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The 3 Best Chocolate Fountain UK Reviewed [2021]

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For parties and important occasions, the chocolate fountain is impressive. It is a device for serving melted and creamy chocolate for your dipping foods.

It is an ingenious and fun way to delight your guests since this device makes it possible to effectively coat your skewers with fruit and other delicacies such as marshmallows and marshmallows.

You will have the opportunity to offer various accompaniments with the latter. This kind of material is practical and easy to use. But you still have to choose the right model for optimal efficiency.

As you can see, there are many models of chocolate fountains on the market. Are you lost with all these offers? To help you, we have selected the best chocolate fountain UK and its features in this comparison.

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Best Chocolate Fountain UK – Reviews

1. Princess 292994

It is a very convivial chocolate fountain for your parties. The device has two functions: it heats the chocolate to the right temperature and makes it rise and then flows in cascades so that everyone can enjoy it. The pump and device temperature controls are separate, which is very convenient.

We also appreciated its function allowing us to keep the chocolate warm long enough for guaranteed fun. Princess 292994 offers 3 towers that ensure the optimal circulation of chocolate. Dismountable, it can be cleaned easily and quickly after use.

2. Domo Do-916Chdomo

The Domo Do-916Chdomo is the most expensive in our comparison but for large events, it fulfills its functions perfectly. More imposing than its counterparts, this device offers 4 waterfalls to let the chocolate flow impressively.

With its classic design and large capacity, it is perfect for entertaining several people. Its cascades and removable endless screws allow easy cleaning. Powerful, dip your fruit, delicacies, and other events in melted and hot chocolate by choosing Domo Do-916Chdomo.

The switches for a motor and heating element are separated on this chocolate fountain, which guarantees easier use.

3. oneConcept TK27

For family celebrations, birthdays, or other events, the OnceConcept TK27 chocolate fountain makes it possible to obtain melted chocolate at a good temperature effectively. It’s 3 well-spaced floors of 6, 5.5, and 5 cm will give everyone the opportunity to properly coat their delicacies, fruit skewers, or other accompaniments.

This device offers two operating modes which make it very practical. In mode I, the chocolate will be melted and maintained at a very smooth consistency. Mode II then takes over by raising the chocolate at the top of the tower where it will fall in cascades.

OnceConcept TK27 is ideal for all types of events with its neat design and its three feet. Another advantage, this chocolate fountain can also be used to melt cheese or offer a sauce during a barbecue.

Best Chocolate Fountain UK – Buying Guide

Inspired by the champagne fountain and the chocolate pan, the chocolate fountain has become essential for large events or just to enjoy chocolate desserts with the family.

This device, formerly reserved for master chocolate makers, has met with real success with individuals in recent years to brighten up any festive moment.

This prompted manufacturers to offer different models for domestic use adapted to the ever-increasing demands. If you wish to acquire a chocolate fountain, it is therefore important to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Why Buy a Chocolate Fountain?

When organizing a children’s party, a large buffet, or a snack, the chocolate fountain has become a trend. This practical and versatile device makes it possible to offer melted and creamy chocolate in a spectacular way to coat a good quantity of fresh fruit or marshmallows/marshmallows.

Contrary to what one imagines, the chocolate fountain is easy to use even for individuals. It is the ideal accessory to impress your guests. The principle of the chocolate fountain is quite simple: The chocolate poured into the container is melted and raised at the top of the tower to then flow in cascades, then is pumped again in height.

You must, therefore, offer various foods to the guests (fruit, cookies, marshmallows, etc.) that they will soak or coat in the chocolate waterfalls and rivers. Generally, all the chocolate fountains on the market are suitable for all types of chocolate: white, dark, milk, pure chocolate.

Thanks to its different floors, a chocolate fountain provides an incredibly festive air. It exists today in various models, both in design and format. Thus, you will be able to find chocolate fountains suitable for 5 people like others that can suit a thousand guests. They can be for sale or for rent.

How to Choose a Chocolate Fountain?

To choose the best chocolate fountain, several criteria must be considered:

Engine noise

This is the first feature to consider if you are looking for a chocolate fountain. Opting for a device with silent operation is a guarantee of quality. A noisy chocolate fountain is certainly a source of nuisance and disturbance

 Adjustable foot

Choosing a device with adjustable feet can be very interesting especially on special occasions. This option will allow you to adjust the height of your fountain so that your guests can soak the accompaniments easily.

Solid construction

To find the right chocolate fountain, it is essential to look at the construction material of it. Of course, it is strongly advised to opt for a solid material such as stainless steel. Choosing a solid device is a guarantee of quality and durability.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

It is always advisable to clean your chocolate fountain immediately after use to prevent the chocolate from drying out and becoming difficult to remove. But to make this task even easier, it is interesting to choose a device that can be dismantled or that has a removable pot.

With this option, you will be sure to maintain all the nooks and crannies of your fountain. Note that there are also chocolate fountains with dishwashers that can be washed in the dishwasher. Which can be very convenient for even easier cleaning.

Accounting with other foods

So that the chocolate fountain can serve you on other occasions, do not hesitate to choose one that is compatible with other foods. In fact, certain models allow other foods of creamy consistency to be presented in addition to chocolate.

You thus have the possibility of presenting other creams to vary the pleasure of your guests. Or, if you are in a salty mood, you can for example melt cheese with the appliance or offer a sauce during your barbecue evenings.

Adjustable temperature

It is advisable to opt for a chocolate fountain with an adjustable thermostat for more convenience. This allows you to offer a fondue at the desired temperature.

You will no longer have to wait and check that the device provides the right temperature. With this function, you will be able to choose the temperature of the chocolate melt by yourself.


Can I use a chocolate fountain outside?

Yes, it is possible to use a chocolate fountain outside but under certain conditions. To begin with, make sure that the outside temperature is not too low as this may disturb the operation of the appliance.

There are also annoyances related to small insects such as flies, bees, or others who can be attracted by the smell of chocolate.

Do you need special chocolate for a chocolate fountain?

It is better to use chocolate for coating or coating to have beautiful fluid cascades. However, if you are not satisfied with the smoothness of your fondue, do not hesitate to add a little vegetable oil or cocoa butter.

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