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{Top 6} Best Bread Maker UK Reviews of [2020]

After having stagnated for a long time, the bread machine market is experiencing a clear progression. Manufacturers have made great efforts to develop devices that are truly functional and practical to use.

Having a bread machine is an idea that is attracting more and more households, followers of the homemade or simply wanting to no longer have to systematically go to the bakery before covering their daily needs.

I myself adopted this device which, since then, helps me to make my own healthy breads. Practical and efficient, the bread machine is the subject of a very wide offer.

When buying, I was faced with a lot of choices, because the models differ in several aspects: power, number of tanks, options, and programs, but also design.

It is therefore to simplify your choice that the idea of ​​this guide dedicated to the bread machine came to me.

I will give you an overview of the criteria that guided my choice, the characteristics of this household appliance, and answer any questions you may have when you get started in the purchase of your bread machine.

To facilitate your choice, here is the ranking of the very best bread maker UK.  I based myself on several criteria to achieve this top: manufacturing quality, capacity, functionality, results obtained and of course the price/quality ratio!

Best Bread Maker UK Reviews

1. Moulinex OW610100

It is the flagship of the Moulinex range and undoubtedly one of the most complete bread machines that can be found on the market. Its square tank offers enough capacity to cover the needs of a large family.

Three different sizes (750 g / 1,000 g / 1,500 g) are supported by the OW610100. Its manufacturer, Moulinex, whose reputation is well established, has remained in line with the design quality of its devices, some of which I have presented to you in my other guides.

While being sophisticated, the Moulinex OW610100 is very practical to use. By choosing this appliance, you will have the pleasure of having a versatile machine.

With its  16 programs, three of which are devoted to the preparation of baguettes, your indulgence, and your imagination will have no limits. This model lends itself to a multitude of recipes and guarantees every time results that exceed expectations.

Bread classic, full, French, gluten-free, but also sweet bread, fast, no salt and omega 3, specialties supported by automatic OW610100 the programs are varied.

Apart from bread and baguettes, you will have the opportunity to enjoy excellent cakes, pizza doughs, compotes, or jams. Three browning levels (light, normal, and dark) are available and allow you to adapt your preparations to your tastes.

Finally, like any modern bread machine, the Moulinex OW610100 offers the possibility of delaying a start until 3 p.m., while keeping it warm lasts an hour.

2. Moulinex OW210130

The Moulinex OW210130 offers everything you would expect from a bread machine, all with an ergonomic design. It shows exceptional reliability in the production of bread, but also many other recipes.

And for that, you can count on an intuitive interface that allows you to follow the preparation step by step. Here, 12 automatic programs, including the “gluten-free” option, take care of everything.

The OW210130, called Bread & Baguettines, is an ally of choice thanks to which you will be able to vary your desires for homemade bread, jams, or pizza dough.

This appliance also excels in making baguettes, bruschettas, toast, and toast. This incredible versatility is due to its high-quality hobs.

Regarding the capacity, you have the choice of 500g to 1kg. It is the same for the level of browning: light, normal, and dark. This, combined with the 12 onboard programs, offers almost unlimited possibilities.

The Moulinex OW210130 shares many similarities with the manufacturer’s OW610100. Here too, the delayed start goes until 3 p.m. and the keeping warm lasts one hour.

Likewise, the manufacturer has also provided a porthole at the removable cover so that you can observe your preparations at any time.

3. Riviera & Bar QD789A

This model is not only good at making bread. To the 16 programs dedicated to this use, the QD789A indeed adds an exclusive program that supports the cooking of a wide variety of rice and cereals.

Built with a modern design, it adopts adjusted dimensions to guarantee a small footprint. Its complete finish in Titanium finish metal fits perfectly into the atmosphere of a contemporary kitchen.

But alongside these details, we are dealing with an ergonomic appliance, with high-end performance.

Delivered with a series of accessories (kneader, bread, rice/cereal vats, measuring spoon, but also graduated beaker and special rice/cereal lid), the Riviera & Bar QD789A is fitted with a control panel and ” a fairly large LCD screen, which allows an intuitive and practical use.

With this model, three choices of bread sizes are possible: 750 g, 1 kg, and 1.25 kg.

Integrating up to 16 programs, the Riviera & Bar QD789A automatically takes care of all the stages of making a variety of preparations.

From classic white bread to wholemeal bread, including special bread (chocolate, etc.), gluten-free, etc., you are entitled to results that border on perfection.

4. Morphy Richards 48281 Fast bake Breadmaker

One such classic smell is the smell of homemade bread wafting around the home. A memorable sensation of taste is bread, fresh from the oven, with melting butter. The automatic breadmaker Morphy Richards will build the experience every morning.

On the baker’s hand, there is very little effort, since the breadmaker is a sophisticated device with a computer memory that does all the work for you.

It is as simple as 1-2-3 1. Place the ingredients in, 2. Select a program from menus, and press Start 3. Wait for bread.

But don’t stop using this appliance to make toast. You can also prepare bread for chicken nuggets, pizza, cake, and jam, in addition to making all kinds of specialized bread, including wholewheat. It’s all easy and tastes homemade-because it is.

Choose from 12 programs from Simple Whites to Cakes, Jam, and Dough, with an option of 3 Loaf sizes (1 lb, 1.5 lb, and 2 lb).

The Fast bake Breadmaker also gives you the opportunity to choose bread to your taste from 3 crust settings at any time.

The transparent viewing window gives you the opportunity to track the baking process and the 13-hour delay allows you to bake whenever you want.

5. Tower Digital Bread Maker T11002

Bake delicious and nutritious bread of various sizes in your own home with an elegant and practical Gluten-Free Bread Maker.

Offering 17 programmable settings for various styles of the homemade loaf, including a gluten-free version as well as jam and yogurt, you can make delicious baked goods for the whole family.

The automatic nut dispenser helps you to add a little more spice to your bread, while a 15-hour programmable delay timer and a 60-minute warm feature ensures that you can enjoy your bread whenever it suits you.

Touch screen design makes the bread maker easy to use and a display window allows you to watch your bread as it grows.

6. Kenwood BM450 Breadmaker

It couldn’t be easier to bake healthy, homemade bread with the Kenwood BM450 Break Maker. The Kenwood BM450 has 15 programs for bread, pasta, cakes and jams, and simple set-up of a fresh loaf of bread in as little as 58 minutes.

The additional 5 “personal” system settings allow you to set your own timings for each of the stages involved in making bread (pre-heat, kneading, rising, and baking).

Choose between large, medium, or small loaves (500 g, 750 grams, or 1 kg) depending on your individual needs.

The BM450 has a stylish design with a stainless steel and black glass finish, touch-sensitive controls, and an LCD panel, all of which are easy to clean.

The ingredients dispenser has a capacity of 125 grams and automatically opens and dispenses ingredients during the bread-making process at the correct time.

For added convenience, the internal oven and viewing window makes it possible to inspect your bread-making progress.

This bread maker also features a 15-hour delay timer, a 1-hour warm-up timer, a convection fan for crisper loaves, a memory power failure, and a Kenwood kneader designed to remove easily from the loaf without leaving a wide hole and also helps to absorb all the ingredients from the corners of the pan.

The Features of a Bread Machine

The bread machine is an ally of choice for making not only bread but also cake or brioche. Although the offer available on the market is particularly diverse, all models have in common that they are all programmable and have a fixed basic structure.

Conventionally, this appliance consists of a tank – or two – fitted with a mixer. It is in the latter that you must pour the ingredients, so that the machine takes care of kneading your bread dough, raising it, and then cooking it.

But for this, you must choose the program of your choice and start the preparation via the button dedicated to this purpose.

The models currently available are all fitted with a screen that provides information on the level of cooking and the elapsed and/or remaining preparation time.

That said, the manufacturer Easybread has, with its capsule bread machine, promoted an easier way to make the preparations. As the name suggests, it uses ready-made capsules and promises effective results every time.

Its operation is therefore very intuitive: after pouring water into the tank, insert the capsules, then select a cooking level from the three possibilities available, so that the device takes care of everything (kneading, lifting, and cooking).

Best Bread Maker UK – Buying Guide

Known as heavy and bulky, bread machines are becoming more and more popular. Manufacturers are making great efforts to improve the offer and to design ever more intuitive and efficient models.

And to be sure of making a perfect choice, you must remain attentive to certain criteria which I will tell you about in detail.

The Number of Tanks

If most bread machines are equipped with a bowl, there are models on the market with two bowls that are suitable for making two pieces of bread at a time. If your family is large, this second option should be seriously considered.

Besides the number, the capacity of the tank (s) is another parameter to take into account. Generally, the tanks have a capacity of 500 gr, which is equivalent to a baguette and a half. However, it is possible to find devices capable of holding 1.5 kg.

Note also that the opening of the tank is in a vertical or horizontal position. And this detail influences the lifting of the bread (high or long).

The Different Programs

The programs integrated into the bread machines adapt to the types of flour and bread.

A “basic” device must be able to offer at least four programs and be suitable for making bread ranging from the classic to the whole, including country bread.

The most advanced and therefore the most versatile models go as far as offering 16 programs.

In addition, you can play on the kneading, rising, and baking times to get the taste and texture that suits you. And this possibility is only offered to you by machines with a customizable program.

Integrated Options

Outside of the programs, it is necessary to focus on the functions on board the bread machine. All the difference can be made at this level.

If you are gluten intolerant, you will undoubtedly appreciate the “gluten-free” option offered by certain models and which makes it possible to obtain bread that does not contain this protein.

On the other hand, an option allowing you to choose the level of baking/browning (little, medium, or well-baked), the size, but also the weight of the bread, is very important if you want to customize your preparations.

In addition, the integration of a ” baguette  ” option is to appeal to enthusiasts of this French specialty whose preparation is not always easy.

And for the advanced models which offer this possibility, the variation of the forms is done by means of molds specially dedicated for this purpose.

Other Criteria to Watch

In my opinion, the possibility of making delayed departures is fundamental if we can overcome the time constraint inherent in the production of bread.
Fortunately, manufacturers have understood this, and equip almost all their devices with a delayed start option.
So, depending on when you want to have your bread, you can start preparing it in advance, by setting the cooking time, according to your convenience.
You can, therefore, choose to launch the making of bread at night in anticipation of breakfast in the morning or in the afternoon, so that it is ready for dinner.

The Advantages of Bread Machines

The benefits of putting the bread maker to work are many. Without stepping outside, you can have your bread rolls. Which is to delight those who reject having to go through the bakery every time.

This appliance turns out to be a profitable investment in the long term. Another advantage: you can vary the composition of your recipes and adapt them to a specific diet.

Having a bread machine also means offering yourself the opportunity to satisfy your desires when choosing flour and preparing a variety of types of bread: white, gray, ceramic, gluten-free.

Better yet, it gives you the opportunity to make many other recipes: lasagna, cakes, pastry, pizzas, tagliatelle, etc. This household appliance is also suitable for making jams and compotes.

My Personal Opinion on Bread Machines

Having adopted the bread machine and have used it regularly for various uses, I find that this household appliance has its place in homes. Its intuitive operation greatly facilitates the task and the programs prove to be efficient and practical.

The versatility shown by the models is all the more appreciable. Whether it’s to make different types of bread or to make brioche, cakes, and another lasagna, the bread machines take care of everything.

However, using this appliance does not only have advantages. Naturally, there are also disadvantages. The preparation time (between 3 and 5 h) is the first constraint, even if a “Turbo” function allows you to succeed within 1 or 2 hours of cooking time.

On the other hand, your presence is required at the end of baking, to remove the bread to prevent the crust from softening.

In addition, even if the integrated programs take care of everything, the preparation involves certain very precise tasks that can seem restricting: choice and a good dosage of the ingredients, maintenance of the utensils, after use.

So we must collect more or fewer crumbs around the slicer. However, the game is worth the candle, since, in the end, we have the happiness of enjoying healthy bread, which we control the composition.

My Favorite Bread Recipe

As I said earlier, this machine is not only good at making bread. So I took advantage of its versatility to try my hand at cake and lasagna recipes, each time with rather convincing results, although variable depending on the specialty.

However, making bread has been the most common use I have made with this appliance. And the sandwich bread is my favorite recipe. He says that with my bread machine, I have, many times, tried this soft preparation.

I greatly appreciate the ability of the device to achieve both flexible and fine crusts.

The success of your bread depends on the respect of certain precautions both for preparation and for preservation because homemade bread does not consist of preservatives, like that found in the trade.

Preparation Tips

  • Good choices and dosages of ingredients used in the preparation of your recipes greatly depend on their success. So be sure to measure the amounts of salt and sugar, but also yeast, while ensuring that these components are fresh and kept at room temperature.
  • Be particularly careful when choosing yeast, as this ingredient is crucial. Outdated yeasts are of course to be avoided, as are those of chemical origin. Conversely, wear your choice on a dehydrated baker’s yeast, which, because it does not require dehydration, unlike the fresh one, gives you the possibility of programming the preparation of your bread in advance.
  • When inserting the ingredients, take care to avoid any contact between the salt and the yeast, as the action of the latter may be inhibited. Similarly, the preparation of the bread being particularly sensitive to the temperature and humidity conditions, I strongly recommend that you respect the order of the ingredients. In general, liquids must precede solids.
  • For good time control, it is best to bake your bread the night before and program the machine so that the baking ends a little before breakfast. Thus, your bread can be tasted still hot.
  • When the bread preparation cycle comes to an end, let it cool for about 30 minutes, to make it easier to cut.

Conservation advice

  • For consumption on the same day or in the following two, you can keep your bread in a closed box to keep it at room temperature. You are also given the opportunity to use a paraffin bread bag. And to prevent it from drying out quickly, wrap the bread in a cloth.
  • If you want to be able to have your bread much later, storage in the freezer is the solution indicated. You will then only have to thaw it by passing it in the microwave to consume it.


Here we are at the end of my guide which, I hope, will have enabled you to find answers to all your questions about the best bread maker UK.

Remember that the offer is quite rich and that by making the competition play, you can find a model that will give you pleasure to make healthy bread, brioches, pizzas or lasagna, at home, with great ease.

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