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Best Blenders UK [2020] – Top 6 Picks

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It’s no longer a secret that the market for small household appliances is growing. Among the devices that experienced the strongest growth in sales volume, the blender is among the front runners.

The renewed interest of amateurs and even cooking professionals for this machine is undoubtedly justified by the multitude of feasible recipes, the considerable saving of time, but also for its practicality of use.

The very wide choice that results can thus make the purchase very difficult, especially if we do not have an idea of ​​the characteristics to watch for to find the blender suitable for the needs.

The idea behind this guide/comparison is therefore to equip yourself so that you make your acquisition of blender with full knowledge of the facts. Here you will find my selection of the best blenders UK models and the best opportunities in terms of value for money.

I also give you a buying guide on the main elements that must be taken into account when you want to make the purchase of such a kitchen appliance.

In a Hurry? Here is Our Best Pick:

KENWOOD BL680 Blender, Brushed Metal
  • Calibrated 1.2 Litre sized 'drop-on' glass goblet
  • Compact sized blender suitable for smaller quantities or compact living spaces
  • 2-speed plus pulse for flexible user control, with dedicated ice crushing programme
  • Powerful 500 Watt motor for excellent results
  • Removable stainless steel blades

Best Blenders UK – Reviews

1. Moulinex LM841110

The Moulinex LM841110, still called Easy Soup, has arguments that will convince even the most demanding. In terms of quality/price ratio, it is indeed difficult to find such a successful model. Its design stands out from another famous blender from the manufacturer, the Soup & Co.

The LM841110 has a robust and aesthetic construction, which fits into modern kitchen decor. Equipped with four stainless steel blades, rotating with a powerful 1000 watt motor, the Easy Soup is versatile and easy to use.

With it, making homemade soups becomes a pure pleasure, the device is equipped with four different modes that take care of everything, intuitively. For example, your soups with chunks, velvety are ready within 4 to 25 minutes.

Like any heating blender worthy of the name, the LM841110 ensures a rapid rise in heat, as well as an even distribution of heat. You also benefit from the “Keep warm” function, which keeps your preparations warm for 35 to 40 minutes after the end of cooking.

This function is triggered automatically and owes its effectiveness to the double insulating wall of the bowl. If there is a downside with the Easy Soup, it is because this blender shows limits when it comes to making applesauce, because traces of burns are left in the bottom of the container.

However, these are overcome thanks to the integrated “ Easy Cleaning ” program, which facilitates the maintenance of the blender.

2. KitchenAid 5KSB1565BWH

KitchenAid 5KSB1565BOB Classic Blender, 1.75 Litre, Onyx Black
  • A robust motor, a unique one-piece pitcher, stainless steel blades and electronic controls
  • Intelli-speed motor control
  • Large 1.75 l one-piece shatter-resistant BPA-free pitcher with unique shape
  • 5 speeds: 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest, along with crush ice and pulse functions with “soft start” feature
  • Die-cast metal base

The KitchenAid 5KSB1565BWH is a device that promises culinary experiences worthy of the name. Thanks to its modern technical data sheet supported by a 550 Watts motor, it seduces with its high caliber performance and above all its versatility.

Like other devices from the range of the American manufacturer, it takes the iconic retro look, which has been added a modern touch. But behind this particularly sturdy blender hides a device that promises flawless mixing quality. It perfectly reduces ice cubes to fine particles in a very short time. In just 20 seconds, it can for example crush up to 300 g of ice.

The Blender KitchenAid Artisan is also suitable for making smoothies, even if the results obtained are not completely smooth. Control is one of the great arguments put forward by the KitchenAid Artisan Blender. It allows you to make your preparations, with precision and control at any time.

Safe, stable, and robust, this device rests on a metal base, fitted with non-slip feet, which allow it to keep its balance, even for intensive use. Two bowls are added: one in plastic and the other in glass. The latter is the most voluminous (1.5 against 0.75 liters).

To offer satisfactory performance, the blender of the American brand relies on a 550 Watts motor, which turns its very sharp blades, designed in stainless steel.

It proves to be very practical to use and is operated intuitively from its Clean Touch panel giving access to its full range of functions. The only real downside with the KitchenAid Artisan Blender: the cover is badly worn, unreliable, and not airtight.

3. Duronic BL10

This blender is undoubtedly one of the most competitive on the market. It has everything to please and promises maximum efficiency. Built with compact dimensions and modern design, with very neat finishes, the BL10 is equipped with a thick glass bowl. It is particularly heavy and offers a total capacity of 1.5 liters, which is enough to prepare for up to five people.

Inside the carafe, there are removable blades, which allows for deep cleaning. Here too, stainless steel is chosen and the knives are very effective. The 1000 Watts motor incorporated in the device turns them at the speed corresponding to the chosen operating mode.

Preparations with this appliance are intuitive and precise, in strict compliance with the specifics of the food and the uses requested. The preprogrammed functions and modes are largely responsible for the remarkable results of which the BL10 is capable.

With the Duronic BL10, you are guaranteed to obtain the expected results every time, whether it is to mix or cut ice cubes, fruits, and other vegetables, whatever the condition. This blender can perfectly handle soft or hard ingredients. It is also not heating and therefore is not intended for making soup.

However, you can use it to mix your soup, when it is done. The efficiency of its “Pulse” function is also appreciable, especially when it comes to mixing or cutting small quantities.

BL10 excels in managing the consistency of preparations. I really appreciate the performance of the smoothing function. Thanks to this, the mixing of the ingredients is done in the rules of the art, with the guarantee of good conservation of all the nutritive elements, until obtaining a smooth texture.

4. Philips HR2095 / 90

PHILIPS HR2095 / 90 Avance Collection Blender
  • General: Product Type: Blender, Capacity: 2 litres, Special Features: Triblade (Triple Blade System), smoothie function
  • Settings, Controls & Indicators: Speed Settings: Variable
  • Miscellaneous: Included Accessories: 1 x Spatula
  • Power: Max Power Consumption: 700 W
  • 1 Year Warranty

With its HR2095 / 90, Philips proves that you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot before claiming a high-performance blender, practical to use and above all with a quality design. For its tight price, this device has real assets to spare. Its heavy and quality glass bowl has a maximum capacity of 2 liters, which is very interesting for large families.

But besides that, what is expected of this type of device is that it can be suitable for different preparations. Precisely, with its powerful and powerful 700 Watts motor, as well as its six blades, this blender is the perfect ally to make tasty smoothies or crush your ice cream, in the blink of an eye.

With its triple action blade system and its many modes and speed settings, the Philips HR2095 / 90 piles, cuts, chops, and mixes all your ingredients, vegetables, or fruits, according to the consistency of your choice.

5. Braun jb5160

When the German manufacturer positions itself in the niche of blenders, this gives a sophisticated device, useful and practical in the kitchen, but above all reliable in all respects. With this blender, the spearhead of the brand in this sector, Braun marked a big blow, providing a machine which with its powerful motor of 1000 W, offers an exceptional quality of mixing.

It is convenient to use and counts for this on an ergonomic design, with well thought out functions. Whether to crush ice or to make smoothies with a pleasant texture, the Braun jb5160 meets expectations. With this blender, you launch your preparations intuitively and obtain the expected results in a short period of time.

6. Kenwood BL680

KENWOOD BL680 Blender, Brushed Metal
  • Calibrated 1.2 Litre sized 'drop-on' glass goblet
  • Compact sized blender suitable for smaller quantities or compact living spaces
  • 2-speed plus pulse for flexible user control, with dedicated ice crushing programme
  • Powerful 500 Watt motor for excellent results
  • Removable stainless steel blades

With the BL680, the specialist in kitchen robots, Kenwood, provides a blender that combines with its 500 Watt power motor, speed settings that allow it to adapt to different recipes.

Equipped with a 1.2-liter bowl resting on a brushed aluminum base, this model incorporates functions that allow it to mix your ingredients, fruits, and vegetables with great ease.

However, the Kenwood BL680 excels more when it comes to making tasty smoothies and milkshakes. In my opinion, the configuration of the blades does not seem especially suitable for ice crushing.

Best Blenders UK – Buying Guide

The range of blenders is so vast that you can manage to find it for yourself, provided, of course, that you do it with care. Personally, I favor brands whose reputation is well established. But, this is not an end in itself. Before any purchase of a blender, it is necessary to take stock of the needs, uses, and desired functionalities.

This will allow you to assess the technical characteristics according to their importance and your preferences. On this subject, I retained some criteria to watch to ensure to acquire the good blender.


This criterion determines the performance of the device. And if there are blenders on the market of more than 1000 W, I consider that with a minimum of 500 Watts, you can claim a machine suitable for various uses: crushing ice, mixing smoothies, granita, fruit, or any other ingredients.
The power of the engine provides information on the speed of execution of tasks. The higher it is, the more time you save. Better still, your blender is able to puree or liquid any type of food, soft or solid.

Base and Bowl

For good stability during use, take into account the design quality of the base, where the motor is integrated. Preferably, a metal base is more reassuring and the presence of non-slip feet contributes to the balance of the machine in all circumstances.

On the other hand, the bowl is an essential element of the blender which must be especially taken into account. Regarding capacity, this remains a personal choice and you will find on the market decanters that fill up to 3 liters.

For my part, a 1.5-liter bowl already does the trick and is perfect for preparing for four people. Another aspect that requires particular attention is the construction materials of the container. My preference is for metal decanters because they are more resistant and more practical.

Other alternatives exist, however: plastic, light, but fragile and not suitable for crushing ice for example; glass, more aesthetic and heavy than the other two materials, but must be handled with care, because it can break if the container is accidentally dropped.

Finally, the presence of a pouring spout, to facilitate service, and graduations on the carafe constitute details that I find essential for the practicality of using the machine.


They represent the kingpin of the blender and their number varies from one model to another. Generally, these knives located in the bottom of the bowl are made of stainless steel, even if recently titanium blades have appeared, with the promise of tenfold efficiency.

The nature of the knives determines the uses you can use with your blender. The versatile models available on the market are equipped for example with so-called “dual-function” blades that have the particularity of chopping, emulsifying, pounding, or even molding.

The Features of Blenders

Despite its design which is reminiscent of many other rotating blade devices, the blenders have their own specificities. Despite the wide variety of models available, the basic objective of this machine is to transform solid food (vegetables, fruit, ice cream) into puree or liquid form.

Like the multi-function robot, the blender is characterized by simple, reliable, and secure construction, which combines a base with an incorporated motor and a bowl.

On the form, it looks a lot like a mixer but is distinguished from the latter by the power of the engine. Here, we can find blenders of 1000 Watts and more, while a mixer does not exceed on average 300 Watts.

It is precisely on this high power, but also its robust, sharp, and thin blades, that the blender relies on to effectively grind any type of food: ice cubes, vegetables, fruits, etc. It mixes absolutely everything, including the skin and the pulp. This is the fundamental difference with the centrifuge, whose drinks are thinner.

The Advantages of Blenders

The main interest of the blender is above all in the time savings that its use implies. With this device, you can mix your ingredients in no time with all the foods you want. It purees, mixes, or chops fruits and vegetables: tomatoes, strawberries, bananas, carrots, and other apples.

Equipping yourself with a blender gives you the guarantee of enjoying healthy products; which is interesting at a time when the problem of additives in our food is topical.

Lovers of smoothies, fruit coulis, cocktails, sorbets, or even milkshakes will have fun making their favorite recipes with ease. Thanks to the blender, you get perfect sauces and mixes, ideally homogenized. Depending on whether the device allows it, you have the option of crushing seeds.

What I Can Prepare with My Blender?

Before tackling the possible uses with a blender, it should be noted that it comes in two categories: heated and non-heated blenders. These two different families have their particularities and differ on certain points.

Non-heaters mash, chop or mix a wide variety of foods (fruits, vegetables, etc.) in various states: cooked, fresh, solid, liquid, hot, or iced. Likewise, they are also used to make crushed ice.

The heated models are able to heat up to 120 ° C and have the advantage of being suitable for the preparation of veloutés, soups, or hot chocolates, in addition to what their non-heating counterparts allow to do. With a heating blender, you can cook your ingredients before mixing them.

My Personal Blender Tips

From personal experience, I find that blenders have a perfect place in our homes today. Easy to use, they offer many possibilities and save time. Food mixing becomes a child’s play with these machines.

My preference goes to the heated models, with which we have the possibility of directly preparing the soups, without having to use a cooking appliance. Likewise, this family of blenders combines many other possible applications with the functions of non-heaters.

Closing System

To avoid any unpleasant surprises, it seems essential to me to take into account the closing of the blender. If some manufacturers opt for lids that clip, blenders are also equipped with a seal that prevents leaks.

This sealing device is generally made of rubber, and to properly close the carafe, you must exert strong pressure. Personally, I find this mechanism impractical, both for opening and closing.

Apart from that, it seems to me essential that the bowl of the blender be provided with a drop over it, to allow that ingredients are introduced on the fly during the preparation. The presence of this orifice thus avoids having to systematically remove the cover.

Number of Speeds and Programs

When choosing, make sure that the programs built into the device meet your expectations. This is of course linked to the power of the blender. I advise you to base your choice on the use you want to make of your machine.

Most of the time, fewer than six preset speeds are available and a speed controller allows you to adjust the rhythm of the blades according to the type of food to be worked.

To simplify the production of cocktails, smoothies, and other milkshakes, the manufacturers provide programs whose role is to adjust the speed and the rotation time of the knives for optimal performance.

This intuitive side of the preparations particularly appeals to me. Depending on the desired use, all you have to do is press the button dedicated to the use you want to request so that the blender takes care of the rest.

Ease of cleaning

This setting should also be monitored when purchasing your blender. Generally, most of the models available on the market prove to be easy to maintain. To this end, the pulse function, which also has the role of helping to reach maximum speed by simply pressing a dedicated button, greatly facilitates the task.

To do this, you must mix the cleaning liquid with water in the carafe. Activating the “Pulse” functionality then takes care of the rest. That said, I have sometimes had to deal with stubborn dirt that invites on the level of the knives, undermining the effectiveness of the pulse function.

To avoid these unpleasant surprises, I advise you to turn to the blenders whose blades can be removed, for a thorough cleaning.

My Favorite Recipe in the Blender

With my blender, I have fun experimenting with recipes that I used to find difficult to make. I was able to take advantage of the versatility of this machine to concoct salty and sweet preparations.

Regarding the latter, the strawberry and blueberry mousse is my favorite, although I also have a weakness for cocktails, including that of Floc de Gascogne. Finally here is the top of the best recipe books to make in the blender:


Here we are at the end of my guide intended to facilitate your choice of the Best Blenders UK. Hoping that it will have given you enough tools for a good choice of this small appliance, I remind you that the offer is so vast that you should not have trouble finding the device that will really facilitate your tasks in the kitchen.

But it is still necessary to be able to remain attentive to certain elements noted previously. Note that on the market, two large families of blenders exist: heated and non-heated.

The latter being the most complete. Prefer devices from major brands, while remaining attentive to elements such as power, bowl (construction material, capacity, closing system), as well as the number of speeds and prerecorded programs. Each of these criteria is to be monitored, for a good choice of blender that aligns with your needs and your budget.

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