Best Air Fryer UK

{Top 5} Best Air Fryer UK Reviews of [2020]

Who does not like crispy and golden fries? To cook French fries, we usually immerse them in a large amount of oil. However, there are now air fryers, which, as the term suggests, can cook fries efficiently without using oil. Henceforth, it is possible to obtain healthier fries, with less fat.

Air fryers have grown in popularity in recent years. Besides, many people are interested in the possibility of making healthier fries without having to engorge them in a good quantity of oil. This type of device is both economical and easy to use since you will only need a tablespoon of oil to get a good dish of fries.

Are you also interested in this little kitchen revolution? But for the moment you are lost between the many models available on the market? Discover our selection of the best air fryer UK.

Best Air Fryer UK Reviews

1. Seb Actifry FZ710000

Power: 1400W
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1kg

Seb Actifry FZ710000 is our first choice. It is a model of air fryer belonging to the Actifry range. It sports a nice design with an LCD screen to simplify the configuration of the cooking time.

This appliance allows you to cook good fries without oil and therefore healthier. A single 1.5cl spoon of oil is enough for 1kg of fresh fries.

This represents less than 3% fat compared to the conventional fryer which can go up to 15%.

This fryer is equipped with the patented Actifry Technology system, a forced-air system that ensures the cooking of the fries while an articulated arm takes care of turning the whole delicately to obtain nicely browned fries on all sides.

A timer is integrated to follow the cooking. Easy to clean, this appliance can be put in the dishwasher.

  • Usable prepare other dishes
  • Easy cleaning
  • A bit noisy
  • No automatic shutdown

2. Philips HD9741 / 10 Airfryer

Power: 1425W
Material: Plastic
Capacity:  800g
Weight: 6kg

The Philips HD9741 / 10 Airfryer air fryer rotates with the patented “Twin Turbo Star” system: a grill is associated with the hot air that circulates around the whole.

With this system, you will be able to cook tasty fries with a single spoon of oil with less than 80% fat compared to conventional fryers.

The appliance is equipped with an adjustable thermostat up to 200 ° C, thus suitable for various foods: fries, fish, meat, chicken, etc. Cooking takes place faster.

Practical, this device has a timer with audible warning and an automatic shut-off which allows you to leave the frying unattended.

An air filter is included in the fryer for odorless cooking. This device is easy to clean since the parts can be put in the dishwasher.

  • Quick-cooking
  • Compatible with other foods (chicken, etc.)
  • Low capacity
  • No transparent cover

3. Aicok Air Fryer 6 in 1

Power: 1300W
Material: BPA free plastic
Weight: 4.2kg

Aicok 6-in-1 air fryer is a smart appliance with a digital touch screen and an easy-access timer button for easy use.

This device is multifunctional, it allows to fry, cook, roast, grill, and cook several dishes. Just a small amount of oil will be needed to make tasty fries.

With this type of device, you will be able to fry with 80% less fat, therefore healthier and odorless thanks to an integrated air filter.

A timer up to 60 minutes is integrated to allow you to easily program the cooking time. Thanks to a special shape at the bottom, your food will be cooked evenly. Practical and reliable, this appliance is dishwasher safe.

  • Multipurpose fryer
  • Easy access screen and timer
  • No transparent cover
  • Noisy

4. Seb Actifry Genius YY3825FB

Power: 1400W
Material: Metal
Capacity : 1.2kg
Weight: 4.08kg

In third place in our selection is the Seb Actifry Genius YY3825FB fryer. This device allows you to prepare 1kg of delicious fries with a single spoonful of 1.4cl oil, or 3% fat.

From now on, it is possible to taste French fries without having to feel guilty. Cooking is faster: less than 30 minutes for fresh fries. In addition, you will no longer have to bear the smell of fries during cooking with this model.

The integrated Actifry technology does its job very well by offering you homogeneous cooking. Practical and versatile, this air fryer offers 500 recipes in the “My Actifry” application for varied pleasures.

Enjoy good healthy fries at will during your family-friendly moments with the Seb Actifry Genius YY3825FB fryer.

  • Multipurpose fryer
  • French made
  • Imposing
  • More expensive

5. Klarstein VitAir Turbo Smart

Power: 1400W
Material: Plastic
Weight: 6.1kg

To complete this selection, here is the Klarstein VitAir, a powerful air fryer for frying, roasting, and cooking healthier foods. It will seduce you with its revolutionary design. Its temperature is adjustable between 50 and 230 ° C according to your needs. This appliance is very practical with its 8 cooking options available to cook varied and succulent dishes for your small family.

It comes with several accessories: a 750g volume tank, a spike, a 3D grid, and a metal plate. These accessories will allow you several possibilities at the same time, you can for example roast your chickens while your fries are cooked at the level of the 3D grid during. Cleaning is simplified for this air fryer model.

  • Several cooking possibilities simultaneously
  • Adjustable temperature
  • Imposing
  • No transparent cover

Best Air Fryer UK – Buying Guide

The air fryer is a recent technology that is taking up more and more space in the hearts of professional cooks and households. It is a device allowing you to have fun by eating fries while keeping your shape and preserving a healthy diet. On the market today, there are many models of air fryers, of all brands, all capacities, and functionalities.

Thinking of buying an air fryer? Know that the purchase of this type of household appliance requires beforehand to be well informed on the subject. Before you start, it is important to know how it works, the advantages, the features, and the prices linked to it. Most importantly, you need to assess your needs and your budget to make the right choice.

How Does the Air Fryer Work?

The operation of an air fryer is very different from conventional fryers, it is a new process to discover. There is no question of filling the fryer with oil, waiting for it to heat up, and then putting your fresh fries in it. The air fryer, as the name suggests, works without adding oil to the appliance.

A resistor makes sure to heat the interior of the machine, then the heat is distributed by a fan to allow uniform cooking of your fries. A spoonful of oil is more than enough to obtain succulent and nicely browned fries. In the current market, there are models that offer numerous cooking zones that can be used at the same time, but the system which ensures the cooking of the fryer is relatively identical.

How to Choose an Air Fryer?

To choose the right air fryer, you must take into account the following criteria:

Power and Capacity

The power of an air fryer defines cooking quality. On the other hand, it is important to take into account the number of people you want to serve your fries to determine the ideal capacity of your fryer. Count around 250 grams per person.

Size and Design

Some models of fryers can be too large in your kitchen, so this is a criterion not to be overlooked. It is also interesting to choose a machine with a design that will perfectly participate in the decoration of your kitchen.

Features and Programs

The more features the air fryer offers, the better. A device with an LED screen, a timer, and an automatic shutdown is undoubtedly interesting. It is also preferable to opt for a versatile device that can prepare other dishes than fries.

The Pros and Cons of Air Fryers

Advantages :

  • The first advantage is, of course, the very healthy cooking method since we get fries with only 3% fat (against 15% for traditional fries)
  • Little or no smell of cooking, very pleasant!
  • The functions are much less limited than with a conventional fryer, you can cook many foods
  • It is possible to diversify the oils to test new flavors (walnut oil, sesame, rapeseed, etc.)
  • It is economical in terms of oil, a few tablespoons are enough to cook a bowl of fries


  • Purists will say that the fries don’t have quite the same taste, it’s true but you get used to it quickly and the health benefits quickly make you forget the difference!
  • The price is still quite high compared to a good old fryer

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I need to add seasoning or an ingredient to a dish? Can I remove the cooking basket?

Yes, it is possible to remove the cooking basket and add seasoning or ingredients to your dishes.

Can I cook multiple foods at the same time?

To be able to cook several foods simultaneously, be sure to choose a device that offers this option.

Can I use aluminum foil or other baking paper in an air fryer?

Yes, you can use aluminum foil or other parchment paper in an air fryer. Just make sure to leave enough space around the food to allow air to circulate around it and thus benefit from efficient cooking.

Can I cook frozen foods like meat or vegetables in a deep fryer?

Yes, you can absolutely cook frozen food with your deep fryer. You even have the advantage of not using oil for frozen fries.

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