and outdoor use).

For indoor models, these are generally electric barbecues to be placed on a kitchen worktop, while electric barbecues for external use mostly take the form of a standing appliance.

Table barbecues can be used both indoors and outdoors. The cooking methods for indoor or outdoor barbecues can be the grill, the plancha, or the stone grill.

Electric Barbecues Open / Closed

The majority of electric barbecues currently sold are open models. However, some manufacturers offer devices with a lid, called a closed barbecue.

Although generally a little more expensive than their open counterparts, these barbecues have the advantage of allowing better cooking, due to a homogeneous distribution of heat.

Their lid also allows them to contain splashes of food and fat, to resist the wind, which makes them barbecue suitable for outdoor use. These devices are great for quickly cooking large pieces of meat without drying them out.

What are the advantages of an Electric Barbecue?

Compared to other types of barbecue, the model has several advantages, apart from the fact that it is generally cheaper and has an attractive price/quality ratio.

One of its main assets is indeed its small size, which allows it to be easily moved and placed everywhere (on a terrace, a balcony, or a table in the garden).

Also, you will have no trouble storing it after using it, because, in addition to being small, it is relatively light. It will take up very little space in your kitchen.

Another advantage of electric barbecues is that they are practical and easy to use. You don’t need matches or combustibles let alone handle flames. Just connect your device to a power source, turn it on, and you’re good to go.

Electric barbecue or plancha?

The choice between electric barbecue and plancha depends on your expectations. These two devices have almost the same functionality, with the difference that the plancha allows better cooking, especially with delicate foods to cook.

However, to benefit from both the advantages of an electric barbecue and a plancha, you can opt for an electric barbecue.

Can you use an electric barbecue indoors?

Yes, there are electric barbecues specially designed for indoor use. Lid models are particularly suitable for this type of use. Can we use it on a table?

You can use an electric barbecue on a table, there are also table models that can be placed directly in the middle of the guests during meals. For outdoor use, we generally prefer an electric barbecue placed on legs.

Does the electric barbecue smoke?

The electric barbecue does not use fuel and therefore does not smoke. However, as with a plancha, it produces cooking vapors, which should not be confused with smoke.