Best Citrus Juicer UK

Best Citrus Juicer UK [2020] – Top 6 Picks

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There is nothing better than making your own orange juice and enjoying the maximum nutritional benefits of this drink. For this, you will need a citrus juicer.

Far from classic citrus juicers, nowadays citrus juicers are more and more modern, efficient, and easy to use.

Do you have a hard time finding yourself with the many models of the best citrus juicer UK on the market? We have especially reviewed this buying guide to help you.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

Philips HR 2752/90
  • Philips Avance Collection Citrus press HR2752/90
  • 8710103381587
  • HR2752/90
  • Electric Citrus Presses

Best Citrus Juicer UK – Reviews

1. Philips HR2752 / 90

Philips HR 2752/90
  • Philips Avance Collection Citrus press HR2752/90
  • 8710103381587
  • HR2752/90
  • Electric Citrus Presses

The Philips HR2752 / 90 deserves the top spot on our list for its performance. This device will allow you to taste orange juice full of vitamins in the early morning. It offers a power of 85 Watts for a quick and perfect result.

With this kitchen equipment, you can make your tasty orange juice effortlessly. It is equipped with an effective non-drip spout to prevent splashes and dirt that can dirty the worktop during preparation.

Ultra silent, the Philips HR2752 / 90 ensures a gentle awakening. Thanks to its innovative filter, this device is easy to clean. It will fit easily into your kitchen thanks to its innovative design. No more expensive and less vitamin orange juice with this kitchen equipment.

  • Innovative design
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy
  • No tank

2. Moulinex PC603D27 Vitapress

Moulinex PC603D27 Vita Press Direct Serve Citrus Press Juicer, 100W
  • Powerful 100W Direct Drive Motor
  • 3 Cones for All Types of Citrus
  • Plastic Filter to Separate the Pulp From the Juice
  • Non-slip Feet Ensures Proper Stability
  • Anti-drip Function Prevents Spillage or Mess

The Moulinex PC603D27 Vitapress is a juicer with a beautiful design and a beautiful finish that will easily find its place in any kitchen.

Behind this appearance, we find a good performance with this device. Indeed, it offers a power of 100 Watts which allows a fast and optimal result.

It comes in the form of a flower pot so you can move it easily. This device has small non-slip brackets that ensure its stability during use.

In addition, it comes with three small cones that allow it to adapt to the size of your fruit and easily stack for optimal storage.

Thus, you can use the Moulinex PC603D27 Vitapress whether it is to squeeze oranges, large grapefruits, tangerines, or even lemons.

  • Nice finish
  • Very convenient
  • Heavy

3. Kenwood JE290

Kenwood JE290 Citrus Press Electric Citrus Presses Electric (White)
  • The JE290 citrus press gives effecient functional juicing of all types of citrus fruits, and has a sturdy elegant design and a strong long-lasting stainless steel filter.
  • The remaer, filter, dust cover and the jug are all dihwasher safe, enabling quick and easy cleaning after juicing. Colour: White
  • Wattage: 40W Citrus Press/Juicer
  • Dishwasher Safe Parts Body Material: Plastic
  • Capacity: 1L Speeds : 1

We continue our list of the best juicers of the moment with the Kenwood JE290. This device is particularly appreciated by its transparency which makes it possible to keep an eye on the quantity of juice obtained.

Thanks to the capacity of its 1-liter bowl, this juicer will give you the possibility of preparing fresh fruit juice and vitamins for 5 people.

The dimensions and weight of this model make it easy to handle and store. It has a double rotating cone that will be able to extract all the juice contained in your fruit efficiently.

The components of this equipment are easy to maintain and are dishwasher safe. Another advantage, the Kenwood JE290 is economical since it does not consume a lot of energy and makes your juices in no time.

  • Optimal storage
  • Easy to use
  • Noisy
  • Lets a lot of pulp pass

4. H. Koenig AGR80

H.Koenig Presse-Agrumes 160W Inox AGR80
  • Powerful articulated arm
  • Product weight: 2.1 kg.
  • Anti-drip system
  • Silent device
  • Stainless steel body
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe
  • BPA free
  • Power: 160W
  • Warranty : 2 years

We continue our selection by the H.Koenig AGR80. This is an ergonomic juicer that will allow you to make your morning orange juice with ease. Its stainless steel coating gives it an elegant design and great longevity. Thanks to its size, it will fit easily in your kitchen without cluttering up.

This device is perfectly stable thanks to its small integrated supports. With a great power of 160 Watts, it will be able to extract your juices in no time without any effort on your part. You just have to cut the citrus fruit, put it on the cone and start the device.

The H.Koenig AGR80 serves your juice directly through its spout. The components are dishwasher safe for easy maintenance. Make juices full of vitamins and nutrients efficiently with this device.

  • Robust
  • Efficient
  • Noisy
  • Lets a lot of pulp pass

5. Moulinex PC300B10

The Moulinex PC300B10 comes in fourth place on our list for its efficiency. With and device, you will be able to prepare your citrus juices in an easy way. You have the choice between a plastic filter and a metal filter to prepare fruit juices with or without pulp.

It has a two-way rotating cone that ensures a good amount of juice from your citrus fruits. Easy to use, a simple press on the cone is enough to start the extraction. This juicer has a protective cover that protects it from dust.

This allows you to use it immediately without having to rewash it. The Moulinex PC300B10 will be your best ally for preparing tasty and beneficial citrus juices for the whole family.

  • Compact
  • Effective
  • A little fragile
  • Noisy

6. Moulinex Ultra Compact

We end our list with the Moulinex Ultra Compact. It is an ultra-compact and stylish juicer model that will fit easily into any kitchen. It has an automatic on/off function. So, you just need to lightly press the citrus fruit to turn the device on.

This device is easy to disassemble and clean, the parts can go in the dishwasher. Thanks to its weight of 450g, this device is easy to handle. The protective cover of the cone allows it to be used at any time without additional washing.

The Moulinex Ultra Compact is also equipped with a cord that will prevent you from the discomfort caused by the wire during storage. Choose this model of juicer to get tasty and nutritious juice.

  • Ultra-compact
  • Intuitive
  • A little fragile
  • Lacks a little power

Best Citrus Juicer UK – Buying Guide

To choose a citrus juicer, you need to consider the following criteria:

Different Types

There are different types of juicers, each with their own advantages and disadvantages:

Automatic orange squeezer: These are devices for obtaining orange juice without having to cut it. Thus, their use does not require any preparation of the citrus fruit beforehand, which saves time. However, this type of juicer is expensive and the juice obtained can sometimes be pulpy.

Electric citrus juicer: The best ally for upset awakenings, it allows quick and easy preparation while making sure to extract the maximum amount of juice from your citrus fruits. We particularly appreciate the design of these types of devices. That said, you have to cut and squeeze the citrus fruit onto their cone to get a vitamin and flavorful juice.

Orange juice extractor: This is the most popular model because it preserves the nutrients of the fruits in an optimal way. In addition, you will not have to prepare the orange before extraction. The disadvantages of this type of device lie in the noise of their engine and their maintenance.

Manual citrus juicer: We all recognize this citrus juicer used by grandmothers. It is the most affordable on the market. However, its use requires a little effort on your part and we cannot extract the maximum amount of juice from our citrus fruits.

Capacity and Size

If you go for a juicer with a jug, make sure you choose a model large enough to make citrus juice for the whole family. Count around 0.4 liters for two people and 1 liter for 5 people. Also, check the dimensions of the appliance and those of your kitchen to choose a model that can be easily stored without cluttering it.


In terms of juicers, you can find models with a power of only 25 Watts but which are effective. However, if you plan to use the device frequently and squeeze grapefruits with it, opt for a more powerful motor.


Before choosing a juicer, take into account the features offered by it:

The pulp selector: This feature will allow you to make fruit juices with or without pulp as you wish. But also to choose the quantity of pulp present in your juice according to your tastes.

Anti-drip: This is a very interesting feature to protect your countertop from splashes and dirt during preparation.

Direct-Serve: If the device does not have a jug, it would be interesting to opt for a model offering direct serve functionality. This means that the device serves the extracted juice directly into your glass.

Multi-citrus: If you love all citrus, make sure you choose a device that can accommodate all types of citrus from a small lemon to a large grapefruit.

Easy to clean

Prefer citrus juicer models equipped with dishwasher-safe parts so as not to waste a lot of time cleaning.


Learn about the design materials for the juicer before making a choice. Stainless steel models are the most preferred, especially for their durability, ease of maintenance, and appearance. If you choose a juicer with a jug, go for a transparent model so you can monitor how much juice is being extracted.


The citrus juicer is widely used in the early morning to fill up on vitamin before tackling the day. It is therefore essential to choose a silent model that will allow you to prepare your juices without waking the whole family or your roommates.


What are the Benefits of a Citrus Juicer?

A juicer is an essential tool in the kitchen since it allows you to prepare fruit juice at home and offers significant advantages:

It makes it easier to extract the juice from the fruit while guaranteeing a substantial quantity in a simple gesture.

Thanks to the rotating cone, you will no longer need to squeeze and twist your citrus fruits to obtain their juice. On some models, there is even a rotating two-way cone that allows you to extract the maximum amount of juice in no time.

With this device, the extraction is done faster. This allows a very interesting time-saving in preparation. In addition, it allows you to make citrus juices with or without pulp thanks to an integrated pulp retention system.

By using a juicer, vitamins are preserved. This will allow you to drink healthy and beneficial juices in the morning.

This type of device is easy to clean because most models are dishwasher safe. You just have to disassemble the different parts and put them in the dishwasher, with the exception of the engine block. In addition, many models have lids that protect the cone against dust and allow immediate use without additional washing.

Citrus juicers are available in many shapes, materials, and colors, which will allow you to choose a model suited to the style of your kitchen.

Thanks to a juicer, you will no longer need to buy industrial orange juices which are relatively expensive and less healthy. From now on, you will have the possibility of making your citrus juices at home while enjoying the many benefits of this food.

How to properly clean the citrus juicer?

It is always recommended to clean your juicer after each use to make fresh and healthy fruit juices the next time you use it. To do this, you just have to take it apart, rinse it with lukewarm water, and then put the compatible parts in the dishwasher.

As for the fine-mesh sieve, use a spatula to remove the pulp and then wash it with mild dish soap. Be careful not to soak the motor unit in water, just a wipe of a damp cloth or sponge is enough to clean it.

What are the differences between juicer and citrus juicer?

The juicer is not like a juicer which is compatible with all fruits and vegetables, it can only prepare citrus juices. Also, with a juicer, vitamins and nutrients are preserved as much as possible, which is not the case with juices extracted from the juicer.

Which fruits can you squeeze with a citrus juicer?

With a citrus juicer, you can squeeze all types of citrus fruits: lemon, orange, grapefruit, tangerine, clementines

What are the weak points of a citrus juicer?

The main weak point of a citrus juicer is the noise it makes when in use, which is likely to wake everyone up. They also consume energy.

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