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{Top 4} Best Colander UK Reviews of [2020]

Is the colander a must in your kitchen? So, don’t worry anymore! I’ve done some research and brings you a list of the best colander UK available in the market. Read on and you will find the perfect one for your family!

Best Colander UK Reviews

1. Lagostina LAG300A22

The tool of your dreams may be in front of you right now. This Lagostina branded product has all the credentials to represent the ideal tool for your kitchen. It will be extremely convenient to use because it is the size you need to drain the amount of food you want. It is no coincidence that this is considered the best colander you can find in 2020.

It will be easy to wash and store in an accessible place until you need it again. If you belong to that category of users who want only the highest quality and great practicality in the kitchen, then consider this super functional, practical product that you will buy at a good price.

Why buy the product?

22 cm in diameter: with 22 cm in diameter you will have enough space to drain all the pasta you want in one go. Furthermore, the shape makes it easy to manage and store in one of your kitchen shelves.

Wide and comfortable handles: a very important component of the colanders are the handles, which must allow a stable and secure grip. In this case they are very functional because they are large and comfortable, so you will avoid getting burned and having them slip out of your hand causing a lot of damage.

Perfect heat diffusion: it has 3 layers that help generate a perfect heat diffusion. This prevents food from sticking to the structure or walls. In the reviews, users have expressed very good opinions about this magnificent colander.

Stainless Steel: It is made of stainless steel, very strong and durable. It is not suitable for cooking, but it will help you to drain the pasta safely. Plus, the fact that it’s made from premium quality materials makes it a product that will stay in your kitchen for years.

Scratch-resistant surface: It often happens in the kitchen that utensils are hit or scratched by other utensils during use or when stored somewhere. But Lagostina’s unbeatable colander is a very strong object that won’t get damaged that easily.

Dishwasher safe: there is no excuse for not keeping the utensil perfectly clean. You can put it in the dishwasher without worrying about damage or accidents. This is the best colander on the market today and could not deny you this convenience.

Satin finish: the satin finish makes it very refined, a perfect colander to combine with any kitchen. It does not become dull and remains perfectly shiny over the years.

What do we dislike?

It can lose its shape: due to heat it can lose its shape, especially if it gets too close to the flames. As several users say in the opinions, it is advisable not to place the object near the fire but to keep it in a cool place.

2. LiveFresh

Have you ever tried a good micro-perforated colander? If the answer is no, then it’s time to do it. The time you spend in the kitchen will be reduced, thanks to this article that offers you many and interesting advantages. In addition, the built-in solid and durable base allows you to use it in multiple ways and guarantees you great convenience.

Another very advantageous quality of this item is that it offers you excellent value for money and is made by a brand, LiveFresh, which has a long track record. You will have 4.5 liters of capacity, perfect for draining the desired quantities of food. Without a doubt, this is one of the best colanders you will find in 2020.

Why buy the product?

Micro perforation system: thanks to the small holes that characterize the body of the product, you will be able to drain the water faster. Also, your food won’t have a chance to fall out because the holes are very small. You can also let all the water drain without having to tilt the colander.

Coated Handles: Coated handles are very comfortable and safe to use and will allow you to move the colander from place to place very easily. They also provide you with a better grip, reducing the risk of spills or burns.

Quick Drain Ring Base: The base is one of the strong points of the colander, as it offers greater safety. It won’t fall off when you use it, even if you don’t hold it in your hand. In addition, the base also drains the water and this makes the draining process much faster.

Stainless steel: stainless steel is an excellent material for this type of colander because it does not break or get damaged over time. In addition, it offers you a long service life. It does not deform and does not bend and is much thicker than other similar ones.

Functional and beautiful design: Each component of the colander is made to perform a certain function efficiently. Likewise, you will enjoy a very beautiful design for your kitchen, which you can combine with other objects.

Easy cleaning: just put it in the dishwasher and it will be clean and shiny again. No extra effort is needed to get a clean, ready-to-use colander.

What do we dislike?

Susceptible to scratches: This utensil is a little susceptible to scratches, so it is advisable not to store it together with other utensils that can damage it.

3. Cool Kitchen Pro B07FMMMX2YYY

Cool Kitchen Pro offers you a complete set of the colander with multiple uses. That is to say, you will get 3 functional colanders for the price of one. Thanks to these, your food will be immediately ready to be seasoned and served on the table. Each piece, then, is made of silicone and is completely BPA-free, to guarantee you greater safety.

You will be able to drain all the food you need at the same time, because not only will you have a large colander, but you can also use the other two smaller and functional models for other foods. To clean it, just put it in the dishwasher. You will keep it very easily because it is a flexible silicone colander and of such dimensions that it can be stored anywhere without any bulk.

Why buy the product?

Greater versatility: with the purchase of the same product you will receive 3 colanders of different sizes that will help you with different tasks in the kitchen. Even if they can’t handle temperatures that are really too high, it is possible to drain the boiling water from pasta or vegetables without damaging them.

Functional and comfortable handles: the three folding colanders are equipped with handles that are very comfortable to handle and that help not to burn you. You will use these products easily. They pose no risk to you.

Foldable Design: You will have 3 colanders available, but when you store them they will be as one. They can be placed on top of each other to save much more space. Customer reviews about the practicality of the product are very positive.

Made of silicone: Silicone offers heat resistance up to 110 degrees Celsius. It cannot be placed on direct heat sources, but it is possible to filter hot liquids without problems. The silicone is light and easy to handle, so the colander will be really practical.

Guaranteed safety: thanks to the fact that the colanders are made of BPA-free plastic and silicone, they pose no risk to the health of your family and you can use them in the kitchen with maximum safety.

Dishwasher safe: Put them in the dishwasher when you wash them and save precious time for yourself and your family.

What do we dislike?

A little small: they are ideal for small quantities, but for large portions of food they can be a bit small.

Slightly fragile material: it cannot withstand strong heat or fire because it gets damaged. Therefore, make sure not to bring these accessories close to direct heat sources or subject them to high temperatures.

4. iNeibo

The iNeibo brand offers you a practical colander, made of silicone and stainless steel to guarantee greater durability and great flexibility. It has a foldable structure that allows you to save space and conveniently store it in any corner of the kitchen. This article will surely make your life a lot easier.

It is made with 100% resistant materials and has a beautiful design that will allow you to adapt it to your kitchen. It is a convenient and functional product, easy to store and clean after each use. If you’re looking for functionality, this is a great colander to buy, and user reviews confirm it.

Why buy the product?

3 levels of use: it is foldable and you can adjust the height on 3 levels according to the required capacity. The surface is non-stick. Food does not stick when drained.

Efficient water drainage: Thanks to the composite stainless steel design, drainage is much more efficient. In a short time, the water will come out of the holes, without having to move the colander.

Silicone and stainless steel: its quality is excellent because it is made with silicone and stainless steel to be able to make the most of it. On the other hand, the silicone is BPA-free, which gives you all the security you deserve.

Two useful handles: The two silicone ring handles are ergonomic and easy to handle. They prevent you from getting burned or other accidents from happening.

Quality utensils: every element of the colander is of high quality, from the material it is made of to its structure. That’s why you will enjoy a first-class tool that will meet your needs.

Easy to wash and store: Being foldable, it can be stored anywhere without taking up too much space. You can easily wash it in the dishwasher.

What do we dislike?

A little soft: Since it’s made of silicone, it can feel a little too soft and therefore can move or slide. If you pay attention to this detail, there will be no problem.

The base a little unstable: According to some users, the base is not very solid and may not be stable. We recommend that you always place it on a perfectly flat surface.

Best Colander UK Buying Guide

In every kitchen, it is very important to have an excellent colander, which allows you to prepare the most delicious recipes with great ease.

These can be made from various materials and you can find various brands and different prices. To help you choose the perfect product for you, we suggest you read the list below. It summarizes the most important factors that characterize these tools.


Traditional colanders are made of metal materials. Many are made of stainless steel, which guarantees high strength and durability. Other options available on the market are those made with different types of plastic, the most common being silicone. Make sure the latter does not contain additives such as BPA, which are harmful to health.


You can find colanders with different sizes, which will allow you to cook specific quantities of food. There are some very large ones, with which you can drain 4.5 to 5 liters of food, quickly and safely. Others are available in small sizes, between approximately 2.5 and 4 liters. There are many other options and therefore you will have a wide range of choices.


With the colanders on sale today, it is possible to filter not only different types of pasta but also other foods that require washing or cooking. Among these, we can mention vegetables of all kinds, fruit, seafood, and many others. Depending on the quantities you prepare and the types of products, you can choose the right one for you.


As you have seen, there are many possibilities on the market, if we consider the design of the colanders. Some of them have very solid bases that allow food to be filtered much easier. Others have comfortable handles, coated with materials such as silicone or plastic to ensure a good grip. Then there are the folding models. As for the holes, these can be very different in size and position.


After you have finished using kitchen utensils, such as colanders, it is important that their cleaning does not take too much time or effort. Most of them can be put in the dishwasher, so washing them will be a matter of minutes, without any extra effort. Some, however, must be washed by hand, but with a soft sponge and a little soap, you can remove any residue.


To prepare delicious first courses you not only need excellent ingredients but also good utensils. In the kitchen, you need quality accessories that are easy to use. Therefore you must carefully choose the option that suits you best.

As you have already seen, among the best colander UK, you will find different materials and features, famous brands, and prices that adapt to the needs of each buyer. We hope our colander reviews will help you find the best one for your needs.

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